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December 11, 2009



hmmm - not having to buy the store bought package mix to make sugar cookies? Sounds fantastic to me!
Can't wait to try them out!
I have been married almost 6 years and still barely turn on the oven! ACK!

Tina Fisher

I really would like to try!

I love trying new things!

One day I might even try cleaning my oven! :) Don't's true! Just ask Holly!

You rock!


Awesome! I already love your frosting I'll need to try the sugar cookie recipe. Thanks for sharing the dot tip. I love that look!


Thanks for the info Amanda, I may have to try your recipes. I just tried doing royal icing on cookies this week for the first time. I'm used to decorating cakes, cookies are a new thing for me. You do great work.

Sarah Robbins

Those are SO cute! I may have to try that. My girlfriend and I are having a baking day next weekend. :) Also, do you have anything in the way of airplanes? My sister is getting her pilot's license next weekend and wants to do an airplane themed party for her birthday (also next month) so of course I thought of you right away!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

YUMMMMMMMMMMM! Thanks for sharing...even if I don't try it, becuause I'm busy {lazy} like that, heehee....I wouldn't make them nearly as GREAT as these! Delicious! Love them...wish I could taste them! :)


Wow! thank you so very much for sharing, I just made a batch of sugar cookies this evening. Different recipe time I am using yours! I also made the Christmas cake tonight. I plan to take it to a childrens Christmas party tomorrow! I am planning to make the faith cake for Bible Study Monday night (I am a little nervous about that one, but gonna try):) Your recipes are keeping me busy and I continue to get rave reviews, I always tell them that I wish I could take the creative credit for your wonderful ideas :)thank you thank you thank you!

Amanda Rettke

Hum... nothing off hand.  Heres what I would do... ooogle 'airplane'.  Then hit IMAGES in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  Just look through them until you find something that you can easily trace or draw freehand... then make it the size you want, cut it out, and use it for a template for some sugar cookies or to go on top of a cake!!

That or go to your nearest bakery. ;)


Here goes the hyperventilating again hee hee hoooo hee hee hoo...oh wait- I'm not in labor!

I'll have to try making the cookies (minus the decorating part) some day! :) Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Rettke

Wow!!!  You go girl!!!  I am so encouraged to hear you are baking up a storm!!!  Thats wonderful!! 

I hope you are taking lots and lots of pictures!  Oh, and remember to add them to my flickr group... there s link on the baking blog. 

Dont be nervous about the faith cake... just say a little prayer first! ;)  If you have any questions along the way, you can email me or twittwr me... I will be happy to help!

twitter: @manda2177



I love the dots. That is really neat. I am baking all day tomorrow. May use this sugar cookie recipe!


I'm so excited to try your cookie recipe! I heart anything that has almond extract in it, and I mean ANYTHING. In fact, Almond Bankets are just about my most favorite think in the world. Have you ever had an almond banket? Sigh...they are heaven. :)

I'm totally going to try and do your little dot trick. I'll post some pictures when I'm done, of course!


Yay! You read my thread in your flickr group!! :) Dots? Seriously?! That's entirely too simple and your cookies are way too amazing looking for just dots!!

Couple questions for you though...

1.) I know you've tried the Royal Icing. In your opinion, which tastes better? Your icing or the Royal Icing? I just don't want to go out and buy the ingredients for the Royal Icing if I don't need to! Yes, this is me being lazy and letting you do all the research while I sit back and enjoy your findings!!

When adding almond extract, is it better to use Pure Almond Extract, or is imitation almond extract taste the same? I'm all about taste, but I thought the plane icing was just really sugary. I bought imitation extract because it fit in my budget a little better, and I didn't like that much either! But if Pure Almond Extract tastes the same, then I'll try another extract before splurging on the real thing!

Thanks for your awesomeness!



Now I may need to bake. Need almond extract...



Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Are you sure the icing recipe is really 'no fail'...if you really mean it then maybe I'll have to give it a try.

You make those simple little dots look amazing!

LindaSue Carter

this sugar cookie recipe looks fabulous...I'm gonna try it, I am! But I also had to comment about forgetting to put stuff in things. My cousin just made a breakfast casserole....and forgot to add the EGGS!!!! (okay, she has an excuse...she's pregnant....)


You are so talented! Those cookies look delish! I have always wondered about the really smooth icing on cookies. Now I have a recipe. Thanks!

The dots may be easy, but it's the patience that i'm sure it takes that I have trouble with! :)

janmary, n ireland

Love that first pic!

