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December 06, 2009



Oh my gosh! Your poor little one's HEAD! I felt my stomach turn over when I saw that pic.

It was not your fault. It was an accident.


Big hugs to you.


(PS: if you think you are freaked out that you will be 40 in 8 years, try 13 months!)


Ouch! Us moms are never ready when our sweet youngin's get hurt. Glad he is okay.

Oh, the 40 thing, try 44 on for size! LOL!


Ohh I feel your pain. When Jacob was 3 years old I was making dinner and holding my then infant, Kendra. I opened the bottom cupboard to pull out my wooden cutting board and to my dismay Jacob happened to be running into the kitchen as I pulled out the board and nailed him in the head with it. Now this was totally my fault. Hubby came home 20 minutes later to a postpartom mom crying, dinner not made, a screeming baby and a huge egg on our toddler. These are the moments I look back at and see why 2 children was more than enough for this girl. I'm glad Parker came out of it okay. And at least you didnt cause the injury. :)


Seriously??? I'll be forty in 5 years and 1 month and 21 days, but who's counting???

Ouch to the little man! That had to KILL!!! I'm so sorry you had to endure his pain. Sometimes, I think it hurts us way more than them. Hang in there, you're a great mom and thank God for great dads!!!!

stacy Ness

Poor little Parker! But don't feel completely horrible. It happens to the best of us. Kenny had the exact same bump on his head last summer, but it WAS my fault. We were on our way in to the Firehouse for Operation Minnesota Nice. Well I was a few minutes later then normal so I was rushing. Thought the door was heavier then it was and WHAM right in the forhead. OUCH! Poor little Kenny. Atleast he had about 30 Grandma like ladies taking care of him and yes a FireFighter even came and checked him out and gave him an ice pack. So I felt horrible and had an audience. :)

Amanda Rettke

Oh my goodness!!  What a scary thing to go through!  But I have to admit, I think I might have been a little relieved to have a fireman check him out... plus the kids LOVE firemen, so they might have been distracted!!



Congratulations BJ Mama on your great photo!
Thanks Amanda for hosting the contest.

Oh, it is so scary when your kid has a head bump...Jack gets about one a day, and they do bruise, but they rarely have the cut like Parker did! OUCH!!!!

He & Me + 3

Oh my word..that bump looks just like Actress' bump when she was that age. SHe has a get some scar medicine because that skin that separated but didn't bleed will leave a scar. It is identical to hers. I freaked too.
I am a fan of Sarah Palin too...but not on facebook. I don't really go on there.


Oh my! Seriously? That looks like it hurt. You even captured the little tears in his eyes. I almost want to cry myself! Poor little guy. Hope he's feeling better quick. I'm sure he'll be up and around playing ghost again very soon!

Have a great day



I remember the first time I saw a goose egg. It was on one of the boys in my grade school class. I was amazed such thing was possible and how quickly is went away. They are pretty weird though!


Owie! Owie! Owie! Well I can't say as I've been throught the worst with my son but I can say that we have experienced a few of those bumps in the past. The worst was when he collided with his rocking car and split his lip open. Ugly stuff and boy did it bleed forever. AND if you little girl is anything like mine then she'll try to keep up with her older brothers and you'll experience a few of those mishaps with her as well. It goes with the territory. You know, the mommy territory.

Seriously my word is "anyways". I used to say it a lot and that's how a lot of my blog post used to have that word throw in there a few times. I tend to head towards "hmmmmm" and other such non words now, so seriously don't feel bad about your word quirks, I don't!

Oh and if you are worried about being forty what are you going to worry about once you turn forty. Better start thinking now so you can be prepared! ;)


poor parker.....that looks terrible. thank goodness all is well now.


Oh goodness that bump on the head is scaring me!


Emma had that happen this past spring, while Chad was deployed. I'm a normally very calm mom during these sort of "Crisis" situations, but when it popped up so quickly and split her skin it freaked me out and I did take her to the ER (which is soooo rare for me). It was totally her fault, she was running after I told her not to, she slipped on our stupid (I HATE THEM...SERIOUSLY) hardwood floor.

I have to say I am loving my 30's and look forward to my 40's! We're the same age, it's just going to keep getting better and the thought that I'm a year closer to being with my girl in Heaven and my Savior, now that's something to get excited about!!!!


I cringed when I saw the bump on his head...glad to hear that it wasn't as bad as it looked.
Turning 40 for me was much easier than turning 30. I am freaked out now that I will be 50 in 5 years and 4 months...


Hey - I"m 40 and so far so good! :) The kids keep us young! :) Seriously!

Glad the owies wasn't too bad and healed quickly - those little ones are amazing!

I'm also a fan of Palin on Facebook - seriously! :)


Ouch! Seriously, my youngest just had a practically identical goose egg on her forehead a couple of days ago. I was all panicking and ready to race to the ER, but 3 minutes later, she was chasing her big sister on the bike. by Sunday morning, no goose egg and a barely visible bruise. It was a scary thing, and the guilt was unbelievable. She's forgotten all about it, but I'm not sure I ever can.


ouch! we had an identical bump on our 2 year old's head a few months your little guy - ran into the edge of a door frame...
it was pretty scary - but we all came out unscathed...hugs!!


