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December 15, 2009



Happy Birthday Audrey!!! :)

Hope you have a great day. I don't think the kids care a whole lot- I do think it is both exciting and sad for a parent - at least it was for me. Excited for the future but sad that the "baby" is gone!

Not much going on at our house - Christmas program practice in the AM on Sat and then program on Sunday. Probably should wrap some presents! :)

God Bless


I can't believe she is a year already!! I remember seeing pictures you posted of her when she was new....has it really been that long?? Wow! Happy birthday!!


Totally organized and right on schedule?! Ha ha!

Happy Birthday Audrey!

I miss sand in the toes weather too!

Have a great evening,

Sarah Robbins

Oh, that is too, too precious! I love little baby feet. :)


Such cute toes! Happy Birthday Audrey!!

I'm being lazy this weekend... I'm working nights this week and will be doing days next week.... So I'm busy transitioning back and forth... yuck. and our Christmas is pretty laid back this year. :)

Take some time to relax in your busy week(end). God bless!



I'll be making Christmas candies with my sister!

Madame Sucre

happy birthday audery!!! Awww my daughter's first birthday was also bitter sweet.. lotsa laughs and tears!


I hope you show some pics! I bet the first bday is exciting, but somewhat bittersweet? This weekend I'm having some family over for parties, baking more, shopping...

Kristin Smith

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! Oh the time goes waaaayyyy too fast! Enjoy your weekend with her celebrating!

I have to finalize all of my baking and make treat plates for my family to share!

Enjoy the cleaning...I LOVE laundry! :) haha!

Blessings, Kristin


I always consider the 1st birthday a day, not really for the child, but for the family to celebrate the first year of a beautiful life! We reminisce and laugh and cry and eat!

As far as our weekend, we are on-track as far as preparations so we are enjoying several fun activities. Today is baking day for me and my mom and sisters. Tomorrow we are going with dear friends to a lights display at the beach--chilly!! And we have a family party on Saturday. Good stuff.


Happy Birthday Sweet Audrey!

I've decided birthday's in general (for kids) should not be allowed. I figure if they don't have birthday's, they can't get older. Unfortunately, Gary won't let me hear of it. Speaking of birthday's, Gary's is tomorrow and this weekend we will have a mess of children over to help him celebrate it.

Praying Audrey has an awesome day on Saturday!



Is it really the last weekend before Christmas? My life is such a blur.

Melissa T.

Happy Birthday Audrey! The 1st birthday is bittersweet but what a precious time. I am sure Miss Audrey will have a delicious cake to feast on. Please take lots of pictures, btw I made your sugar cookies. Loved them!!! xoxo Melissa

He & Me + 3

Has it really been a year already. I feel like she should not be that old yet. I am sure the event is going to be so precious and are so creative. I am relaxing this weekend. Finally!
Hope the party goes well and that Audrey has a wonderful first Birthday.

Julie in WA

We are driving from the Seattle area to... Minnesota! Yes, we are 'coming home' for the holidays. It will be a two-12-hour-days kind of trip there and back, but the inbetween eleven days with my mom and snow and old friends and family and no responsibilities for anything and flat land and wide open spaces and big sky - - - oh, it will be delicious!


Your little lady's turning 1 this weekend and my little Adeline is turning 1 on Tuesday!
Can you believe it's been a year already??
I can not!
Anywho, Happy Birthday Audrey!
I hope you have a great time!
We have a super busy last-weekend-before-Christmas. We have a birthday party in the morning, a good friend is graduating from Law school and sushi dinner with friends mmmmm sushi!


Happy Birthday Audrey!!! Those toes are just too cute, they look like you used sugar on them

Cop Mama

Oh, I so miss the sand in the toes weather too!!! Gotta love baby toes :-)

Happy B-Day to your little one!

This weekend - crunch time, I'm totally stressing!


Happy First Birthday to your sweet little one!! I bet her cake is going to be amazing!!

Working all weekend here.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Awww, look at those sweet little cute! I can't wait to see what you bake up for the big day.

For me, this weekend I will be finishing up all things Christmas cause I'm going in for surgery on Monday and after that I'll be on the couch for a few days.

stacy Ness

First Happy Birthday Audrey! I is hard to believe that she is already ONE!!!!!

As for plans for this weekend, crazy busy! Saturday I am the Dec meeting for Operation Minnesota Nice, then Parker's Birthday party that afternoon. Then on Sunday I have a Christmas Party for my Sunday School class. I think that is it but who knows what else might get thrown in there. :) Have fun this weekend


Happy Birthday Audrey! I think the first birthday is so special because it marks such an amazing accomplishment. Really every year does but the first is just so bittersweet. Plus it is probably the only year that the kid won't throw a fit if you don't pick the right character for the plates. :)


Um, just what do you mean by "totally organized and right on schedule"?
Ready for tonight to be December 25? Or, on par to be ready by 11:59pm on December 24?
Uh, I would fall into the second camp. *grin*

BTW, I bought butter for the sugar cookies and told my daughter we're going to make them next week. She's terribly excited!

Amanda Rettke

Yeah!!  Im so excited for you to do that together!!

And I hear you about that last second thing... I am so there as well!!

Be blessed!


I can't believe Audrey's a year old or almost! How did this happen?;) Happy Birthday sweet Audrey!!

janmary, n ireland

I have a TWELVE year old having a birthday in our house - 8 of her friends for a craft and chocolate party (including a chocolate fountain!)

Also 2 carol services, meeting up with friends over from England, a big family get-together with my parents and brothers and families, and a partridge in a pear tree!

PS - I have just posted one of my Mum's infamous and delicious recipes on my blog.

Michelle M.

Adorable photo! I am always excited for my children as they grow up and celebrate another birthday. It is an opportunity to be thankful to God for our children's lives. Enjoy the bday celebration!


You should check out my newest post! Its mostly about you, and your cookies!


Awww how sweet happy Birthday to your gal. :)


Aw, goodness! There is nothing sweeter than baby toes! And a big 'ole happy bday to Audrey!

Ashley G.

I have a little one with a first birthday soon also!! My son will be one on Dec. 27th! Love all the cookie and cake designs, so fancy!! Its blogs like these that inspire me to attempt baking! Keyword attempt;)


I hope your little Audrey had a wonderful birthday. I think every birthday is bittersweet. My 'little one' will be turning 14 soon. Just makes me stress about how soon he will be flying the nest!! I know that's our job, to teach them to be independent, but it's like a double edged sword ;-)

Tina Fisher

Love the photo Amanda! It makes me long for Summer!

I hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Adventure Mom Janna

Happy Birthday! I adore motherhood as well. I popped over here from the Blogher headlines. And yes baby toes NEVER get old:)


LOL, I am reading your old blogs and you asked 'what are you doing the weekend before Christmas?'. I was giving birth! My Elena arrived on Audrey's first birthday! Love it :)

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