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January 18, 2010


Tina Fisher

I couldn't thnk of a question the first time I read this and now I do have a question. But I see I am once again too late.

Love your humor!

janmary, n ireland

Great answers - so far! - looking forward to more :)

I used to think I was a dog person, till I met George, our cat. I don't think I am a general-cat person, but definitely a George-cat person!

Thanks for the comment about my photos - coming from you that is a lovely compliment, 'cos I love your photos too! If you want to, you can comment on my main blog too and maybe win a print all the way from Ireland (but maybe you don't want to!)


When is the next Q & A? I didn't see my questions answered :P
I have a few questions about your answers...
Why would you want to live in Canada? Nothing against Canada here,just wondering why you picked it.
You don't make your own fondant? Its so easy!


Of COURSE you'd want to live in Canada :-)

The Lumberjack's Wife

Who doesn't like the Pioneer Woman? :)

He & Me + 3

I make spaghetti alot too:) Love your answer about denomination.


Wonderful answers!!

Cop Mama

Great answers. Thanks for being so brave!

I know what you mean about "The Message." My DH listens to Hank Hanagraaf. They had an episode on why "The Message" and "The Shack" are actually anti-Christian and are not sound theological books. I was really suprised at first. I think a lot of people are misled because of how popular these books have become. I just hope they know in their hearts as believers when something doesn't feel right or fit into what they believe.

Wow, sorry, got WAY off on a tangent :-)


get some local friends together and do a moms' night once a month...same night every month, same place and time...whoever can make it will come, if you can't one month, it'll be there again the following month. This has been a GREAT sanity saver for me! (although I haven't been able to go for over a year...and my current sanity level shows it....)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I have un-pedicured toes too. I enjoyed reading your answers. And I want to stop eating sugar too, or at least eat way less of it.


love your Q & A! Thanks for being so brave to let us ask questions and actually answering them.

I myself am a cat AND dog person... I just happen to have two cats and no dogs.... One day I'll have a dog, my apartment building won't let me have any more pets. :(

I actually just started reading some M@x Luc@do books and stopped because they seem a little dry, and not really focused on Scripture (but that's just my opinion based a few chapters in a couple different books). I love my Message, but I don't use it every day or on its own; I always compare it to my everyday study Bible, the NRSV. But I do think that sometimes it has some really awesome insights into the verse. Sometimes its nice to look at a verse that you "know" in a form that you're not used to. It forces you to look back at the verse and really look at it. And I'm under the impression that the original languages loose a lot in the translation to English and that each of our translations/versions bring out another little nuance of the original language. I always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit though; if I read a verse in the Mess@ge (or another version) that just doesn't sit right, I stop looking at that verse there and go back to my NRSV or NKJV.

Ok, that was longer than I wanted it to be.... Sorry! Thanks for your post! Loved the insights. :)


Canada? I take it you haven't spent much time in Arizona. You'd definately change your answer.
Oh, I added pics to my menu planning post from last week. If you wanna look at my food, anyway.


Oh, I ment to mention....I only check out Pioneer Woman website like, once a month cause when I go's hard to come up for air.


I used to really like PW when I first found her blog but now not as much. By that, I mean that I don't HAVE to check in every day (just randomly). I had even started following her tweets to my cell phone...and I think that's what killed it. It seemed like every other tweet of hers was about another movie she was watching...and for whatever reason, that made me lose respect for her. I have issues, I know. But I have an easier time being a fan of someone who is constantly busy and encourages me to do the same (such as Martha Stewart or Serena from Farm Chicks ).

It was nice reading through your answers and I feel like I know ya a little bit better now! =-D I can relate to sooo many of your answers!


how did i miss this?!?


Oh, my dear Amanda, this was fun, but I think our "live" interview is going to be even better! *grin*
Hope your readers will come up with some more good quesitons for me to ask you.


Not boring at all. So fun to learn more about you!

I may have to copy you on this one, Amanda!



Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed linking back to your article about "the message". Wow! super informative. I would love to know more about whaat a mystery roll is.... Fridays used to make a southwestern eggroll in the greocery frezzer section, but they stopped and I miss them dearly :)


Someone really asked why you didn't like PW?! I have never got that impression. By the way, I have been wondering many questions to ask you and still can't come up with something worthy. :) I am working on it!!


Not boring at all, quite interesting actually :)
Thanks for sharing!
If I had actual reader's that weren't close friends and family (besides you, and thank you for reading you make me feel good about myself) I would. But most people know most things about me.

Nina aka JustMe

Found your blog through mck community, read through some of your posts I'll be back to visit another time for sure


Amanda, you really do have a great blog. I don't know why I thought you didn't like the Pioneer chick. Musta gotten her mixed up with someone else! lol
PS: Great answers.


I should stop eating sugar too, but I just can't help myself. Last weekend my husband bought me a box (yep, I said box) of Milky Way Caramel candy bars and they were almost all gone by this weekend. To my credit thought I did share. Well, a few of them at least.

Just curious, what's wrong with reading the Message? I've read and enjoyed it. It's not meant to be a Bible study type Bible just something to jumpstart you or bring you back to a love for the Word. The Pastor that paraphrased it has a whole section written in the front about why he wrote it and how it should be used (like I said, not as a Bible study type Bible). If you feel like answering this particular question you can just e-mail me if ya'd like.


ooh i love this! glad you are out of a funk...i get in those too often and will have to refer back to your soon as my family is well and i feel caught up i will totally have to do this on my own blog (looking forward to your questions!)...i wish you lived closer so we could share more conversations and have a cup of coffee together...oh wait, you just posted about not drinking that!...nibble way too much sugar...hopefully your cookies...

Amanda Jo

I just love this post!!!! It's weird that we have so much in common - I guess it might have a little something to do with the fact that we share a name. I just might throw one of these posts on my blog today! :)

bridget {bake at 350}

Love this...

"I usually see that its 4:30 pm and scramble to clean up the house and make dinner so it looks like I have done something that day."

Can SO relate!


I love how honest you are! Great answers, and can't wait to see more! And I laughed out loud at a few of these : )


I am on my second week of no sugar and if I can do it, ANYONE can! I stocked up on berries before I started, frozen berries. When I get a craving I pop a few frozen blackberries or raspberries. It would be harder for you with all the amazing baked goods you seem to always have around but I know you could do it. I feel sooo much better too!


I loved reading all the questions you picked and answered (you even answered a couple of my questions!!)
I'd do this, but just don't seem to have enough commenters, I have "94" followers, but don't think most even read me actually!

Angela Nazworth

Oh I loved these. It cracks me up that you don't cook well but are great at baking and decorating.


i've never seen fondant in real life...but here's a recipe that the blogger says is very tasty...

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