Now is all purpose flour what we would call plain flour? And I wonder what we call corn syrup (never heard of it)!

Guess I need to do some Googling!

Now - a question/challenge for you - Have you ever tried some Nativity Scene cookies? I am having a Nativity Set Carnival on my blog on 21 December, and you could be the one and only edible nativity set!

He & Me + 3

Those are awesome. Love your sign. I am sure Santa will leave lots of presents there. Our cookies are always hard and nasty. Ask Santa...he will tell you.


You are killing me...I love the dots but would a zip lock really do the trick? Or would a #1 round tip be better?


Now if you can just tell me how to make a ladybug cake look good. My (soon to be) 2 year old is obsessed with them and really, Realy wants one for her birthday. Oh, HELP!

I hope you are having fun this Christmas with the kids. Isn't Audrey's birthday coming soon?


I LOVE when you do posts like this!

I baked four dozen sugar cookies for my girls club at the church (grades 1-6) and they LOVED them (even their moms did too!) It's fail safe and I need me some fail safe stuff.

Seriously? A zip loc bag? SERIOUSLY? Gotta try that today.

I love your creativity! These cookies are so pretty!!

I love me some Amanda.

Have a super day, sweet girl.

Heather F

I must say it- I really love the dots. Really, really.

Thank you for sharing your recipes- I'll be trying them out soon!

Kristin Smith

Beautiful! I will try the icing for the cookies I made last week with your recipe! I have been so inspired by your baking and have enjoyed baking up a storm these past several days! Have to love Christmas and all the goodies that come with it!

Have a wonderful Saturday! :)
Blessings, Kristin


I've really jumped into baking Christmas cookie baking this year and these sound awesome - I just may have to try them! :)


Those look awesome! And its even cooler that you have shared your recipe!! I've tried to make that icing and i must be doing something wrong becuase its so hard to squeeze when i go to decorate the cookies! My hands hurt so bad!! I dont know what i am doing wrong though cause i follow the recipe..?


I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to try this recipe. Your cookies always look BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS.

Thanks so much!!!!


I will have to try the frosting recipe! Your icing always is so beautiful.
I have a sugar cookie one that involves sourcream-they are the softest yummiest cookies of all time...and they stay yummy soft for days! I think some people like their sugar cookies crunchy, and that is fine too!


i needed that frosting tip. the girls and i just made your cookies today and i need to still frost them. actually i mixed them on Sunday and today was the first day i was able to bake them! Soooooo, we cut them in snowmen, trees, reindeer, and squares. ooooh, i'm so excited! thanks for the frosting idea. i SOOOOO Needed it!
now it's on to get ready for my work's christmas party.!

Cop Mama

These look amazing! And you are so encouraging, you make me want to try it! Thanks.


It all sounds nice and neat and easy. I could mess it up...of course, I don't have to worry about it because of the no oven thing. I'm glad God put folks like you on earth so that folks like me can enjoy cookies! lol


Awesome! Thanks for your recipe! I am so going to try these on Monday! Hoping and hoping and hoping they turn out as cute as yours!
P.S. Sorry I don't know how to reply to comments on my blog...I totally agree with reading Piper's things! Cody sends me ones that are really applicable for me and then I read them slowly and outloud...I know, how remedial! It works though and slowly those good Biblical principles are sinking into this thick noggin! Thanks for commenting! You're so sweet!

Margaret in Minnesota

You are a gift from God, dear Internet friend! I have been PRAYING--well, maybe not praying but definitely hoping--for a tried-and-true sugar cookie recipe to make with my oodles of kids.

So thank you thank you THANK YOU. You've made my day and--most assuredly--our Christmas. :)

Margaret in Minnesota

PS. I found your blog after being given a heads-up from Nancy at Be Not Afraid. Surprise! I am a fellow Minnesotan originally from the great state of North Dakota who shares your love of Fargo.

(The city, that is. Not the movie.)

Amanda Rettke

I have not ever made anything like that Jan!!  I will have to see what I can come up with... but Audrey birthday is on the 19th so I might be busy with preparation and cake and stuff!!  (But man you know I love a cookie challenge!) :)

Amanda Rettke

I would try and add some more milk Dea!  I do the same thing... my hands kill after a few minutes... so I just have to go back and add more milk. :)

Amanda Rettke

Definitely a #1 tip... but some folks dont have one, so that is the easy free way! :)

Amanda Rettke

I would make a square cake then shave off the edges to get an oval a lady bug.  Cover it in red frosting, then go back and make a center line, then fill in with some black dots.  Add some eyes and a couple antenna's and she'll never know the difference.  I have never made one before, but I am sure you could find some easy pictures on google that you could use as a refference!


