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January 31, 2010



I soo need to do this. I just need an office period. Or a desk! I work on a card table. seriously. Love your set up and new-found organization! I may have to "before and after" tomorrow after work! Thanks!


Wow! What a transformation!! Your desk looks like its in a magazine :-)

I laughed (a lot and loudly) at all of your comments on the picture. Loved it!


Ooo, it's so crisp and beautiful all reorganized! I think it looks like spring--which I am very ready for! Lovely desk make-over! I am inspired! Now where to start?

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Love your space! I've got a few areas that I really need to attack the paper piles...they accumulate so quickly.

Diane {}

Did I catch it correctly, it's you birthday? Happy Birthday!
my desk looks close and each week I clean it up and a few days later it's a mess. trouble is I don't have enough room to put the things I'm working on and it doesn't help my computer is there and the desk is in my kitchen. Busy-busy spot! I just might take a photo now so you can laugh :)

The Lumberjack's Wife

Wow! What a gorgeous space you have! I am jealous!


Firstly, Happy Birthday!!!! and your office looks wonderful. I love decluttering. LOVE it!


When I had my scrapbook stuff out, that is exactly what it looked like! Since Em was born, all my cubes are in the closet. I can't wait to move in May and be able to have a room for them again!

Your space looks great now!!! Fab job!



Well - your before picture looks like many spaces in my home!! I am so impressed at how clean you got it.

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Oh, do I? Where do I begin? I have a picture of our basement on my post today...but it's because we are finishing the other side so everything is piled up...but there are other rooms that have no excuse. Your office looks awesome! GREAT job! I would sit there and enjoy it!

Marian (Sweetopia)

Ah, I even feel relieved looking at that. Your 'new' space looks spectacular!

I need to clean up my cookie cutter collection... Hundreds of them stored in the laundry/storage room shelves in a mish mash of boxes etc. Thanks for the inspiration and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Happy Birthday Amanda! Did you make yourself a cake? :) Your desk looks marvelous all sparkly clean, with all that space. Can you come do mine next?


Looks like my desk in the before pic. :)

The after picture is just beautiful! Great job!!



LOVE the before and after! Happy Birthday!


Woo-Hoo! I'm so excited for you. I dream of the day our home will be big enough to have an office. Until that day, my piles of paper will continue to cover the beautiful limestone desk Doug installed for my computer.

I am very impressed thoguh. Is it easy for you to get rid of stuff? If so, will you let me in on the secret?

Amanda Rettke

Wanna know my secret for getting rid of stuff Bethany?  Let it pile up and sit in front of your face and make you crazy for a good year.  I finally just couldnt take it anymore!!!  Plus I had to make room for homeschooling stuff.  We are starting next fall! :)

Sarah Robbins

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday dear friend! How tricky of you to sneak that in there! Hope your special day is wonderful. Are you doing anything fun?

PS I love the office makeover, too! I have to do that from time to time. . .


wow! what a make-over! i believe noticed a little scissor collection going on? truely inspirational! my "office" is a dump. i was sort of using it to study in about 4 months ago but the door remains closed most of the time to keep the puppy from going in there. that means it's an easy place to dump stuff. hence, "my office is a dump". i have 3 more months in nursing school and unfortunately, the living room has become my study space. i don't even want to attempt to clean it up right now. i don't even want to want to. know what i mean?


i am so PROUD of you. It always feels so good to do that. I have lots of spaces in my house that need a before and after shot, but I will save that for another time! he he he!


Happy birthday!

Our office area is a mess too. I'm in the process of working on it, I have one project at a time. Otherwise it's too overwhelming. So far I've sorted books to keep or get rid of and organized my note cards.

Erica B.

The After looks so awesome, its motivating me to clean up my messy work space.


Happy Birthday sweet friend!! What a nice birthday gift to yourself! I hope you enjoy every second of it!


Our basement needs a dramatic before and after shoot. Dramatic.


It looks great!

And how do you make your photographs so bright and close up? What kind of lens do you use?

I'm trying to learn all the ins and outs of photography, but the things I photograph still look far away, even when I zoon! (I have a DSLR camera; not sure what you use?)


WOW!! What a before and after! I love the feel of a clean house.. maybe that is why I am so OCD about it.


Oh girl I have 3 dirty little bedroom, emma's, and the boys...and there will be no pictures anytime soon! LOL


I am not as brave as you, and wouldn't post a before and after pic of my desk. However, you've inspired me to at least clean mine up a little. lol

I'm seeing "Happy Birtday" in some comments as I scrolled it your birthday today? If so, may it be Happy Happy! (Or did I miss it?)


He & Me + 3

Oh yes I do...but I hate to take that before picture. What a mess I have. Great job cleaning up your area! Love it.


That looks eerily familiar...
But the after picture is gorgeous!
Very motivating...


