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January 19, 2010



OH SWEET GIRL! I keep coming back because I enjoy hearing about your daily adventures! Cliff hangers? Well, that's a story for another day.....


I laughed out loud reading this, dear one.

I HATE this game that "big bloggers" do. I do believe it's for clicks and that bothers me. One particular blogger hinted and teased and drew out her pregnancy announcement when anyone could tell what was coming, then finally "revealed it" with an "oh no, I didn't mean to tease". UGH. GAMES.

A GOOD blogger doesn't need to play those games.

I love this series.


i agree with kate...usually these feel very contrived to me...i most value bloggers with integrity who have cliff hangers because they actually have big news that flows naturally...i'm trying to think of a blogger who did a successful, believable cliff hanger...commenters (is that a word?) if you have the link here...the way i see it, blogging is usually a type of non-fiction and well, most of us aren't hanging on cliffs that often so if bloggers have a lot of cliff hangers they are TRYING to create them and that comes across on some level. usually i think they are trying to get more clicks or something...amanda, bloggers like you get lots of clicks because you have integrity, are honest, are yourself, have meaningful discussions, observations, things to say, etc. and not because you are trying to get more comments...that comes across and brings me back! but don't let me discourage you from doing any cliff hangers if you want to...i think if they are done with integrity and not too often they can be interesting or motivating...hmm...perhaps what makes them annoying to me is usually WHY i think people are doing them? what do you think?

p.s. OT: i am too lazy to figure out your e-mail address but wanted to say if you come to disneyland in california you have to look me up! my cousin has a beach house 20 minutes away you could possibly stay at and either way i'd drive 1.5 hours from san diego to see you!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

I am so glad you posted about this. I HATE the teasers. And NOT because I am wondering what is going on.

I think they are rude, vain, and ridiculous. You hit a nerve with me, obviously. :)


I actually never really THOUGHT about it. Now I"ll be looking for it on people's blogs. Maybe I just don't get that wrapped up in people's post. I enjoy them as they post but don't think about what they will post next.
This is such a great thing, I love seeing what you have to say. And I still think you are a successful blogger. You get upwards of 20 comments often! I get 2 or 3 if I didn't post something completely stupid :o)


i'm torn. i like cliffhangers b/c well, i think we all do!!! it's exciting when the build-up happens and you're hanging by a thread! just like in a movie. i do believe some of it is for clicks, hits, comments, ad revenue.... whether that is done on purpose or not is hard tell. sometimes, i just think that they are so excited about the big news that they can't keep it in, but b/c details aren't figured out yet, they have to keep it a secret, but still want to shout for joy, know what i mean?

i think if you can do it tastefully and in good manners, then go for it...... but don't do it all the time.

i HAVE tried it... and it didnt really work. back in september, i was offered a job, found out we were moving and it all happened so fast. i was so excited to move closer to family and i wanted to share, but i couldn't spill the beans yet until it was official. i left it a cliffhanger for a few days and no one seemed to really care. perhaps b/c i'm just not that popular. i don't know. so yeah, i'm not into stuff like that....
except for the big month of giveaways coming up in february, so stay tuned!! ;)

sorry, couldn't resist!


Oh, yeah. I'm a sucker for cliff hangers. Even if I stumble onto a blog I have never read before and never really care to again, it they have a cliff hanger, I'll bookmark the page and come back just to see what they have to say...and then delete the link. I'm just so nosy. By the way, I'll be by your way again tomorrow to see your fabulous post. :-)


Sometimes I like them, it depends I guess whose blog it is. I like to try to guess what the giveaway or big news will be!


The only reason I do them is to have another reason to make myself post! I love to blog, but it gets pushed to the back burner. I'd rather keep up on others than make others keep up on me. (Maybe that's why my followers number is so pathetic!)

All that to say, I don't care. Sometimes they are a turn off, but then again, I think there's a lot of stuff on the "big blogs" that are a turn off. But, that's just me. I'd rather spend my time hanging out with the little blogs and getting to form real cyber friendships (that seems rather a oxymoronish doesn't it) than try and hope to get the attention of a big blogger. That's just me though.


I am torn on cliffhangers. I would rather be surprised by great things than having to keep clicking the next day to find out the *exciting* thing that will happen : ) It is annoying when people leave a cliffhanger or will say they will address something like questions, issues, whatever and then never do it. If you are a good blogger people will come back even if you don't have cliffhangers.