It's always tough when your little ones hurt, even when they get big.... If the "bump" is on the outside thats a good thing... (The "nurse" in me looked at his eyes to make sure the pupils were the same. LOL) And tomarrow he'll be back to running around the house with something else on his head I'm sure. I think being 4th of 10 makes me a little less prone to the freaked out thing. Although it still hurts my heart to see them suffer and not be able to fix it. :(


Oh, that bump! Poor boy. I'm sure you're heart just completely sank when you saw that. I'm slowly learning that those sorts of things happen to little boys a lot...

Hey, your frosting recipe is awesome! I tried it and absolutely love it (I used lemon and vanilla extract). I made my cookies during nap time like a frantic lady and was just finishing up when the kids woke up. The whole time I was thinking..How does Amanda do this?! :) Thanks again!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Yikes, that bump would have totally freaked me out too! Glad he is ok.

And girl, you are a young one...I'll be 40 in just 8 months.


I am going to be 40 in one year and nine months, and I am looking forward to it! Not sure why - I just am.

As for the head thing. Ouch!
When I was a kid, I got stitches in my head in pre-school, kindergarten, first grade, third grade and fifth grade. Actually, fifth grade found me in the hospital for a few days - had myself a little bike accident and had to have my lower lip stitched back to my chin.
In second grade I broke my arm, and in fourth grade I broke a finger.
And I'm a GIRL! Ha!

Amanda Rettke

For some reason this doesnt surprise me at all!! :)  Blessings-


You are SERIOUSLY phenomenal! This post made me smile :) Hoping your week has started off famously!


Me too! to all of them (except J Lo's wardrobe... I prefer t-shirts. And I'll be forty in less than two years... ahhhh!)


Amanda Jo

GOODNESS! I would have had a heart attack if Ethan had a knot that big on his head and I was there to witness it! I am SO GLAD to hear your little guy is ok!!! I just had to add...The Wedding Planner is one of my favorite movies of all time! JLo's clothes in that movie are SO cute!


Love it. The other day I was thinking about doing a random facts blog, but totally had a brain freeze. I was like what is something random about me?? I went blank. Maybe soon if I can conjure up enough brain cells.
Your son's poor head!!! I tell my husband all the time, God knew what he was doing giving us all girls, we do not have good enough insurance to have boys:)Praying for you and those kids of yours!!


That head makes my stomach flip flop just a little.
And girl, you have eight long years before you are 40! And 40 rocks in so many ways.


Ouch!! For both of you!! I know how that feels, Gracie broke her arm at 14 months old....How could I have let that happen??

Kristin Smith

I can so Seriously relate to this! :) But you are right...that bumb freaks me out too...I would not have been calm either. I was "seriously" not ready for that photo as I scrolled down! :)

I hear you about 40 too...I am 35 in a little over a month and THAT is depressing too!

Thanks for the laugh!


poor Baby! Seriously.
I can't believe that hours later, no knot and no bruise. Glad Chad was there to help calm you down...sorry he got yelled at. lol
My first reaction to your "40 in eight years" was "smart aleck!" (almost joking.) Don't freak...remember this: turning 40 hurts a lot less than turning 30. 40 is, after all, the new 30.

My little Devon(7) and Ashton(6) both have hemophilia. A knot like that would probably require a trip (or two) to the hospital for a factor 8 infusion. If they don't bleed externally, they bleed internally, and those licks on the head are the worst! (however, a very small cut on the bottom of the foot a few months ago turned into a HUGE deal.)

Amanda Rettke

Ha!  You know I am a smart aleck! I am so sorry to hear about your kids dealing with hemophelia!!  What a huge extra weight for you to carry.  Guess God just knew that you would be capable... :)



You are seriously, fun, funky, crazy, and wildly funny. That's why I keep coming back. It's not surprise that seriously is your word. Although, I was beginning to wonder if you still said "to the max." :)
I hope you and yours are having a wonderful Christmas season. Hugs!


Haha, the diapers!! I have sat down and thought of randoms like this too! Maybe I should update it...Like how many hours I've sat inhaling second hand nebulizer meds. LOL


That goose egg would've freaked me out too... seriously. Poor little guy!

Jill Tracy

I would say no need to put "seriously" after the sentence about Palin! I am a fan too--I think it is pretty cool!


this list made smile hugely. i also say seriously more times than should be allowed. we might just be peas in a pod! not only do i say seriously a bunch, i FREAK @ the slightest bump or bruise the kiddies obtain (ps. OUCH! you have one tough guy on your hands, there!) *and* i am so super jealous of the wedding planner's wardrobe. i talked about that long white coat of hers for MONTHS after seeing the movie. months. you rock, girl!


My head hurts just looking at that egg! OUCH!!! Poor kiddo!


I find that when telling people something about myself I often either preface or follow it up with 'seriously', too! Wonder exactly what that says about me??? ;)
First time to your blog but definitely not my last!


Seriously I think I say seriously more than anyone I know!! haha great post visiting from Blogher!!

tina thompson

i know how you feel. with four boys who all think they are invincible, we see a lot of goose eggs. our local ER thinks we should start our own clinic because we pretty much have already done what they do. we still go to see the dr if we see anything out of the ordinary.

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