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December 29, 2009



I am a super smoothie drinking girl, but not a momma yet. :) I make a very similar one, using spinach and vanilla, and mostly almond milk. But I always use frozen bananas! Have you ever tried? It makes the consistency so perfect! I may try some with kale, but have just been scarrrrred.

Amanda Rettke

Those are fantastic suggestions Jessica... I am SOOO going to try frozen banana!!  Never had almond milk, but I just might have to try it!


oh, that actually looks pretty good. we may have to try that!


Sounds interesting!


I could totally use those right now. I've been eating so badly too. And what a great idea for kids--of course they'll love smoothies!

My mother-in-law introduced me to smoothies with spinach a couple of years ago and I was so suprised at how much you can not taste the spinach. I mean, I love spinach, but not necessarily in drinking form. I've never made one for myself though....but sounds like a great way to start the year!

Heather F

Here is my problem with smoothies- It is SO COLD in my apartment, that I haven't had a desire for something that wasn't boiling since October. My freezer is full of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, and huckleberries (of course) and they just sit there mocking me with their healthful yumminess because I can't bear the thought of touching them, much less ingesting them. And to think I used to love winter...

bridget {bake at 350}

OK...I am going to try this...I think my body NEEDS this! :)

Pineapple Princess

I need to do this...especially the spinach part. The ingredients sound heavenly!

I like you.


I just blogged about the health kick husband and I started and your post about the children is so timely. It's so important they are included in our healthy eating, or otherwise we send them mixed messages. Will definitely try this smoothie with them. They love their smoothies, especially in the insanely hot weather we are having here, so that's perfect!

He & Me + 3

Great job. I love disguising good food in fun food. Thanks for the recipe.


I am soooooooo excited you have this site! I thank the Lord everday for friends like you but more for those that are true! Your the best, my friend and may GOD continue to bless not only you, but those you've touched through your work and kindness. God love you and yours always my friend,


you are so funny! i love the super special secret ingredient. you crack me up!

Holly Neaton

We love smoothies around here too! And this just reminded me I forgot spinach when I grocery shopped earlier today.

Sarah Robbins

I am going to have to try that. I am always trying to sneak good stuff into the hubby's diet. :)


Hi Amanda! Thanks for the recipe... all the pictures make it look so appetizing... I've been looking for ways to "disguise" veggies in things for the kids... and us. We're taking the next step in changing our diet at home/ridding house of "junk". We've finally successfully made the switch to all whole grain breads and pastas (was easy for me, but not so for my husband and kids).

Have a great evening! Kari

P.S. You really had me laughing about your super secret ingredient! :)


Yum! I will totally have to try this, because, well....I have gained more than 10 lbs in just a month from all the crud I have been consuming. Let's just say I need to get back on track! Bring on the spinach!:)


I'll have to think about that one.... But I will admit that I've drank the naked fruit green maching smoothies and they look kinda wierd too but taste really good, so maybe.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

We love smoothies here at our house. But I gotta say, we have only done fruit smoothies. I have never added any vegetables of any kind. I want to try it but I'm scared. I'm such a chicken when it comes to trying new things. But if you recommend it I'm sure it is good, so I'm going to try to get the courage up and give this one a try.


I have never used kale in my smoothies even though I love smoothies and I love kale. That is a terrific idea!

Happy New Year :)

Amanda Rettke

Good for you Jamie!  I promise it will be delicious! :)

Cop Mama

Ok, I'm gonna trust you on this one and try it. It's an interesting combination, but I too need to get myself and my kiddos back on track with our eating.

Thanks for sharing! Love the pics too.


I hope it's okay I linked to you today! We love smoothies but have never tried kale in them! Also, I grew up with Watkins amazing products but had forgotten about them! Where do you find them? Thanks for the smoothie recipe and amazingly beautiful pictures! I think a cookbook is in your future!

Tina Fisher

I am glad for this post. I need to get back on the health wagon. We don't eat bad but we don't eat super super good either. I want to expand our horizons.

We eat a lot of fresh fruit & veggies, but kale & spinach....nope. So your smoothie would be a great way to sneak it.

Thanks bunches!


