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December 28, 2009



GIRL!!!! This is so unbelieveably exciting!!!! Congrats!


Amanda! That is SO exciting!! What a great experience!! Can't wait to watch it!!!


yay for you!!! I'm in Australia so won't get the show here, so please post the link! So thrilled for you. Hugs xxx

Stacy Ness

You looked so Cute!!!!


Congrats! That is SO cool!

He & Me + 3

Amanda! OMGOSH! That is so awesome! You look amazing and i cannot wait to see the segment. Wow! So cool!


Now, you're like, a celebrity and stuff! They're going to ask you to do movies 'cause I'm sure you were just awesome! You could be the next Martha Stewart only way better and nicer and not a felon! :)

You are one gorgous lady, I don't care what you say! :)

Be blessed,


Amanda you looked beautiful. Glad everything went so well. Can't wait to check out the link. You must have been baking all weekend to get all those goodies ready for the camera. Hope you had time to celebrate CHRISTmas with your family.


how incredibly exciting! You look great...I can't wait to watch the segment....and just think I'll be able to say I knew you when ;)


You realize that now you probably are going to be recognized somewhere, and thus will have to either a- admit you ARE a successful blogger or b- revise your statement that non successful bloggers are not recognized :)

Just sayin' ....

Tina Fisher

It was awesome to watch the first time and it will be fun to watch again when you get your link!

You did an awesome job!

You looked FAB!


You look great! How fun that your whole family got to be there. Glad it went well!

God Bless!



You look stunning! So pretty. :-) The picture of your whole family is precious, too.

I'm in awe of your cookies. I thought I made cute stuff instead I saw yours. Hmmm...I'm humbled.


do i repeat myself toomuch? you were AWESOME!

Sarah Robbins

How exciting! That is totally awesome!


Can I have your autograph? :)


Congrats on your interview. How exciting for you! We used your cookie recipe last week and it was so yummy! The kids had fun decorating. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amanda Rettke

lol  No!!!  No no no!!!  But you can be my forever blogging friend! :)  Autograph.   ha! you made me laugh out loud!


That is amazing! Thanks for sharing, and you looked so pretty :)


Are you sure you're not gonna be recognized at the store because I'm pretty sure you being on tv is gonna boost your bloggin' hits and one day... one day someone's gonna go OH MY GOSH you MUST be Amanda the rainbow cake lady!!!

I can't wait to watch it!


You look so beautiful!! Congrats!


WOW! You were on TV! And despite blurry pictures you look terrific. Can't wait to see the interview. However, one downside. You cannot do a "things successful bloggers do that i don't do" post on being on TV/radio :o) Cause you've been there girl!


OMG!!! Big happenings!! You looked absolutely stunning and I'm betting the interview was fabulous. Congrats :-) Put up the link when they post it. I'd love to see you in all your movie stah glory!!!


Shut Up!
That is so cool!!!
First of all you looked Great!
And Can I just say from one stay at home that doesn't get out to another, this is quite impressive!
You are super talented and everyone should see.
So happy for you!


EEEKKKK! I'm so excited for you. I'm no longer reading your list of bloggy stuff- it's all lies! :) You are doing it all, and doing it right!
Anyways, you look gorgeous, your kids (and hubby) are awesome, and I'm just so excited for you. Hugs, sweet lady.


This is so cool! Did they just find your blog and beg you to come on the show for some fun bakin' times? How awesome is that? Now I'm off to your other site to see the tasties you made for 'em! =-D

BTW, I thought you looked great, too! And you're back home now, right? So stop being nervous!!

Wow! This was such an awesome post! What a neat experience!!! Congratulations. I'm sure there will be more of this to come. You looked beautiful.. I love the scarf... I never could have worn such a thing... I would have been sweating bullets already from nervousness and then the scarf would have made it worse. You look completely at ease in the pictures. Do we get to see any video?


Yay, yay, yay for you! I am so happy for you. Such an exciting thing. I only wish I could've watched it!


CONGRATS! Can I have your autograph? LOL. You look great. I don't think I'd seen a picture of you with your huband and kids.

Keep at it... you do great work! Can't wait to see what God does in you and through you. :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

WOOHOO!!! This is so exciting! You are so adorable! I bet your hubby is so proud.

Mommy Cracked

Oh wow!!! How cool! I know that was so much fun! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Cop Mama

That is so cool! Ok, maybe 30 people before me already said that, but seriously, HOW AWESOME!!!

I can't wait for the link. Call your new peeps up at Fox 9 and have them get on that...he he he.


