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January 04, 2010



Looks yummy! I don't like regular tomato soup either. My mom has a recipe similar to this one. I will have to compare.


It looks yummy! I've never made homemade Tomato soup before...we just do the canned kind...but you HAVE to make the canned kind with milk, not water, thats gross. My kids all LOVE tomato soup. Sometime I'll try this recipe.

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Your photography is phenomenal!! I don't like tomato soup that much either, but looking at your photos makes me want!

Melissa T.

Looks awesome because,"Baby, it's cold outside!"


I also cannot stand tomato soup. I just makes me...ugh. Maybe I'll try this sometime instead!


Really? You got past it just by making it? I don't think I'd succeed. I don't like tomato soup, but what I really don't like is ketchup! Bleh! Having a very large bottle fall off the top shelf of the refridgerator and get allllll over me did not cure me of disliking it anymore either. But maybe if I made it myself.... Nah, probably not!


I love homeade tomato soup, but I just haven't found "the" recipe. I'm so gonna try this one!


Great minds must think alike! I just googled tomatoe soup last night and had found the same recipe to make! ...only I've always loved tomatoe soup! My mom hated tomatoes but didn't want her kids to, so she'd fix it with grilled cheese sandwiches! Perfect for these blustery cold days!


Wow--I have no idea why I added that e in tomato...frozen brain?


Looks great but like a lot of work!!!! I like mine out of the can - or the hand held ones that you nuke are good too! :) lol

Will have to remember that when I garden next summer and have a lot of extra tomatoes! :)


I love how you photograph your food!

mrs. buckster

ok, i thought that i was the only person on the planet that didn't like tomato soup! and all this time i wasn't alone...
well, i think i'll have to give this a try. if i can get rid of one phobia, then there's only 6,784 left to go. thanks for sharing! oh and, as always, great photos.

He & Me + 3

I like anything tomato. That sounds and looks so good. YUm Thanks for passing on the recipe. I just bought a can of campbells today.


mmmm looks yummy! Ok this may be a dumb question, but what is a dutch oven?

Amanda Jo

I'm back from vacation and can't wait to catch up on you and your family. We're not having grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper but I am SO going to add it to my menu plan for this week! :)

You are such a gifted writer, not to mention a gifted photographer!

Happy New Year, friend!


That's really interesting. I LOVE tomatoes but my kids hate them. What's with that? I'll try this and see if it cures their tomato aversion! And your photos are as always, superb!x

Cop Mama

Wow, I can't stand tomato soup either, but those pics may just change my mind! Thanks for the link.


My daugher and I LOVE tomato soup! I have been wanting to make my own for such a long time, but haven't taken the time to do so yet. You are always a trusted source of recipes for me - thank you so much for sharing this one!


I have never ever MADE tomato soup before, but I LOVE it with grilled cheese and this looks absolutely AMAZING!!!


is the next step campbells? he he he! just kidding!
and i understand your envious feelings. if you want to, you can come over any time to use it. (i know! it kind of defeats the purpose to go to someone ELSE'S house to use a laptop, but know i mean the offer with all my heart!)


This cracked me up because I totally eat beans, peas AND cabbage smashed up. I whirled some cabbage in the food processor tonight. =) I'm so glad you liked the soup, it's one of my FAVORITE things to eat and I'd be bummed without it in my life.


Thanks for giving my tomato soup recipe your seal of approval! Truth be told, I'm not a tomato soup lover either. Then I started testing recipes and discovered that homemade tomato soup to totally delicious and completely different form the stuff in the can.
BTW I have made 60 videos and 250 photo-tutorials on learning how to cook just the basics. All of my recipes and tips are for beginner cooks to learn from and enjoy!

Kathy Maister
Creator and Host of


I don't think I'ever ever eaten tomato soup!! I always see it in pictures in magazines with grilled cheese and wonder if I would like to eat it!


OH MY! I have to try this. I love canned Tomato this will probably be heaven for me! Thanks, hun!


That ain't your momma's tomato soup LOL
I have a phobia of public bathrooms.

Tina Fisher

We love tomato soup! I'll have to make some!

Thanks for sharing the website!

my boyfriend cooks for me

Tomato soup and grilled cheese is only my favorite comfort meal (especially when the grilled cheese involves mozzarella and dill). Glad you conquered your phobia!

janmary, n ireland

Yumm! I love tomato soup, and this one looks delicious. I will let you know if I try to make it.


Seriously? You can make tomato soup without using a can???


So proud of you for pushing past the phobia, Amanda. Cuz no kid should miss out on the joy of dipping grilled cheese in tomato soup. *grin*


YUMMY!!!! The photo of the grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup is so tempting.


Ok so I'm going to have to try this, maybe I'll make it tomorrow for lunch, I believe I have everything on hand too. I too can't stand canned tomato soup, and have never tried homemade, so I'll try it and see if I like it. My kids actualy don't like it either, so worse case scenerio is we don't like it and just have grilled cheese! :)

Michaella Johnson

I don't like any soup - well, that's what I say even though I can't remember the last time I tried one. It's the whole thought of drinking my dinner . . . Anyway, you might have just convinced me to give it (well, at least this one) a try! :)

(And thanks for the comment about my girls! They're sweeties!) :)


It does look good, but I will have to get over my HUGE aversion to tomato soup to even try. I can count on one hand the foods I don't like. I practically eat anything, but I can't tolerate even the smell of tomato soup.


looks incredible. The cream is a great addition. I always cringe when I go to friends' houses who use water to mix their soup - I love the creaminess of milk or cream in it. Great recipe!


I dont love it, dont hate it, but you know what I am having a hard time with? Adding BREAD to the soup... maybe its time we get together again (I am so lame that I am not reading many blogs anymore... FB sucked me in and took my blog brain away... :( ) so... we should have soup and cookies! haha Miss you!


I really enjoy any kind of meal or beverage made with tomato.

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