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February 02, 2010



Happy Belated Birthday! And... great "re-frame" about your day. I try to do that when I'm having a lousy day - think about it with a different perspective. Sometimes it works better than others. But... reality is... I am blessed... even when times are tough...

Hope your kids feel better soon! Enjoy your blessings.



I thought I just commented... but now it seems gone... not sure what I did.


Diane {}



Happy belated birthday! People will February birthdays turning 33 are the coolest!!! Hope your kids are feeling better soon! You're an awesome mom with three special blessings...and I think you've earned one hot date night!

The Lumberjack's Wife

Happy Birthday! Glad you looked at the blessings!


Happy Birthday Amanda! If this makes you feel any better, I spent my last birthday in a tiny hotel room with my two kids while my husband went to a wedding on a gorgeous beach in Florida.


Oh Amanda I totally understand what you mean!!! And sometimes birthdays are like that, we have great expectations and the days just doesn't match up to it. Like you, I've had to choose to see the day in a different way. I love reading your blog and the fact that you choose to be positive.
Hope your little ones feel better very soon.
Love, from across the sea
Sarah x


What a good reminder...I know I am all too often not thankful for EVERY blessing I have. Dirty laundry and all. :) Glad you had a wonderful day.


It is with these sorts of realizations that we really do grow up, isn't it? To be humbled and to learn true appreciation and about why we are where we are in our lives at that very moment...

Happy belated birthday, Amanda! You are a very talented, creative, funny woman, and I am so happy to have crossed paths with you in cyberspace!

Hugs, Susan


Thanks for showing me again how to look on the positive side of things. I needed it today. Thanks and I'm glad you got to have all of those special moments on your special day!


you are just so darn good at counting blessings and focusing on them...i think "you are truly blessed" was the first comment you ever wrote on my something i was complaining about but needed you to point out the positives...we have LOTS of birthdays around here this month (my husband, mine and son's just in our immediate family plus several extended)...wish you lived closer to make cookies, cakes, anything sweet for that matter...i'd gobble them down right with you and celebrate OUR collective birthdays...someday...


LOL! I love the cookies! :) You are too funny girl. Good thing your birthday is on the first, cause by my calculations you still have 25 days left to celebrate!! Besides, I've never seen something like 'a date on the calendar' stop you from baking up something sweet! I was at Walmart the other day and they had a Giant Cupcake baking pan. I thought of you when I saw it... Darn, I forgot to get a picture. Oh well, next time! Celebrate woman! You deserve it.


Happy Birthday Amanda! LOL that cookie is hilarious. But I am glad you made the 2nd cookie - that is the Amanda I know!


Happy Birthday Amanda! What a great post on a great lesson that we can all re-learn whether it is our birthday or not. I hope your kids are feeling better.

I saw you were homeschooling your kids next year. Have you seen this blog, she posts a lot of great stuff.



Come visit me in IL, and I'll make you a cake :) I hope everyone is feeling better now, and you are able to sneak in a little post birthday relaxtation.

Kristin Smith

Happy Birthday friend!
I also just 35th on Jan 30th! :( Initially it didn't bother me but yesterday when I was filling out this survey thingy and I had to choose my age category I realized I was now in the 35-39 group instead of 30-34! Bummer! :)
Oh well..overall I feel great for 35, have 3 wonderful boys - pardon 4 counting my darling hubby so I too am blessed! But I can so relate with the 1st cookie!!
Have a wonderful week!
Blessings to you!


Awww. What a sweet post.
A very happy belated birthday to you! It is wonderful that this one helped you to see how blessed you are.


Happy belated birthday!


I had a good laugh over you post as I can completely relate. I am always amazed about how I allow myself such high expectations for my actually "birthday". I always think it will be a day of no responsibilities, chores, grocery shopping...... I too am blessed with 3 wonderful children and realize that time does march on no matter what day of the year it is. Happy Birthday!!! Atleast your cookies calories were well worth it as I'm sure it was tasty!!!


oh, Amanda! You are not the ONLY one who feels that way! Praise Jesus that you were able to reflect and in only moments, realize that you have a beautiful life (even if it isn't always what you hoped and dreamed!).

janmary, n ireland

Happy Birthday - love your personalised cookies!

Pizza and tulips sound perfect.

I am almost TEN years ahead of you - you young thing!

Melissa T.

Happy, happy birthday to you!!! xoxo


Happy birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday!! Wonderful post...brought sweet tears to my eyes...good stuff! Thanks for sharing!


I was sick on my birthday last year. It kind of destroys the preconceived ideas we have for the day when things aren't perfect! Glad you were able to see the blessing through the funk, though. And whle you're at it, could you say a prayer for us right now? We are in the middle of a horrid stomach virus thing!


Happy Birthday! Last year my actual birthday was a day full of disappointments and I know I cried at one point. Or maybe two.

Every now and then we lose sight of the big picture. It's okay. We get back on track and refocus and look for the good in our lives.

And I'm pretty sure that a giant cookie, if eaten on your birthday, contains no fat or calories.


Yes, you are blessed! What a lovely post.
Happy Birthday!


