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November 04, 2009



i'd give you a hundred ! lol You entertain me, make me laugh, and encourage me by letting me know I am not alone! :) Thanks

Tina Fisher

Love Debi's yours and see... I knew it all along...





Kristin Smith

Too funny!! I love the new blog by the way! Hey do you happen to have a good recipe for some sort of "spaghetti bake"?? I am looking for something different to make tonight since I am at home with sick kiddos and have a little more time for baking! Let me know! :)
Blessings, Kristin

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

I love how she announced the winner. So cute!! :)


I'd never heard of the pioneer chick...I'll have to check her out. Just my two cents worth, but I wouldn't judge a successful blog by the number of comments or hits, but by the content.


Wow. I don't know how to spell my name.


Here is a recipe Kristin... (from PW of course)

I have heard people swear by this!!

I'll post it over at your blog too just in case...


Hey, I made some of your cookies yesterday. I made 1 batch and it took all day! and i barely squeaked out 36 cookies! i don't know how you do it! I so needed to call you, but there were 2, I don't know your number and two, that might have been a bit weird. but maybe not!

He & Me + 3

You sure make me smile every time I visit and you are a perfect blog in my book 100!


I would say your blog is pretty darn popular girl! I know I enjoy reading it.


You crack me up. Congrats on your blog stats. Even if it's flawed, it's fun. :)


I forgot to go and check out how my blog would rate, but since I only have a few visitors a day, I really don't think I'm quite ready for the big leagues just yet.

I love the photo blogs so I'll have to pop by the you suggested.

BTW I do love your blog and your honesty. If you didn't live so very far away I'd be tempted to meet you in person. But alas, too many miles separate us so I'll make do with being your bloggy fan!

Michelle M.

I scored a 90... don't really know what that means because I don't even have half the readership that you have. All I know is that I love blogging and I am going to keep doing it regardless of some silly number :)


I love your blog. Reading it reminds me of...well me.


400 hits - dang girl, you rock!!! I stopped by the Pioneer Woman's blog a time or two and I didn't really find it all that riveting. Although I'm certain she would probably say the same about mine ;-)

did I read correctly 36,000 entries for a contest on her site??

Oh, by the way, my blog rating 56. And yes, that's out of 100. I think being on blogger is a huge disadvantage when it comes to rating systems since there are no keywords, etc. Either that or my blog just plain sucks :D err "stinks"


Well it said that mine rated 52 out of 100, and that's probably right, because I didn't blog for most of this year. Just now getting back into it. So it could be more accurate for you than you know!


I tried it and it said I ranked 84


i was just talking about this same thing with a friend yesterday! blog hits, comments, stuff like that. i don't have many followers/hits/comments but i am SO thankful for the ones that i do have because some of them have turned into great friendships! and i am learning to care less about others reading it and more about having these stories and memories for myself (and my fam) one day later on down the road. ps. i got a 53 on that thing. so yea, may not be so accurate after all. i was expecting to get a 3. ;)


I forgot to leave a comment yesterday about my blog rating. It was 35/100. What? Not -35? It is sorely inaccurate.


i'll have to try this. but maybe not. i get so concerned about my blog stats. I shouldn't worry. if people want to come and be blessed, then so be it. how do you get 400 hits in one day? do alot of people link to your blog? what's the deal?

Ida Red

LOL..I just check my rating and google page rank before stopping here! I was 78/100 with a page rank of 1 out of 10. And here I thought NO ONE knew I existed. However, I am sure if I compared myself to someone I would plummet to -78. Oh well...I love your definition of are so right. We need to remember why we honest with your blog and readers will come. Write and they will come! LOL.

Mama Plays Mozart

I would say 400 hits a day is pretty damn good! I've visited some of the more popular blogs out there, but I have to say yours is more entertaining to me!

Meaghan (chic cookies)

ha ha, good advice!! thanks for all my shoutouts (chic cookies AND edible crafts). just got back from a week in Paris with no internet access so I've been lost, but if it also swells your ego, my analytics say lots o' hits are from your blog. Your one of my best links :)

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