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November 09, 2009



Scrumptious looking cake.... not so sure about the pancakes though. LOL. My kids would die for them. :) You're so talented!

I'm jealous that you get to borrow the macro lens. Can't wait to see more of your pictures! :)

Have a great evening!

A -

The pancakes are awesome!

The turkey cake balls are so stinkin' cute it's ridiculous!!

You are one talented lady!

Love your blog! :)


Okay, seriously, those pancakes ARE.TOO.CUTE!!!! and I LOVE those turkey cake you have that recipe someplace? Maybe I could steal it for Thanksgiving????


Just wanted to let you know that I am the the second commenter...still trying to figure out how the commenting works on typepad. :)


your food looks way too yummy!!


ok, i'd rather be playing in *those* leaves than the ones we've been playing in. well, maybe minus the syrup...or...oh, nevermind. ;) you are super talented, mama. for reals! and um, that baby of yours? CUTE. sounds like you handled things like a champ sans hubster. way to go!

Diane {}

I may just have to make my kids some leaves, seeing as we don't see the seasons change much here! Great idea! I added twitter to my blog, thanks for reminding me :)

Pineapple Princess

Hee! Hee! Some of those cookies are for me, I think. Have I told you how excited I am? Thank you for slaving away in the kitchen for me tonight.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I'm sorry that you had to have a pity party all alone, I would have loved to join you. I've been having a pity party of my own lately.

Those leaves are so fun! I bet your kids are so glad they have a mom like you. And those turkeys...they are so stinkin' cute! But the cutest is definitely that baby of yours.

love lives in the kitchen

all these cookies and cakes look soooo wonderful! you are a talented cook!
have a sweet day,


She is so gorgeous! I love all of your baking creations!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

I want to come play in your leaves! We don't have that kind around here! haha! Yummy! And the cookies look delicious! LOVE the sweet picture of your could we forget that face, so PRECIOUS! What fun neighbors you have! Enjoy!

Quing Obillos

The turkey cake balls are cute additions to the cake! Very very cute! I love 'em! :D


Love it all, the cake, the cookies, the pancakes. I have a leaf cookie cutter on my counter just begging to be used. LOL

And precious!


I use my great-grandma's sour cream sugar cookie about two times a year (all my hips will allow) and those cookies are DIVINE.
Love the picture of Audrey, she is beautiful. Can't wait to see her birthday cake!

Tina Fisher the turkey ball addition is so cute! You are just so terrific!

Question...somebody told me to get a portrait lense and skip the that the same as a marco? By looking at your pics I am guessing it is!

By the rock!


i love everything in this post. everything. need i say more? seriously, you do have the sweetest blog. in every way that sweetness comes. you got it.


yay! i figured out how to comment via typepad!


I'm sorry you had to have your own pity party. I would have joined you just to cheer you up. Glad he's home now, though!

Sweet picture of Audrey. I love how you captured her eyes. Beautiful! So I was going back through your blog and discovered that Audrey's b-day is 2 days after Gary's. I so dread December when my baby becomes one year older. *SNIFF*


Making cookies is on my to-do list today. I can't decide between oatmeal or sugar. Decisions decisions. I'm feeling like my blog make have been derailed at some point to. Used to be all about my family and kids and now...mostly about me. Must fix that, I'm thinking.


Those are some cute turkeys! They add a nice touch to the cake. That's creative to make leaf pancakes. I would never think of such, well Caleb doesn't eat pancakes so I guess it's okay I dont' think of such! Maybe he would if they were leaves!


wow. lots of fun fun. i didn't know your baby was almost the same age as mine. My boy will be 1 in January!!


I am more and more amazed by your rad baking skillz every day...absolute perfection!

You have kids? ;-)

Jill Tracy

Those turkey balls are too cute! I could eat like a hundred of those pink iced sugar cookies too--they look delicious!!!

Holly Neaton

Love the little turkeys! You are one talented woman!! God bless - Holly

Kristin Smith

Just when I think you have topped yourself -you go and do something as cool as leaf shaped pancakes. There you go - taking it to a whole new level. Seriously girl - that is AWESOME!

You should have said you were all alone and your blogger friends could have cheered you up! :)

Glad your man is back home! Have a wonderful day!!


He & Me + 3

She is gorgeous and those eyes are beautiful. Love the leaves. Great job with everything. you are such a fun mommy!


What adorable baking projects! Those leaves look so good. We FINALLY got out in the leaves this past weekend since it was warm enough and not wet. If only October had been this nice....
Way to go making it a whole week solo. That deserves a major night out! :)

Beautiful picture of your little girl too!