Oh man happy birthday! I am sorry i didnt actually say it to you on your birthday! I love how you always find the wonderful in everything. I think so many people need to have your outlook on life.


Happy Birthday :)


Happy, Happy Birthday! quick question .. I just read on Jennifer's blog that you are teaming up with her and that there will be things on her blog you never publish on yours? Will you at least tweet about it so I can go check it out? I stopped reading her blog when it went kind of commercial. Nothing wrong with her decision to do that, it just became less enticing to me to read. Every now and then I look at something (like today) but I quit reading it regularly for sure. BUT, I also don't want to miss ANYTHING you cook/blog about. Just want to figure out how I can make sure I don't miss your stuff.

I'm sure that sounds mkcrazy, but it is what it is. :)

Cop Mama

Alright, that's it! I'm driving my rear up there and taking you out for a latte and some scones! Or something! You deserve it! Well, except for the part about being at work and sending you a comment on my lunch break. I guess the boss wouldn't like it too well if I just left and drove miles and miles out of the city just for a cup of coffee with a friend. I kinda left that part out!

Love the "venting" cookie AND the blessings cookie. Ok, well, I guess I pretty much like any cookie... :-)


Happy Birthday to you! I love your perspective, Amanda. :)



Aww! What sweet husband!!!

And I admire your creativity!!! Love your writing!!


Happy belated birthday my friend. <3 you!


Happy Birthday! I am sorry that even though you are VERY blessed, it wasn't the day you had thought it would be. It is sad, but the older we get, the less "happy" birthdays seem to be.
I was back reading on MckMama's blog(everyone's for that matter), from all the days I didn't have internet. I have to say your brownies are ALMOST as mean to a pregnant lady like me as the McDonald's two doors down from me. MEAN MEAN MEAN. They look delightful.


Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad it ended up being a good day even though it's not at all what you had planned. You're such an encouragement!

Amanda Jo

I am so sorry everyone was sick on your birthday - but it seems you have the right outlook!

I just love how real you are - it's so refreshing!

Oh, and Papa Murphy's pizzas are to die for! YUM!


I totally tried to post a comment last night from my hubby's iphone but I guess it wouldn't go through.
Happy Belated Birthday! I am so sorry it was a rough one and I pray your little ones are all better!
Can I just say, LOVE both of the cookies. One made me laugh and one made me awww.
P.S. you have one great husband!


:) only you could turn a grumbly day into a cookie comment!! Love it! Sorry you got sick-o kiddo-s, thats just no fun! Glad you were able to reflect and find the joy in the day!! Its always there, even when its hard to be found. We love those Papa M's pizzas too. They have yummy salads too!!
Have a blessed week my dear!


I LOVE that positivity!! I always try to look on the bright side.. had I been your neighbor, you could have had that calorie free cake smothered in buttercream.
Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

You are blessed. And I am blessed for having found your baking blog!


I love your attitude on life, Girl! Envy your patience.


Happy belated birthday! And it's NEVER too late to make a wonderful, fat and calorie free cake, ya know : )

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Happy belated birthday! You crack me up. Pizza, tulips, and kiddos sounds like a blessing to me.


happy birthday!


I know what you mean, in the midst of the chaos, it's so good and important to step back and realize that everything is really good. Our families are healthy, we really have everything we need. And that is joyful.

jill tracy

Amanda--I knew we were alike in more ways than one--my birthday was on Groundhog's Day!
Happy Belated Birthday!


Happy Birthday! When my husband turned 33 he asked me if I imagined he would ever get this far in life. I replied, "Ya know... when Jesus was 33, he had 12 disciples..."
I hope you have/had a super one!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Aw...sorry the little ones were sick and it wasn't what you had hoped...but I love your cookie :) Birthdays sure are different when you're an adult :( I say you should still make that delcious, beautiful cake for yourself...who needs a birthday just to eat cake? :) You sure do have some wonderful blessings...and you're only 33! I'll be 35 this year...gulp! haha! :)

Carrie @ Martin Manor


bridget {bake at 350}

Happy birthday, youngster! As you get older, you'll learn that a little fatter is fills out the wrinkles! ;) That's my story & I'm sticking to it!


a year older and a little more famous ;-)


Happy Birthday! I would have commented sooner, but I had to scroll past the billions of comments first.
Hope the kiddos are feeling better and you avoid the germies.


i just found your blog and i love it! i feel like i have so much in common with you. happy birthday and i hope your kids are recovered.


Happy Birthday - glad it ended up swell (when was the last time somebody used that word in a blog comment :D


Awww, sorry I missed the actual day - but -
Funny how things can go totally opposite of the direction we hoped and expected, and yet we end up realizing how blessed we are. It's kinda that upside-down and backwards way of the kingdom of God.
Love you!


I'm glad it turned out ok! I love the image of moms praying over their kids!

r4 dsi

I like those cookies.This post shoes that you have wonderful kids.I am glad that you had a fantastic birthday.Thanks..

Giant Cupcake Pan

What a super-sweet post! Yes, sick children are one of life's guilty pleasures - so painful to see them suffer, but so wonderful to be able to snuggle them.

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