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November 20, 2009


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Oh my - you KNOW I LOVE this. I love using bacon grease. It is so delicious!!!!


Bacon is good on everything. The end.


Mmmmmm. You are making me very hungry!! Thanks for sharing!


I don't even like bacon and you make me hungry!!! :)

Yum, yum, yum!


My husband would go crazy over this - he loves all things pertaining to bacon :)

Amanda Jo

Oh I am SO going to do this! You have some of the BEST ideas. :D

Melissa T.

Okay, I am salivating. Sounds delish!

Cate O'Malley

Oh man, you're making my mouth water!


I'm looking forward to my Mom's turkey and dressing! YUMMY!

Tina Fisher

mmmm mmmmm good!

Sounds like Thankgiving dinner is at your place!! :)


You won me over. Will try.


heart attack city, but will you please come over to my house and cook for us? i'm really not THAT far away!!!

Kathy D

Well, it seems it is either in the air or the water. I roasted a chicken this week and you will never guess :) what i stuffed the inside with.... what is this preoccupation with bacon... it is so good... i put sliced onion and crispy bacon pieces both inside the cavity and under that flappy thing by "what used to be the neck" - the poor thing. It was of course delicious with the Bylerly's (Pork loin seasoning) that i mixed togehter... isn't that funny... Poultry Season is upon us and we are all thinking how perfect it would be to add piggy fat to the picture. Have a happy day!


Vindication! I get made fun of all the time for keeping bacon grease. My husband thought I was nuts until he tried it. His aunty dearest still likes to make fun of me about it though. I may have to try bacon on turkey. That would be new...even for me!


I'm glad it was good...don't think *I* can do it but maybe I can pass the tip on. ;)


Now I know you were being nefarious getting up in the middle of the night and slugging down that gravy ;-)


oh yum!! Turkey yum, bacon yum, whats not to like!! I must try this, I bet it would be good with a roasted Chicken too!

Kristin Smith

What a great idea...I will HAVE to try that for sure! Thanks for sharing!



Ummm... I'm not so good with the grease or the gravy making, but it sounds really good.

My husband would so marry that turkey covered in bacon gravy!! Sounds delicious...will definitely have to try it!!!


Ok, this comment has nothing to do with bacon grease, because I can't even stand the smell of bacon cooking in my house. I will eat a piece or two, but the smell and the grease drive me insane. Ok, so this comment DOES have something to do with it after all :o)
Anyway, what I was commenting on was your chicken parm. recipe from yesterday. I made it for company tonight and it was a big hit. It will so be making a recipe card (I always try stuff a couple of times before commiting it to our recipe box). I even will be making it for a friend who had a baby yesterday. What a great meal to share! Thank you!

Amanda Rettke

Thats AWESOME Jenney!!!  I am so glad you liked it... isnt wonderful???

And BTW.  You dont like the smell of bacon?  That is too funny. 

Thanks for taking the time to tell me... I am really glad you found a recipe that you liked!!




Oh you have me rethinking my whole Thanksgiving turkey!


I would never think to keep bacon grease....but now I think we may just have to have some bacon with our breakfast simply to have bacon grease to pour over our turkey! Who would have thought!!
Thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness! I think we're suddenly having bacon for breakfast! :) You have found a way to make my family love me even more...thank you!!! (Yes, I win all affection through the stomach!)

Sarah Robbins

Okay, friend, you heard how I am hosting my first Thanksgiving next week. . . I am making the turkey and I am SO scared! Please, please, please I will love you forever if you post how to make turkey and gravy. I am praying it would go better than my dismal rainbow cake, but I PROMISE to read the directions all the way through by at least Monday! And I am a pretty good cook (by my husband's accounting)- way better to start with than my baking skills.

PS How do you get so much bacon grease?


Great idea!! I LOVE making turkey. I cook mine all night long on as low as the over will go and wake up and it smells sooo good, our whole apartment smells of turkey! I can't wait to prepare my turkey Wednesday night!!! Actually I love everything about preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I have decided that when we do move back to the states, we will not be going to the extended family every year, maybe every other or every 2 years because of how much I enjoy preparing this meal for our family! I may try the bacon suggestion for Christmas (hopefully by then the nausea will be gone and I can handle the smell of bacon being cooked in here again!)


Well, I surely would try that...if....uhm...I had an oven.


Yummm, bacon grease! I am no good at cooking large roasts or chunks of meat, whatever they are called. Hehe


Oh, how I heart bacon! This sounds so fabulous....and not to be gross and disgusting, but this made me think of a conversation between my husband and another "gentleman". This other man (who could be Larry the Cable Guy, that's how he acts) pointed out that bacon is so fabulous, if it was wrapped in a turd, he would totally eat it.

I would never eat turds, but I do love my bacon, and I will totally have to try this next time! Thanks for the tips!

Pineapple Princess

I am hosting T-Day this year. I will DEFINITELY try this. Oh, the goodness! Your pics make it look all the yummier! :)
Did you get your moolah from me yet?


I never cook bacon from "scratch". I buy the stuff you stick in the microwave for 10 seconds because that's how I roll.

Your gravy...oh sweet mercy I could eat that up with a spoon all by itself.

The end.


YUM! We make a version of biscuts and gravy with round steak instead of sausage. We use bacon grease for cooking the steak and gravy... SO yummy! answer to an earlier comment: We cook our bacon on a george forman grill and save all the drippings from the tray. (it makes the bacon crispier.) We store it in a canning jar in the frige to use later. We have tried the cook your "bird in a bag" and it makes a good turkey too without having to baste it. The skin in crisp and the meat is juicy. Doesn't make it any easier to clean up though! The best part of turkey dinner is the leftovers!!!

Amanda Rettke

I just have to ask... how come you dont think you could do it? :)

Holly Neaton

I read this the other day and thought yummy, but didn't comment. But last night I was dreaming about bacon-infused turkey, so I am definetly doing this for Thanksgiving.

Also, I just read your 100 things...we have a lot in common. Thinking I should do my own list.

God bless - Holly


I think I just had an urge to lick my screen...
Bacon and gravy, two of my favorite food groups!


It's been a tradition in my family for at least 4 generations to use thick smoked bacon for stuffing, wrapping & greasing the turkey plus make turkey gravy. Smoked bacon adds so much flavor! Have you tried smoked bacon dipped in chocolate yet? It's awesome! We heart bacon!

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