That looks good! I've got some of the ingredients! I've eaten so much in December... It'll take all of Jan & Feb to get back on track! I saw my whole self in a fat mirror at a basketball game last night and nearly passed out when I realized it was me!


I am so making some smoothies in this house asap!! I have just recently found your blog and enjoy it very much:)


I love smoothies. I am hoping to eat much better this year and get off this stress induced sugar kick I have been on for the last year.

Gotta love frozen blueberries! Have you ever heard of that super blender thing (vitamix)? Several of my friends have it...I do not because it is like $700.00 but they make THE BEST smoothies. Perfectly smooth.


I'm not sure I've really ever had a smoothie, and what you've described doesn't sound "good."
PS: Still want to know the details on the TV thingy!


ooh...i'm SO going to be trying this! i planted one kale plant in my garden last winter and it went crazy (in a good way, as i like kale)...literally i could use all it's leaves and it would send more up for me what seemed like the very next day...i have a girlfriend who has been eating raw and making awesome smoothies like this...i even joined a 3 day green smoothie challenge:

of course i received the recipes, motivational e-mails, encouraging group members and have yet to make my first seems like whenever i try to catch up with you, your posts somehow speak directly to me on some issue i have been avoiding or need to deal with! perfect timing as i reflect on new year's resolutions (that will be obsessed over and listed and blogged about much later...or maybe read about dec 31 2010 as i'm making my 2011 list! ha!)...looking forward to trying your recipe!


I'm definitely going to have to share this one! Looks awesome. We love frozen blueberries. Kale is so good, too. Awesome, Amanda!


I so so so want to try this BUT...every pregnancy I have one food that I normally LIKE that if I even look at I feel I might vomit.
Pregnancy #1=peas
Pregnancy #2=broccoli
Pregnancy #3 bananas
Isn't that awful? It seems to have no bearing on them because they have no aversions to those foods. Hmmmm. I will have to try this recipe in the spring.


I am so going to try this!


We're going to try this one, we love smoothies!!! Chad really loves smoothies, so this may be one we make often!


I've got to say, it looks interesting. :) I'm not much of a smoothie person 'cause I'm always freezing cold. Even on the 90 degree days in the summer, I'm under a blanket with the air set at 73. So anywho....

I hope you all had a good Christmas and have fun celebrating the new year coming in. After all, there is a blue moon tonight. :)


Great idea! I think we ALL ate a "little" too much between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I got a blender for Christmas, so I just might have to make this today.

bridget {bake at 350}

Amanda...I just made this today for the family and it's really good! :) I never would have tried KALE in a smoothie, but I knew I could trust you. :) I feel so healthy now! Thanks for listing all of the benefits of each ingredient, too. I can use that reminder. I start telling myself that cookies are a health food b/c they are "all-natural." ;)

PS...I used my immersion blender for Sur La Table....they have a GREAT deal on some pretty ones from Cuisinart...$29.99. Worked perfectly.


i did the 30 day smoothie challenge on FB and drank 4 cups of green smoothie for over 2 months...every day. i've lost my excitement for them but my husband hasn't. i make a freezer full of 4cup mason jars full of green smoothies for him to have every morning. we have the $700 (vitamix)blender...but it was actually only $400. it's powerful. i've put everything i can think of in smoothies. it's fun. throw half a cucumber in it! or a couple slices of yellow bell pepper or's awesome and so healthy and sweet! hubby likes protein powder in his but i think that totally ruins the flavor. i'm so glad he love this stuff eventhough it's quite a bit of work for me. i love him that much.

Tammy and Parker

Parker is feed via a g-tube and Pediasure is what all the docs recommend. But finally after searching high and low, I discovered someone willing to follow us in creating a blenderized diet for him.

We add a veggie, fruit, protein (meat, nut butter, legume), healthy oils, grain and a milk.

I can't imagine a life where all you get for nourishment is a can of stuff created in a lab. blech.

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter


My husband and I tried it tonight. I never know people really ate kale! I worked at a restaurant and only knew it as a garnish. I have been meaning to put veggies in our smoothies so thanks for the post!

The smoothies we make are yogurt and fruit based with some milk in it. Sometimes we add ice to it. If my daughter doesn't like the smoothie I freeze it and turn it into a popsicle and she eats it right up!

Thanks again!


The healthiest diet i've seen so far.

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