I caught you on tv purely by accident - but you were amazing! I still don't know how on earth you do it all - but you do, and sooo well!
Congrats - I bet this is the first of many of great things to come!


What am I missing?? You just suddenly end up on TV? I want details!!!
You looked great, by the way!


That's so awesome! You look great on TV!


Hi Amanda, I just read your little note on my blog ( Ouch-so sorry to not give you credit. My brain is very very altered since I've been raising three wee ones. YOUR cake was to die for and somewhere on my blog mid October there is a picture of it. My mom used to bake wedding cakes and attempted it. She was horrified that it started leaning and went out and bought one. I said, nonsense, it's the most beautiful cake ever. And it did taste scrumptious. We never ate the store bought cake. So thanks for sharing Amanda! YOUR cake was awesome and I will give credit where it's due. Thanks for the blog picture love. I am completely obsessed with photography lately. Now, I want to take some time and read through your blog. Nighty night! Annmarie

Michelle M

That is AMAZING! You are awesome!


I am so happy for you. You looked great. I would have been a nervous wreck!


Wow!!! Thats awesome!! Your becoming a celebrity! hahaha. That is just so cool I dont even know what to say! Congrats! Cant wait to view it!


Tonight, our family met up with Abby's family for a little coffee & treats...and a little chatting about how awesomely talented and cool "I am Mommy" and "I am Baker" are!!! Congratulations on being featured on TV! That is so exciting! Thanks for sharing all your talents with us!


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that must have been amazing!!!! I am super excited for you! You look just gorgeous and I know the experience will be a lovely event to talk about for years to come :)

Janmary N Ireland

Congrats to you - you look great. I think having my kids in the studio would have made me MORE nervous - waiting for them to interrupt or for my sonto unplug the cameras of lights!!!

So proud of you - hugs!

Amber Hurd

That is awesome, it seems quite exciting to me and you looked great on camera. I liked your outfit:)


There is an award waiting for you on my blog.



That is so awesome-way to go! And you looked completely adorable...I love that scarf.

Those countdown cookies are such a cute idea.

Julie in WA

Hi Amanda! I am so happy I could watch you alive on television. It is one thing to follow a one-dimension blog and quite another to see the blogger alive, moving, breathing, speaking! You did a marvelous job, no nerves...a natural!

You know, I started to read your blog after reading a comment you made on PW. Now, I don't usually read comments on blogs, but your comment caught me eye, and I have been hooked on you ever since. You are a woman of great quality--responsibly using your God-given gift of creativity.......and such a great mom too!


That is sooooooooo cool Amanda! Squeeling for you:) Looks like you had a blast. What an amazing experience. I have missed alot since I've been away:) Blessings! Heaven


Hi Amanda!! You look beautiful!!! I am just so proud that I know you! Congratulations!

Kristin Smith

Wow - I feel like I "know" a celebrity now! :) You looked amazing - love the scarf!! I am so excited for you...someone may be opening up their own bakery yet I think!! :) Congrats!!

Blessings, Kristin

Melissa T.

You are the bomb!!! It is a must that you be super, duper proud of yourself. What a great accomplishment. The word is officially out, you better get baking!



Ummmm..... Hello, when did this happen? That is truly awesome Amanda. How cool could that of been to be on Fox 9. I cant wait till you post the segment. Good for you. Oh, and 'YEAH YOU LOOKED FABULOUS'!!


That is SO EXCITING! Congratulations, you guys look fantastic!!!

Pineapple Princess

Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations!
How did I miss this post??
How exciting! You are a star in so many ways. You totally rocked the interview.
Look out P-Dub! :)


That's so awesome! congrats on being famous! :)

PS I got your Christmas letter. Thanks!


You rock, girl!! I didn't know you were gonna be on TV. Be sure to post the link to it so I can see. You look amazing! And what a talent you must have!!!


Wow Amanda! That is fantastic! I can't wait to see the segment. Congrats!


So cool!!! Congratulations on your tv spot :)


Amanda I'm sorry this is late, but how exciting for you and your whole family to be there, what an awesome gift (to have them)! Oh I've decided that for Emma's next birthday in August, I'm ging to make her your rainbow cake!!!!!


Oh AWESOME!!!!! You look so great in the pictures and I'm excited to see the segment, when it's posted!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

That is so FUN! Awesome! And how cute you are :) I love the family's nice to see you in some pictures! Congratulations! It's great to see that you are getting the much deserved attention that so many people can share that tasty, amazing rainbow cake and gorgeous treats you have!

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