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December 21, 2009



What a beautiful thing to do :-)

Holly Neaton

So sweet of someone...adorable kids and adorable hats! God bless - Holly


Cute hats, AND, Cute KIDS. Great photos

Tina Fisher

How sweet!




What a wonderful gift! And they fit perfectly. :)

bridget {bake at 350}

That is wonderful! Love those random acts of kindness!!! ♥


how sweet!! i still owe you a christmas card!!!!!!


Super Cute!!! :) It certainly wasn't me - I have no such talent! lol


Cute, cute, CUTE!

Sarah Robbins

So, so cute! And they look so soft. :)

Michelle M.

What a wonderful Christmas blessing.


amanda, i still think the cutest thing about those pictures are your children's eyes! BUT it's so cool to be blessed. it's neat when someone takes a moment for you. you can really feel YHWH's love (even if that's not what they intended)


Always something special about a mystery gift! And what great little models those angles are! Perfect for wintery weather and just in time for Christmas!


How very sweet of someone! And yes those are some cute hats, but not quite as cute as those kids!


What an awesome gift. It looks like the kids love them too! BONUS. :) (says the girl who has kids who hate hats.)

Margaret in Minnesota

Shoot! Erica stole my line, which was, "Those hats are almost as cute as those kids...but not quite."

Oh well.

It's true.

Have a peaceful rest-of-Advent, Amanda, and a beautiful Christmas!

Margaret in Minnesota

PS. Loved the post on your little sweetie's birthday, especially the shot of her sucking her cupcake! Happy New Year, little girl!


Gorgeous! I'm just catching up on your blog (I've been away) and am so happy to be back! Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend!

Melissa T.

WOW!!! xo- That is so sweet.


ok, so that hats - those are soooo cool - but your pictures - WOW! you are getting really really talented with that camera of yours!
Happy Holidays!


Blessing Indeed!
They are too cute, and definitely something your cute kids need in the North!

Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!

He & Me + 3

What a blessing. How fun. You know my love for hats so I can totally appreciate this post. I would love to say that I sent them...but I can't take the glory...but I will be just a bit jealous that your kids are so darn cute in their new hats. Merry Christmas! You have a beautiful and blessed family!
Hugs from your BBFF,

Carrie @ Martin Manor

That is awesome! You're kids look absolutely adorable in those hats...and so deserved! You are also a blessing and it's so wonderful for someone to bless you with such a personal gift :) Love them! Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas!


hey, amanda! thanks for the comment about super nanny. I LOVE super nanny. however, right now i am so tired and exhausted with being so pregnant and working and having 3 children, that i'm just keeping my head about water. when i'm able to commit more energy to it, i will have to try her technique. i really do LOVE her!


That is so cool! What blessed kiddos they are! =-)

Cop Mama

Love the blue eyes in the first pic.

What a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail! Kind people are rewarded in kindness!


What a great suprise! Love the kiddos in the snow. Sometimes, I wish it would snow here, then I see my friend's pics in VA and remind myself why I live in AZ! Love the 70 degree weather!

On a completely unrelated note - I have begun to notice that the wonderful blogs I am discovering lately, you are all ready following. And more then half of them I'm not finding THROUGH your blog. We must think alike!

Oh, and one other completely random comment - you will LOVE the cookies I made this week. I have almost reached 'Amanda' status with these cookies! :) I'll post pics later!

Kristin Smith

How adorable..those homemade gifts are so sweet! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Blessings, Kristin


That is a very sweet thing! Glad your kids are enjoying them!

Merry Christmas!


The kindness of "strangers" never ceases to amaze me. Hope you are having a fabulous holiday with your adorable family :-)

starflower oil

Your kids are so sweet and looks very cute.Those are lovely photographs.I like handmade hats.They are really very nice and colorful.I am glad to see this "Christmas Blessing".

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