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November 01, 2009


Mama M.

Okay,'re not the only one who's never heard of "trunk or treat"!! Guess I need to crawl out from under this rock!!


I hadn't heard of it until this year. My new fav though is the church who has a neewollah party. Seriously? I just don't get it.

Our church did one, but it was POURING, so we opted out. :(

I love the new baking site. It's so cute and fun and my hubby just got me a new oven so I can bake again. Yep, I'm gonna go pack on the pounds. :)

Okay one last really stupid thing, but you've got to check out this link. You'll laugh when you see it.

Kami Rude

My church did the Trunk and Treat, too, but unfortunately we weren't able to go. I did have a good time handing out candy to our neighborhood kiddies, while Monte froze while walking around the neighborhood with our kiddos! I'll upload pictures soon (meaning, hopefully tomorrow)!

Miss you - lets get together soon, okay?! Loves!


how fun! we almost went to a trunk or treat this year, but my girl got pooped out from t or t'ing. your kids are adorable!! so awesome that you shared Jesus w/ that little girl too!

so, i left you a blog award on my blog. make sure you check it out!! :)


I've never gone trunk or treating never would have occurred to me to decorate the car!

I posted all sorts of Halloween pictures and what not, but nothing too fabulously entertaining to anyone other than grandma's who wanted to see the costumes. Well unless you count my sewing mistakes as funny then you would be entertained :)

He & Me + 3

I love that you put up the cross. So awesome. YOu are such a light. Your children are so cute and I love their little costumes. Fun!


TOO adorable!!!

Here's our fun, in the RAIN--


oh, your little ones are adorable! i think i want to do a trunk or treat next year. i really love the idea. i've heard about it for a few years now. you can check my post out tomorrow morning at


Our church did trunk or treat too in addition to a Harvest Festival, but since the Harvest Festival is almost the same as the Gym Jam they do once a month we opt to go trick or treating instead since that is only once a year.

I liked the kids' costumes but can I say that I loved the monkey the very best. That is an extremely cute costume for a little one!

If ya'll would like ta see my child's homemade R2D2 costume pop on over to

I honesty cannot believe I was able to pull it off but it turned out great.

Amanda Rettke

You did an AMAZING job Ruth!!!!  I am TOTALLY impressed!!


No worries--last year was the first year I had ever heard of Trunk or Treat, and no one here decorates their cars! I love it! I hope the seed you planted in that little girl's heart will grow and someday she will know true joy because Jesus Christ died for her sins and wants to be her Savior!

stacy Ness

Well I have never heard about Trunk or Treat either. But what a wonderful idea :) The kids looked great as always!


I loved your conversation with the little girl. It made me teary.
Great costumes!


You're not the last person- I'd never heard of that, until now!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Lots of churches do trunk or treat here in our area too. As for me I spent the evening handing out candy to all the kids who came to the door. We ended up running out of candy and having to turn the lights off about 8:30.

Cute pic...they look like they had a ton of fun!


That looks fun! Awesome! We went to a Light Party - it was so much fun. I'll prob blog about it sometime soon!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

I don't have kids, and my trunk is full of garbage...haha! I like the idea that your church did.


Loved this story! Your kids are goes fast....

kim @ adventures in Switzerland

I love this idea! Halloween is not really celebrated where we are in Europe and some of the Americans living here do Trunk-or-Treat each year instead. A great, safe, fun alternative to classic trick-or-treating. Your children are so adorable. I especially love that little monkey! Terribly cute!


could your little kiddies be any more excited?! what fun smiles! (did u let them have candy?) they look so cuddly and warm and sweet! looks like a fun time. we don't do anything halloweenie. we are party poopers. well, we did watch Aliens (been on the shelf for a year, waiting to be watched), that was our token effort to at least admit there is a halloween.


How cute are your kids! They looked warm and cozy and happy on halloween!

And congrats on the baking site! I will be checking that out too even though most of your projects are beyond my scope of abilities! :)


We went to a couple here, Caleb had fun. I guess it is the "new thing." We've had them at churches we've attended in the past. One we went to this year passed out candy or little toys at each car and also each one had a little half sheet of paper folded in half with a different story from the Bible. Caleb enjoyed those.


Looks like fun! My mom told us about this and we were going to go but then just got too busy. Cute little animals. :)

Kristin Smith

Love the photos...and good for you that you used an opportunity to share the Gospel with a sweet young soul!! I am so proud of you!! :)

Dana~from chaos to Grace

I have never actually SEEN a trunk or treat before!! WOW! I had NO idea they actually decorated the cars! That's INGENIUS! And what a powerful conversation you were able to have with the little girl! awwww...that just warms my heart!

I love the pictures of your gorgeous babies! They look like they had a wonderful time! LOL


Yeah, it's good to get out of the box every now and then. *grin*
Your children, of course, looked adorable.
My favorite part of Halloween was having my older son include my younger son in the fun. I wasn't going to "make" Joshua let Matthew go around with him and his friends. Joshua welcomed Matthew on his own, and that totally blessed my heart!


27 suckers! We're headed to your place next year. The kids looked absolutely precious with their big smiles.

Come on by my place to see something a little err more scary ;-)


What a sweet story, I love that you got to tell the little girl about Jesus.
P.S. your kids look SO cute!!
I'm glad you had a great time & lots of Candy;)

Tina Fisher

What an adorable picture of your littles! I just love their smiles on the second picture!!!!

I think you have the cutest family!!! :)

You rock i am mommy!


The kids are so cute in their costumes!

We did three whole blocks of trick or treating! I just posted some photos here:

Amy J in SC

That is the most adorable story ever. I pray that that will stay in heart and churn away curiosity for Him that only the Holy Spirit can grow.

Jo little guy was a monkey too! Match made in Heaven I tell ya!

And AS IF I'd delete you on FB. Silly lady.

<3 Jo


Those costumes are adorable. We had a party at our house (complete with a pinata), and it seemed all our trick-or-treater's were dressed as ghouls, and skeletons, and other dark characters. I personally prefer the sweet costumes

Heather O

Your kids look so cute. My little boy dressed up as the UPS man and delivered pumpkin treats to our neighbors vs. soliciting for candy. Glad you had a fun trunk or treat. Here is a picture of my muffin:)

Amanda Rettke

Oh my gosh Heather.... THAT is so cute!!  Love it!


OH! They are SO SO cute! I know some people (churches too) really look down on Halloween, but man I think it is so fun to dress the kids up, let them toddle around wearing large festive outfits collecting candy, only to tear it out of their little fists as they fall asleep and throw it away. I just love Halloween!


I just came across you site--1) I totally agree with your no swearing post. Thank you for wording that so well! :) I too am distracted and upset by how often people use/write those things! ICK!
Now--Halloween--:) If you get a chance, see my cute kiddos this year:


you are so good at capturing the children's face it! here is my belated halloween link:

Pineapple Princess

You kids looked absolutely adorable! Such cute costumes!

Pineapple Princess

Oops! I meant "your" kids. :)

Cate O'Malley

My son's school does Trunk or Treat too - love it!

Janmary, N Ireland

We had a Fall-Fest this year - an alternative for the community to the usual.

Was a huge success and everyone could not quite believe that is was all free too :)

Not sure trunk-treating would work here as it is already really dark by 6pm!

Great choice of decor, and cutest ever kids.


LOVE the costumes...truly adorable!

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