It looks great!! I need to figure something out in our office to organize, but haven't got the chance yet...everything has a place but its to cluttered. Happy Birthday - Feb. is a great month!!

Pineapple Princess

Happy birthday!
Your space looks GREAT!

I think we have a similar sense of humor. I also posted my own "Dirty Little Secret"...

Enjoy your day!! :)


Your space looks great! That must have felt good! Totally do the same little 'secret' to get rid of stuff....let it sit in front of you. Exactly what I do.

I do have a couple places that could use a little before and after...slowly working on them.

Happy birthday!


Whoa!!! Can you come do my house????


Yep, I got those spaces too, but I don't think I'm ready to share them just yet :)

Happy Birthday!

Amanda Sikes

I love that space! It is so white and clean and the boxes are an organizing women's dream come true! Not that I would know or anything, wink! What an accomplishment. It feels great doesn't it?


lovely. just lovely. wanna come over to my place?! ;)


Yep!! My office is pretty much a disaster, too. It's a huge disincentive to even come in here to get anything done. Somehow, I manage, but I don't love it!

I LOVE your newly cleaned out space!! It's really nice with all the storage options you've got going on there. Love love!


Ok, it's sad that I actually feel BETTER after seeing this post! I got this image of your house being all spotless and gorgeous, like in your baking photos, so seeing that you're just like ME is a relief! lol! Actually, I just cleaned off my computer desk yesterday too - it MUST have been terrible cause even my husband commented on being able to see the desk again ;) I have a bad habit of keeping clutter and papers laying around.

You did a great job (loved the "captions" on the photo ;))



Sooooo....what time will be at my house to complete this MAJOR task here????
I'll be waiting!

Cop Mama

Happy Birthday to YOU! Hey, who bakes YOU a cake??? I would but you would probably have a heart attack if you knew it was from a box! He he he.

Don't you love getting organized! What a fun birthday present. I hope you had a great day :-)

Gen D'Orleans

so you mean i'm not the only one with a dirty lil secret? good to know...and perhaps i'll get to my two dirty little secrets this week...mind if i borrow this idea?


Cate O'Malley

My office isn't quite *that* bad, but it definitely needs a little bit of help. Your after picture looks great!


Um, yes, but ... I'm not that brave.

First time reader - love it!

cheap dsi r4

After cleaning your desk,it looks really very nice.Well I am also similar like you and sometimes can't clean my desk.I clean it in my free time..So it not your that much dirty secret.


Ha! That is awesome! I myself have had some really messy rooms, but not anymore (yeah right). No, my bedroom is a perfect get-away (more like a hurricane). And my hallway is not filled with empty diaper boxes. Oh no...I am perfect. :)

Good job!!!!!


I JUST read about you on MckMama's post.
How DO you have time to do all of that when you are the mama of 3? I think you NEVER sleep!
oh, and happy birthday!


hi! your office looks fantastic. great before and after. i might have 1 or 2 (read:4) of those spaces around my house. :)
just came across your blog - from not sure where - oh yeah, ohdeedoh and your rainbow pancakes. you are very funny and provide much needed solidarity in the world of christian sahmamas. thanks for sharing your life!


I need to know how long that took you to do??? You are amazing! It now looks lovely and organized. Although, even the before pictures had an element of a well lived-in space. Kudos, though, for tackling that job.



Oh I love it! I"ve missed reading your blog so much. I had several of those spaces, but they are currently all packed up in boxes awaiting the day they are unpacked and (maybe) organized in the new house!


Wow - That looks amazing! What a transformation!! Looks like it should be a picture in Pottery Barn or something :) I love before and afters!


Crisp & clean! Looks great!

BTW, been meaning to ask... What kind of camera do you use?


I literally had to get my hubby to come to the screen and look at your desk to tell him SEE - I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH A MESSY DESK! :-) Thanks....but then I scrolled down and you just HAD to clean it didn't you?! Ugh. He saw that pic, too.

Great job - I need some of that organization in my desk.


Wow-eeeeeee...I figured you were going to post the pic and be like, oh, well, that's how it is -- or is that my thinking ;-)


Oh wow Amanda... that looks amazing! Way to go. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE a well-organized space. Also... btw, Happy belated Birthday!!!!


holy transformation batman!
GREAT job!
I'm working on simplifying my life by doing such things...but I am doing baby steps...
and sort of waiting until rummage sale season...


i have so many spaces that could use this before and after...not sure how i missed this post but i'm looking for some new ones...hope you don't feel too discouraged by the crazy irrational bashers from your last to you...


That looks so good! What a present to yourself, for sure!


Please please come help me


office cleaning

those are some fantastic before and after pictures! i love seeing how the office looked before it was cleaned then admiring the fresh new clean office. You've inspired me to start taking before and after pictures! well done you.

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