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December 10, 2009



You totally just made me cry. I showed this to my husband because I couldn't read any more since the tears were in my eyes!! Thank you so much! You are wonderful!!


Thanks for sharing new blogs to look at and be inspired by - someday I will get my butt in gear and get mine updated! :)

Not that I need ot spend anymore time reading blogs....on the computer...too bad they couldn't be blogcasts that I could play while I cleaned lol would certainly make cleaning more fun! :)

Have a great weekend!

Amanda Rettke

Now THAT is a great idea!!!  You should roll with it and make millions! :)

Amanda Sikes

Thanks for more great blogs to read. I can't wait to have time to check them out. Check out my last post, please. I could use your help!

Amanda Rettke

You got it girl! :)


Thanks so much, Amanda! Yeah, I don't like word verification either and so far, it has worked out fine for me. I've been so thrilled to get to know you over the past year-and-a-half (!) and watch your blog grow and grow...and keep growing. You really have an eye for beauty. I've said it too many times to count, BUT your kids have the best clothes and your cookies are to die for. :-)


I'm always looking for some new blogs to follow. Thanks Amanda, what a lovely idea :-)


This is a good idea!
(I hate word verifcation, too.)


I just came back to my computer to see you had posted a LOVELY comment on my blog. And guess what I'd been doing? Baking the yummy recipe you'd posted up!!! Thank you x


What a great idea, Amanda!! Love it! I will have to head over to their blogs...and I have been thinking about taking my word verification down for a while....I'm on it!


Um, I just checked out Jessica's blog and saw a multitude of things with syrup and brown sugar and tons of cheese and....OMG. I heart food. I always love a new blog to check out! And I abhor word verification as well (don't you love the word abhor??? I do.)

I must say, you are my new favorite lately,especially the baking've got it goin' on, sister! :)

Amanda Rettke

Thanks so much sweety!  You are pretty fun yourself!!  And CREATIVE!!!  I love that about you. ;)



Oh my gosh, Amanda! Thanks so much for the feature! :) You're totally awesome, but I can't believe you highlighted THAT post! :) Boys are so disgusting.

I got a moment to check out Kristin's post and I agree! The 'pieces' are just so lovely and pretty and charming... I'll be reading the other blogs tomorrow.

Thanks again. You ROCK!



i think you are pretty cool, too. and i think it's really cool that you have taken time to encourage readers. i just met denise the other day through your blog. you have some really cool followers! i totally insulted her (i'm not kidding, TOTALLY) and she still came by to say to me. she is WAY cool!


"just plain super neat" - i love that!

thanks for sharing some of your favorite blogs. looking forward to checking them out!


wow amanda...i feel much "cooler" that you wrote about me on your blog than that i "met" bono or have a friend writing a cool show...i feel so BLESSED to have you in my life and look forward to meeting more wonderful people through your blog...thank you! already several days behind on my blog a day until the end of the year thingy but i'm trying to get out our holiday cards this weekend (one to you, too!)...will catch up with you and these new reads early next week!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

You are so kind Amanda to feature those other bloggers. I'll be checking them out for sure, cause if you like them then I am convinced they are great reads.

Kristin Smith

Thank you for sharing some more good blogs. It is always fun to read something new! I have so enjoyed reading your blog the past several months and just appreciate you as a Godly woman and sister in Christ!

Blessings, Kristin


Uh Oh. Now I'm wondering if I should get rid of my word verification...
Cuz I don't want to drive you nuts. *grin*

Thanks for pointing us to these blogs. I'll pay them a visit today!

Amanda Rettke

Oh my goodness!!  Hope you all made amends... I get the feeling that denise is a easy going girl and would give folks the benefit of the doubt!

Be blessed gianna!


It's always fun to go check out the blogs you have found. Good people seem to find there way here. I've met so many of my favorite bloggy friends through here.

If you have time, could you email me the best red icing coloring. I'm making Hope a lady bug cake on Sunday and have no idea which one to begin with. I have Wilton gel colors but I don't think that's going to cut it. :) Why, oh why (as Rabbit would say) does she love red bugs so much!


Some awesome blogs...and quit yer complain' about word verification. I had to put mine back on because spammers were taking over my little corner of the blogosphere :-( But, it is still worth it to comment on my site ;-)


You have what I would call a significant following, and yet you are always so generous to point out other bloggers. Thanks for that!

He & Me + 3

YOu are so sweet to always post about your blogging friends. I should do this sometime because I am so thankful for all my blogging friends and those that leave me comments.


I can't get rid of word verification because I get so many random crap comments on my blog, everything from buying flat panel tvs at wholesale prices to free viagra to japenese porn sites!
The only way blogger says I can avoid this (and reject them) is by word verification -


Thanks for sharing! I love getting a chance to check out new to me blogs. It's great to have fallen into your blog and see such woman to woman support! The world needs much more of that.
Off to check out these other ladies!

oh amanda

LOVE this! What a great way to showcase everyone. And the link to bacon covered scallops? YUM.


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