Super glad Chad is back. And WHY didn't you invite me to your party, I was having the same one over here...we could have had a joint-party and then you could have brought the cake (wink wink) and then we could have felt sorry for oursleves together, because it's just more fun that way. :)


Baby Audrey is soooo cute! I think that cool lense really makes those sweet cheeks appear extremely kissable!
Beautiful cake! I forgot about cake I'll have to copycat you!
I have been looking all over for leaf cookie cutters--is that a MN thing? We have plenty of pig cutters in Iowa. arg. Want to trade?
ENJOY having your husband home!!!

Amanda Rettke

(smacking head)

DOH!  totally should have had a joint party! :)


You are A-mazing...Those flower cookies would not last a second in my house! Seriously, how do you get your sugar cookies so perfectly round, stackable and the perfect amount of done!? I guess that's why you have a baking blog and I don't... Great picture, look at those catch-lights in her eyes! You will do great at Ria's workshop.


If this is a bad week, I'm glad you never see my house! :) Seriously, girl, you have either a crazy amount of energy, talent, dedication or all of the above. I'm glad Chad is home. Hope you guys get some quality time together soon.

Cate O'Malley

Love those Fall pancakes and I bet the kids did too. And those baby blues -stunning!


Can I just say those leaf pancakes look absolutely fabulous??? I have been craving pancakes since your post on your rainbow pancakes but haven't gotten any syrup so have yet to try the many recipies I have found online that all sound super delicious (and just a little bit healthy). :) lol

R U bringing your camera tomorrow? maybe just maybe my two girls will sit long enough without tears to get a picture! :)

Can't wait to see you!



wow...even more we have in common...(minus me being productive and baking for so many) husband has been gone for 4 days and just got is DIFFICULT being a single mom so i've been having my own pity the macro lens and i think you do a wonderful job balancing all that you do...i tried to post 3 different comments a couple days ago and was denied...hoping this one goes through and i'll try to re-post...

Michelle M.

I love the pancakes. They are adorable! I made some rainbow pancakes for Punky's 4th birthday. He loved them - they had some of the frozen left over yesterday morning. :)


Cute pancakes, you've got skills my friend. AND I wish I had a friend who could lend me a lens to try out. Those baby's eyes are drop dead gorgeous.

We're going to a friend's house tomorrow for Veteran's day and I'm taking a cake. I haven't decorated it yet but am inspired. Of course, I really, really stink at such things BUT we shall see how it goes.

Thanks for sharing your cute ideas. I always love when I get on my blog and look to the right side and see there you have updated. Course I just love to read a lot so that's why bloggyland has been so much fun to me. But making new friends and reading about their life, well how can you go wrong there.

Okay so I've rambled enough. Good bye dear one, until you post again!

stacy Ness

Ok First your leaves look like a big ole' pile of yummy! I am so going to have to make those for the boys. They will love them.

You will have to check out my facebook in a couple of days. I did a slightly differnt verison of the Rainbow cake. I made it for a Veteran's Day Soup Socail so you might have an idea of what it might look like. :)


I feel so inadequate after I've been here! Your rainbow, leaf shaped pancakes, that cake, the great photos! You are incredible.

Amanda Rettke

Thats me! "Spreader of Inadequacies Throughout the Land!"

Ha!  Debbi... you are so stinkin talented, I would LOVE to be able to write like you!

No go have a blessed day!



Miss Amanda, you'd be a very handy neighbor! That Audrey has some beautiful blue eyes, doesn't she?


I love cake balls and they make such a cute turkey! And your cookies look delicious as always.


WOW! love your creations! but what was going thru' my mind? the "outside of the leaves" that you were left to eat so your kids could have the cute part!

Janmary, N Ireland

Love those leaves pancakes, the cake, the cookies, Audrey, the lens.....did I leave anything out?.....YOU of course!

No fun being home alone with the kids - and A WEEK - eugh!

I hate it when my husband is gone!!! Alone with 4 kids is some crazy hard work...that's for sure! Anyways, those turkey cake balls are awesome! I tried making cakeballs not too long ago, but they didn't turn out like bakerella's. Not sure what I did wrong. Guess I need to try again!

Amanda Sikes

The leave pancakes are the best! I think I might try them in the morning (if I do I will post photos on the flickr group). My kids will love them!


Your blog looks great! Nice job! I think I need to get a macro! LOL


Love the leaves!!!

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