Amanda Rettke

I use pure almond extract... and in my opinion my recipe is WAYYYYYYY better then royal icing.  I think royal icing gets to hard and doesnt have good flavor (although, Bridget at bakeat350 has some good options for that) and has an icky texture in your mouth... but it is easier to work with and looks pretty... so its a tough call!

P.S.  Of COURSE I read your suggestion!!  You inspire me all the time girl!


Thanks I will try that! I am preparing a post to show you my efforts at your cookies, i am sure youll get a kick outta it! Lol


My friend is coming over right now....she's bringing the butter. I'll post the pics soon!


ohhhh....I love secret tips. BTW, I was thinking of you today; made a big ole batch of chocolate chip cookies - nom nom nom...may post a pic to my blog.


Those are so cute! You make it look so!


Hi! I am really excited to use this recpie. Just a quick question.

1. When the recpie calls for 2 Eggs, and 2 Whole Eggs are you asking for 4 whole eggs. Or 2 egg whites, and 2 whole eggs?

Sorry I'm really lost and can use all the help I can get.

Thanks for posting! First Christmas as a Mom trying to start things off right.


Oh Amanda, I just told myself I was not going to make cookies this year. And here you go sharing your recipe!
OK. I *might* make cookies.
And I might wait until next week when my daughter is home from school all day and can help me. That would be fun!


That's so nice you shared your recipe!

I love the dots on the cookies. It makes them look not real to me! You do such nice work and I always enjoy the pictures.

Have a great week!


You have convinced me! I think I'm gonna try to make them!

Stephanie @ A Fine House

My Lizzie and I will sooo be baking your sugar cookies next week during our marathon baking session. I secretly have been wanting your recipe, but have been to shy to ask for it!

Come by A Fine House and link up your cookie post(s) to my Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Stephanie @ A Fine House


So glad you posted the recipe. I'm gonna try them!


you are very talented and love the little note to santa


Beautiful cookies! Adorable post title and picture. hehe.


I love me some yummy sugar cookies. I am going to attempt to decorate them this time as well. I'm sure with your wonderful tips, mine will be masterpieces, just like yours!
Thanks for sharing your genius, these are going to be teachers' gifts.


Some friends and I are going to try your delicious cookies tomorrow! Wish us luck!
Thanks so much for sharing the recipe I am sure a blog will follow...


woohoo! I can't wait to make and eat these! Thanks for sharing your recipes! I'm stoked :)


I love sugar cookies. And with frosting? Sounds wonderful!

I hope you'll stop by and link up today at my Holly Bloggy Christmas Recipe party!


So i have sugar cookie dough in the fridge right now. i am too chicken to try to roll it out on my own. is it bad that i have DH roll it out for me

Quasi Serendipita

That's a great icing tip!


Too Cute!! I may have to try those recipes some time!! I posted the recipes I used for the 260 Drop In and Decorate Cookies I made!

Hope you'll join in tomorrow, I'm hosting Christmas Traditions and Memories for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash!!



I just found your blog--all the cookies are gorgeous and great inspiration. I'm making your sugar cookie recipe now (they taste delicious as batter) and I was wondering for future reference if you could go into greater detail about how to not mess up all the rolling and cutting parts of making cookies? I always end up with cookies that cling to cutters and dough that won't cleanly separate. Just wondering.


We did it! These are every bit as amazing and awesome as the recipe says! Thank you for sharing the recipe and tips! Now for batch #2! :)


How many cookies does your recipe make?


awesome. Thank you so much for the tips. I made sugar cookies last week with the kids with an untried recipe and it did not hold up well.

I have my mom's old recipe which works great for cut outs etc but they have to be the plainest tasting cookies I've ever eaten.

Thanks again. Merry Christmas!

Queen Mommy

Thanks for sharing your recipe. Can't wait to try them! The girls and I have yet to do any Christmas baking.... (Cannot believe I am so far behind this year! At least I finished canning all the cranberry apple butter I'm giving away as gifts a month ago! That's what happens when you end up researching, planning, and decorating 2 cakes in a week's time, I guess. Or, at least, that's what happens to me. You know, since I can't use the same recipe twice, and I find myself putting together elaborate cakes each and every stinkin' time....and doing an all-nighter to pull it off!) Anyway, we're just doing a teeny little bit of homeschooling this week, and then it's on to Christmas baking! Oh, I can't your cookies stay soft or are they the crunchy variety? And, how thick do you roll out your dough....1/8"...1/16?


