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November 24, 2009


Tina Fisher

That's good! Do you have a little Tiger on your hands?


I gotta say I was a little concerned with that first picture. What is that? Brown, lumpy, hmmm?

Smart kid!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

love when they figure things out! What a smarty! Alex does that sort of thing all the much that I can't even figure it out! He's an engineer of sorts. I'd like to say that I'm a proud mama {which I am!} but most of the time I'm telling him to please take that configuration apart so I can get into the kitchen! haha!


My kids? Why they are always brilliant, of course! But I just can't think of anything specific off hand, he, he, he.


I just watched a christian comedy DvD and the Dad said his 4 year old was a genius and he felt so proud when his son said he wanted to be a Doctor. But then said or a dinosaur. This post made me remember that. Very smart little one you have.


What brilliance! :) I love it. Not so sure about my kids. As I type this, I can see Gary standing in his room with his underwear on backwards... *sigh*

He & Me + 3

Oh that is classic! I love how their minds work. Everyday is something new that just blows me away. You definitely have a mini genius on your hands. How fun.


How very creative of him! Nathan can run the water from the fridge ice/water dispenser. He is also capable of dunking important items in toilet water. hehe.

Amanda Rettke



Fantastic! Jacob has turned his golf club holder into a lawn-mower. Oh wait, he turns everything into a lawn-mower...

Amanda Jo

Too cute!!!


This is wonderful! My boys spend lots of time golfing, so they're always looking for creative ways to "golf" during the winter months :)


That is pretty creative of Colton. Does your husband play golf, or has he just developed a very early love of the game? Hmmmmm some of those golfers are pretty rich!!


Of course they have! :) Kids imaginations are incredible, I LOVE that!


clever, clever boy!

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