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November 30, 2009


Tina Fisher

Laughing hysterically!

We call that a "trucker bath". Hope not to offend any's just what one must do I am guessing when you are a trucker...and hey...we do it here! Can you just hear a three year old asking for a trucker bath?

Sounds like a pretty good day!


Hope you are enjoying it.

Much Love,



I hope someday *this* is my life. :)


Sounds like a wonderfully productive day in ways that really count! :-)


sounds like my days - often! :) lol Don't feel bad = time enough to keep all that othet stuff up! :)

Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me! :)

Amanda Sikes

Don't you just love an occasional day like this? I wouldn't want to live like it all the time but every once in awhile it is nice to have a day full of relaxation. And after such a busy weekend for all I am sure it was much needed.

This post made me smile, thanks for sharing.

He & Me + 3

HOw fun...can I say that I am so jealous. Everyone needs a day or two like that. FUN!


Sometimes it's good to have a day off like that.

And at least you give your kids some sort of bath everyday! If your "dids" out weigh your "did nots" then you had a stellar day.



Oh Amanda,
You crack me up.
And I think my husband might have me institutionalized in a matter of minutes if I don't quit laughing. He's looking concerned. LOL
And that makes me laugh more!
"If they're lucky."

Love you, and appreciate the giggles tonight.


I love just going with the flow some days and seeing where the day takes you. Clearly not very far today but I bet your spirit soared.


i LOVE it! and it will take weeks to get you back to normal and THAT'S OKAY! life isn't about being perfect. it's about living!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Ah, Amanda, that sounds like a perfect day to me! So wonderful to have a day like that to just 'be'! Love it! Hope you hubs get home safely and he will be happy to see you too, no matter what! Enjoy you uncombed hair and dusty light! I would! ;)


You always make me laugh! Love it!

Blessed Adventures

I just love it here! You have a great blog. Love keeping up with you~

Amanda Rettke

thank you!  That is just about the nicest thing ever!  You made my blush! :)


Sounds like you had a splendid day! There are lots of days I just "let myself go" and live in my jammies and not do a lick of house work. Just lazy around all day reading and playing!


"Be Not Ashamed", my friend!

LindaSue Carter

sounds like you did the important things....


Sounds like my kind of day. =)


I love that kind of day, it's my favorite! But to be honest, a lot of times I have that kind of a day more than a productive one. :)

We (or rather I) do trucker baths here as well... ;)


I think I could move in! Sounds like a great time to me!


I just love this! I think that it's important for us to have lazy days :)


Now that's a good day! And you were pretty funny describing it. That's the kind of day that your kids will remember the rest of their lives, and they'll never remember the dirty laundry or the unmade beds, or anything that you were "lazy" about. Well done, Amanda!


Good for you! You have to live a little!! Doesn't it feel good to go bra-less for a day?!


You are an A+ mom. Bet your kids loved this lazy kinda day.


That is awesome. :)


tooooooo funny! i'm so glad to know that you DO know how to take it easy and not be such a perfectionista! got to keep the balance and these kind of days help do the trick! there is Freedom in Christ, right?
sounds like a great way to wave bye-bye to November. love it.


Wow, that sounds like most of my days when The Kids were little and The Dad works from home! At least you wait until your husband is out of town!
That reminds me, I better shower before I have to pick up the kids. lol!


Girl - you are a TRIP! :) I have these days more often than I'd like to admit. The truth of the matter is my 2 y/o son won't remember if I feed him at 11 or 1 or whenever, or if I do all sorts of things to be a "productive good mommy" but he WILL remember that I play with him and let him be a silly little boy. I know we must have routines and balance, but I think a healthy does of randomness is okay now and then. Tell your husband that while he was gone you went on "mommy vacation"! You've got plenty of time to catch up :). You're a great mommmy!


Love it!
You need a break every once in awhile, enjoy it.
I think in the hectic-ness of life we don't stop to play with the little ones, who cares if you've had to much hot cocoa and hair unbrushed...
(must admit, I have yet to brush my hair today too)
I hope you are having a relaxing time!


Love those kind of days!

Forgot to tell you ... I live in Houston, but my husband is from Mpls. We're coming to MN for Christmas. His family lives in Anoka/Ramsey.


Oh but you didn't miss out on the most important parts of the day and that's what really counts.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

It is nice to have a day like that every once in awhile...where all routine is thrown out the window.

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and checking on me! I'm back now:)


It sounds like you had a wonderful day - and you did all the important things - smoothies, picture for Dad, prayer, and quality time! Sounds perfect to me!


The memories you made for the kids on this day, FAR out way the consequences of letting things "go."
You are a GREAT mom!

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