Just baked these, they smell yummy. Decorating later.

bridget {bake at 350}

I LOVE your dots!!! I just may need to try this sugar cookie recipe...and your icing recipe!!! I've always wondered what you used!

Thanks for linking!


Just found you through Flavor of the Month! Thanks for sugar cookie recipe; I've tried so many and still haven't found my go-to recipe. Will definitely have to try yours! Thanks for the secret decorating tip :) Who knew a bunch of dots could create such lovely cookies!


Wow....I love your decorating style! Beautiful cookies, and great blog! Happy New Year!


I tried this recipe for the first time and loved it! There cookies came out great and the shapes were still intact after baking. I will definitely be using this recipe again!!


i just have to tell you, that this recipe is FANTASTIC. i live in Singapore, the island where humidity & 4 seasons of hot hot summer meets. most of the recipes i've tried either get sticky fast, or the shapes will look terrible after baking. THIS IS THE ONE I WILL USE FOREVER. THANK YOU ^^


Oh gosh I think I did something wrong! My batter is so incredibly sticky. I followed the recipe to a "T" or maybe i didn't? I'm so confused but I am making cookies to go on a cake for tomorrow and the dough isn't turning out right! Should I just add more flour?


I absolutely love this recipe and like to use it for my cookies. I don't know how you don't have the stickiness but for me, I just use lots of flour and when I get them ready for fridge time, they are perfect.


i tried this recipe and my batter was also very sticky. i just added more flour when rolling out the dough and it worked okay.
next time i'll add more flour when mixing the ingredients and see what happens.


i have been looking for the prfect sugar cookie recipe and came across this one which i really like..but on your other blog i am a baker there is also another sugar cookie i was wondering if you had to pick one which do you like better...or which do you recommend i try first?


Made the cookies and icing last night, came out fantastic! Thanks for a great tasting recipe!


Hey there,
the cookies looks lovely,
thanks for sharing-
just wondering
would it be still working if cut half recipe of the cookies?


I know this is an older post, but after the 6th time of looking at your cookies, I MUST try making these this year! I've been nervous to ever attempt making these kind of decorated sugar cookies because I was afraid they wouldn't taste very good. After all the rave reviews I've heard though, I feel very excited to try these!


I`ll bake sugar cookies for the first time in my life! Do you think I can change half of the flour for whole wheat flour?
Thanks for sharing your recipe!


WOW Que galletas tan hermosas!!
Eres un atista.


Question about when you're baking the cookies. Do you just put them on a baking sheet? Parchment paper?


Seriously this is AMAZING! This is my favorite cookie recipe ever!!
Thanks SO much for sharing!! :)

shyanne schull

I used your recipe and made Valentine Day cookies for a fundraiser....they were a big hit and I thought they turned out so cute!!!

what katie's baking

i've read that these cookies are *THE* best ;)

can't wait to try them!


I made the dough last night for these cookies,couldn't stop eating it. now I can't stop eating the cookies!!! I can't believe how good they are.


I just made both the cookies and icing yesterday. The recipes were excellent! Can't say as much for my decorating skills ;-) I blogged it at Thanks for your wonderful recipes!

Shirley M

These were amazing, but my cookies spread a bit. Was I not supposed to soften the butter? Or maybe my oven needs to be hotter? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe.


I used your cookie and icing recipes to make Atlanta Braves cookies for a friend's party. I was a little dubious when I read the recipe because of all the eggs and the extracts made me nervous. But, I have admired your baking skills and artistic skills for some time so I tried it. First off, the cookies never hardened up. I used a simple circle cookie cutter and even after they cooled, they were still droopy when I picked them. Not good for shipping. I was nervous, but I continued on to the frosting. Again, I wasn't sure about the corn syrup. I needed the royal icing to be firm because of the decorating I was going to add. Well, it never really firmed up either - even overnight. The next morning the cookies were not hard and the frosting was still soft to the touch. I wonder if I did something wrong or was it that I wrongly assumed this would make a crunchy, firm cookie that was appropriate for shipping. And that the icing would firm up. Your cookies are spectacular, BTW.


Ok,I've just made these cookies, and I too found that the dough waas extremely sticky. I hd to add quite a bit more flour... to the point that that was all that you tasted when they were baked. I am no sure if it is because I live in an extremely hot climate, and the butter melted a bit?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


how much cookies does this quantity make? i want to make some for a charity they look so lovely.

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