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January 20, 2010



Great pictures, adorable children :)


She has the cutest stinkin' feet! How adorable. :)

Tina Fisher

Great pictures!

It's all about what you like. I think over time it will change and change again.

I have a fav photograher that took my kids pics at age I am finding that I would probably do something different with Sophie because my tastes have changed a little. But to keep them all similar I will stay with him.

I also really liked really saturated I am really liking photos that are hardly saturated at all.

Kind of funny.

Change and change again.

These are all beautiful! Now and forever!


Those are some great pictures!! I'm still learning how to use my husband's camera. I definitely need to take a class!


Great pics! Love the crawling one; baby toes are my current fave thing to photograph!


So sweet! You have pretty cute faces to capture!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

I love those sweet faces too...and the neck precious is that! I love your perspective and your kids will love looking back at them least that's what I keep telling my kids so they will not run from the camera ;)



I love that first one! The angle, the light coming in from the door, and the leg warmers!!

Cop Mama

SO...INCREDIBLY...SWEET! Love these pics! Wow, you're kiddos are adorable.


I think they all turned out wonderfully! I love the perspective on the first one..awesome job! I really need to learn to use my camera better...maybe i should find a class lol

He & Me + 3

Those are all just beautiful...your children's eyes are so awesome! Great shot.


Great pics, Amanda!! Baby girl looks SO much like you!


i think these appeal to the masses, too! they are awesome! i meant to tell you how i loved your previous post about the class (complete with photos of photographers!)...keep them are really talented...


Such great use of dof in the first photo! LOVE IT! (Does that remind you of a kids cartoon?) Of course, you have such great subject matter to work with. It must be so hard to be you. :)


I love the eyes! You capture the best eyes!

And... I just love those chubby cheeks!

The Lumberjack's Wife

Great pictures! I truly want to learn how to take better pictures. :)


these are GORGEOUS!
This is the year I'm going to learn to use my SLR! I've only had it for 14 months! Great job!


Love that in addition to great focus, you seemed to capture each child's personality too:) Very cute kiddos...I am especially lovin' your blue eyed,strawberry blond daughter....I love (and am) that combo!


Oh Amanda, your children are so perfectly perfect and so gorgeous. You are so talented in so many areas!


And what's not to love about those faces?


I love the toesies poking out.. those eyes are all so gorgeous!! You are a great photographer...


Yes! FACES....and TOES! Too CUTE!


It really struck me visiting you today how gifted you are. In so many ways. You should be very proud of yourself. I am xxxx


I LOVE faces! Great job with the pictures... it is fun to capture the "non traditional" pictures... things like little hands and feet, eyelashes....

Blessings, Kari


These are really good pictures. Very pure. I love them. They don't look all photoshopped with glow in the dark eyes. I love the baby legs - we're a big fan of those as well here in ND.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I like those faces cute!!!


What beautiful babes!! (and what beautiful photos!)
I especially love the gap between the front 2 teeth of your baby girl....precious.


You know I always love your photo's and love the so not traditional first one. So beautiful!!!


I think those are great pictures, too! Awesome catchlights!! ;-) It sounds like you are getting addicted to your camera. I love it! Oh, and be prepared to use up all the space on your computer (filling it up with pics of the kids and outdoors!). I have so many shots, too, that hubby had to bring down the external hard drive just to store it all on!

You're doing great!! =-D

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Nice photos. You have cute kid. He's adorable.


Beautiful pics!


Special for sure! And you already DO take good pictures!

Thanks for chiming in on my Talkin About Thursdays. Would love to have you join me, Amanda!


Who can go wrong with such adorable faces to photograph?


I love faces too! They are wonderful to photograph. You did great!!!


how can the masses not love those pics! too cute! seriously! i especially love the one of your little girl crawling away! precious!


Cute pictues Amanda. You should come and photograph my kids.


Hi Amanda! I read your comment on my blog... wanted to say that you can make collages really really easily on picassa... i just learned how. I made all of the collages in about 10 min each by just importing my favorites from my desktop for each year... You're so talented, I'm sure you could do it! And it wouldn't take long. :)


Great pictures! Glad you are working on what you learned. I still need to figure out my SLR a bit more.


I'm curious. What do you DO with all the pictures you take?
Honestly, I have slowed waaaaaay down on my picture taking because I am so far behind on my scrapbooking. And it stresses me out. I know I need to capture the memories, but finding the time and motivation to do something with the pictures? Not so easy. *sigh*

Oh, and, cute kids! Beautiful pictures! *grin*


These are incredible! You have a talent.


Well those are some cute faces, who could blame you:)

Katie@ The Baby Factory

You'll have to forgive me.....I'm a momma of boys and in that first picture, I wasn't seeing LEGWARMERS, I was seeing socks with the toes cut out of ;) great pics :)

Amanda Jo

Those are GREAT pictures!!! Photography is more than just a good camera and taking a few lessons - you've gotta have natural talent and a good eye! Friend, you're the whole package! I just love your photos! Too bad you aren't closer to Texas, I'd ask you to take some of my little guy!


Found your blog through mckmama. I'd wondered who'd made those amazing cookies and cakes! I've made a rainbow cake myself and it was a hit, thanks!
I love your photos, they show the things you love and the fact that you have a great "eye" for photography.

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Those are wonderful pictures and specially that second one picture is really very cute.I like all expressions very much.Thank you..


Adorable pictures - and those baby legs of your little girl's are adorable.


Your children have beautiful eyes!!!


love your photos - beautiful children :)


Yes, I know I'm a little late to the game, but I really adore the first pic of the baby crawling away. Just wanted to let you know that you captured a precious moment!

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