The Lumberjack's Wife

You did a great job on the cliffhanger there at the end! :)


totally and completely sucked in:) I guess I need to get a life.... or surround myself with more people over the age of 5!

Melissa T.

Amanda- You are always on a mission one way or another. I do like a good cliffhanger but don't always think it has to be an appliance giveaway or a baby to make it a good suprise. I have one coming up and it has to do with hint, hint:) back. Cannot wait to share!!



To me it has become white noise at it is overused.

It is one thing thing when it is used once in awhile and for a very special occasions. Soap operas used this tactic to keep their viewers hooked for years, but as today's world has become more fast-paced with so many different options and more demands on our time and being pulled dozens of different directions and there just isn't time in life for every thing (case in point, soap opera ratings are down).

While the "10 Things" suggestions are somewhat useful tools, the reason people come back to a blog is because they find it informative, useful, entertaining, something they can relate to or a combination of the aforementioned, with a large pinch of something that is fresh and different from other blogs.

Mandi S.

I don't like the cliffhangers, either. And I hate the giveaways. I like reading about other moms and their daily ordinary lives, knowing that blogging gives them a chance to journal about it. It also makes me feel like I'm doing an okay job myself, because mothering is hard and often lonely. I'd write more about my daily life, but it's so boring and ordinary, that I don't think anyone would read it. But I'm also not a writer. You are. I like your writing style. And I like that you don't have games or giveaways every other day. Instead, you talk about what matters. What's on your heart. Thank you.


Hahaha!! I just LOVE this series! Have I mentioned that yet? It's so true that it's just hilarious! =-D

And yeah - I love that Kathryn pointed out about that being the Soap Opera Tactic. Perfect description! Do I get sucked into them? Usually. And unless it was about something REALLY awesome, then I am just irritated with myself for getting sucked into it. So yes - I do like cliffhangers if they are awesome and no, I do NOT like cliffhangers if they aren't.

I do like it when someone has something exciting on their blog and they want to share it with me.

BTW, you left us with a cliffhanger...and that better SHO' NOT mean that you won't return with it for 2 more months!!


i thought you meant REAL cliff hanging. you know like slyvester stallone's movie. i was SO confused. I got it now! :) and we don't need cliffhangers to follow your blog. you do a fabulous job and we all love to read it anyway!
i guess i have the knack for cliff hangers and i didn't even know it! (the whole van saga...i just didn't want to make the post so long! then at church 2 people , count them 2 (because you CAN count when it's 2 and not 1) told me they were dying for the conclusion!)


I guess I've never thought about it... I'm not very good with cliffhangers, so I don't really do it. I'm prolly like you, in that, if I did one, it would be months before I'd get the next part up! :)

I usually get sucked in for the "big" bloggers cliffhangers (but usually only for a little while). And I keep coming back here, because you're awesome and because you don't do the cliffhanger bit! :)

Tina Fisher

Great series!

I am guessing you are going to have a couple of cliffhangers up your sleeve? Maybe some baby news? Maybe some prizes?

Will stay tuned.


Thanks for visiting my blog! I'd had a really lousy day and you brightened it just by leaving me a simple comment.

BTW-I stayed up until midnight last night looking through your baking site and am totally inspired. I am going to make my soon to be 11yo daughter a yellow and red velvet striped cake with the red velvet crumbled on top of white frosting. She loves Harry Potter and wants a party with that theme. Griffendor's color are yellow and burgandy. She will be so excited. I'll send you a picture of it unless you have something against Harry Potter. I know some people do.

As far as cliffhangers, I personally don't like surprises in general. I think they are terribly overused in blogging but I read the sites anyway if love enough other things about it.

I am really enjoying your blog. It's completely fresh and just sweet/sassay (in a good way). And when you make it big, I can say, 'hey, that women commented on my blog!' and feel all important. It'll be great!

Cop Mama

Ha! I did this with my son's pink camper dilemma and didn't even realize it! The thing is, I didn't want to reveal it until after he opened it on Christmas day, so that's a little different, I think.

Can't wait to see what your "can't miss post" is going to be, you sneaky one! :-)

Jen Davis

I'm having fun and enjoying your blog posts...was telling a girlfriend about your blog the other day! So fun and real! Refreshing!


