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November 25, 2009



You, MckMama &

Amanda Rettke

Following you now! :)

Holly Neaton

Not a twitter girl...but thanks for the gravy reminder. I just put my jar of bacon grease on top of the stove so I would remember.


You, MckMama, and Me... because you and MckMama are the only people I follow tweets. And actually, since I don't have access to twitter at work, it's hard for me to follow tweets. So really, I just update my twitter from my cell phone at the same time I update my facebook. I know, I'm so lame!

He & Me + 3

Don't twitter...Darn.
Happy Thanksgiving my BBFF.


I'm not a Twitter person either. I will NOT allow myself to get hooked on anything else! It is so tempting...but Facebook is enough for me. So sorry I can't help.


Ha! But if I did Twitter, I'd be up later than 10 pm CST (which means later than 11 pm EST!). I'm a night owl. :-)


Other than you and me...I like my resourceful tweeple like (1) cloth diaper reviewer, @kimrosas who shares many similar interests as I do (babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, do it yourselfing =))
(2) Adult CFer Ronnie @RunSickboyRun, and (3) and to satisfy my sweet tooth @bakerella. Still no one can bake quite as good as you do!

Kimi @SoManyKidsSoLittleTime

I am the worlds worst twitterer so I am very underqualified to offer awesome twitterers. I kinda just like to say the word twitterer.

Tina Fisher

I don't follow a lot of tweeters or did somebody call them twepeople? The funniest person I follow is @Joleneslavik. Of note I follow @TanyaTeske (old salon co-worker), MckMama, you, @bignellfamily. I also follow some newslines.

I twitter and it patches to my facebook and to my blog at the same time! My tweets to other people only show up on my blog...not facebook. :)

It's kind of fun! But really, I don't do very many interesting things.

Amanda Rettke

I think you do LOTS of interesting things!!  Your days of FULL of interesting things girl!!  Plus you have good hair. :)

How was the MOA?


I don't twitter but MckMama suggested following Mac Powell on twitter. Just a thought...

Kristin Smith

I am not a huge Twitter user so I don't know that I can help you there. But I wanted to wish you and your family and very Happy Thanksgiving!

Gods Blessings to you!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you Kristin!!  You too!!  Have a blessed day-


I follow @kingdomfirstmom, @daily_struggle, @mommysnacks, @hoosierhomemade, @lifeingrace, @thenester, @quatro_mama, @espheather, @mommyswishlist, @amysfinerthings, @5dollardinners, @blessedlife2 - I could go on, but these are a few of the ones I like best :)

Diane {}

bake at 350
picky palate
are the three that came to mind, I'm on the west coast and so are two of them therefore tweeting later :)

I follow you! I'm yesidohair :)


I twitter!!

Me - julialadewski
Slee - fentonslee - she's hilarious
ScaryMommy - also quite funny


Amanda Sikes

@MamaNotes, @RaisingOlives, and @raising_arrows

These three offer lots of spiritual encouragment as well as adivce on motherhood, cooking, hospitality and so much more. Not to mention their giveaways are always super cool and full of useful things!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Angela Nazworth

You Twitter? I thought you stopped Twittering? Obviously, I am not a good twitterer. :-) Stopped by to say hello...I think I am finally braving back into the blog world...not sure what was going on with me. Missed seeing you here tho. :-)

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