I am glad you are not a big blogger, although I think you will be one day. As for the big need big sponsors. Blogging is a business just like any other business. Look at Pioneer Woman...she started small..found her niche..and the rest is history. Good business sense goes a long way in the blogging world, and she was very intelligent about the whole process. Just my two cents, of course. And I love your are very real, and someone I admire.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I have never given cliff hangers any I guess they don't bother me.

And I think having laundry all caught up is big news! Real big news!


I could take or leave the cliff hangers. Yes, they can be fun. Sometimes I don't like them because I really want to know the rest of the story -right now! And sometimes I will forget to go back the next day to finish reading.
What I love is when someone makes me laugh. And you do that quite well. *grin*

That's what you should write about tomorrow. "Something Successful Bloggers do that I DO, TOO" And that is - make people laugh!

Love you!

Sarah Robbins

I like the cliffhanger, but I am not very good at it either. . . I always mess it up by posting things in the wrong order (like post first, cliffhanger second- I've done that TWICE!). Oh well! Guess I will never be a "successful" blogger! :)


It's funny you wrote this. I have actually stopped reading a "big blogger" because the blogger is writing for all the clicks, constantly is doing cliff hangers, give aways, etc. If the cliff hangers and/or give aways were from time to time, it's fine...but when it's a constant thing, when I start to question their sincerity....I can't do it. I want to read a blog about real people, and honestly for me I need to read their love of the Lord. I'm trying to get away from "me,me,me" blogs and find blogs that are more balanced. Honestly when blogs are so widely followed I think it's so hard to have a real connection with your followers. You can have 2,000 followers, but how are you feeling a connection with others that way?

Not all big blogs are bad, but what I'm finding are that more have simply lost their appeal to "me".

Love ya girl and btw I just wrote a blog and would LOVE your thoughts, critiques, etc.


I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. You can pick it up at my blog!


Great post, I love reading blogs and cliffhangers are fun, but I don't always have time to check back and then by the time I do, I forget which blog it was....soooo I guess I don't like them.

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Just tell us your news already....did you get one load of laundry...or two?! Haha ;)

I don't ever have any exciting news either...I think I did say a few times to check back the next day when I posted about our Colorado vacation...because if I put it all in one would be way too long!

i don't mind them...sometimes I go back and check out what's going on...sometimes I don't...sometimes I forget just tell me now! To each his own :)


I don't mind one way or the other. I'm not in it for the money so if I do one (which I don't think I have but maybe) then I do it for the fun of it. In fact I was gonna do one in just a few days but nothing like you'd win something, just something fun.


I think cliffhangers are rude (for the most part). If a blogger starts one up, I tend to quit reading until the drama is over. I love your list, its made me laugh everytime you've posted it:)

bridget {bake at 350}

You know...I never really thought about this. I think I did a cliffhanger tweet where I revealed the answer 25 seconds later in my next tweet. I guess I'm not good at it.

Now that you mention it, I DO get sucked in by them, I just never realized! Except...those "be ready for the quiz" cliffhangers...those don't get me because I never know the answers and am too lazy to look them all up! ;)

janmary, n ireland

I sometimes do - more as a challenge to commit to posting the next day myself! - more likely to happen if I have committed to it on the blog :)

If I see it on someone elses' blog I am usually intrigued but forget to check their blog the next day and find out weeks later when I finally get round to going through my reader.

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i think there is a time when cliffhangers are fun and even appropriate.

for example being excited about your child's upcoming birthday surprise. you are excited and want to share with everyone but also don't want your child to accidentally see the post. i can see waiting to share that.

even an occasional pregnancy related cliffhanger, those are kind of fun.


i think that over usage of the cliffhanger can become annoying. if a blogger does it all the time and sometimes for just really ordinary things, i tend to find it not so fun. and sometimes even intentional for revenue purposes. it doesn't cost us a thing to "click" and i admire people who can blog as a business. but i always, always prefer sincerity and being genuine.

Abigayle Soderstrom

LOL! But seriously, I think readers don't get excited because of the cliffhanger. They get excited because THIS BLOGGER made a cliffhanger. It's you they're following, not the gifts and the prizes. Sure, the big ones often give free trips to who-knows-where. But you don't have to do that if you have true, loyal readers.

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