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October 26, 2009



yay!! Good day!! :)

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

This post made me have a good day. :)


Ha Ha, the last one has me cracking up! If your a mom, you understand. I want more kids but I might have to put myself in diapers.

Carrie @ MartinManor

So funny! Anyday you can sneeze and not leak is great! LOL! And it's always great when the kids get to spend that precious time with the grandparents! So glad you got your project done! Hope it was more fun than laundry or cleaning bathrooms! ;)


YEAH for Grandparents!!!! They are such blessing! I have full appreciation of that last comment.... too funny... but better NOT laugh too much after finishing a big glass of tea;)

He & Me + 3

Oh girl if i sneeze three times in a row my depends are full. LOL You are too funny. That is a good day in my book too. The baby sleeping until 9:30? did you check on her like 16 times? I so would have and that would have been the thing to wake mine up. LOL


Yay for good days and grandparents/inlaws and being full on such little food! :) I think Gary and I are going to attempt those cookies tonight.

Mmmm, tea. Now I need to make a glass of tea!

Amanda Rettke

You KNOW I did!!  I was like... is this a growth spurt?  Is she sick?  Is that her chest moving??  Did anyone her a move?? 

One more minute and I think I would have woken her up myself! :)

You are a wise mommy Mimi!

Have a great night BBFF!



Ugh! I hate sneeze season, and for me that's any time the seasons change. I'll just sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. One time I counted I sneezed 18 times in a row! Thankfully I was near a bathroom!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Any day you can sneeze and not even pee a little is a great day in my book! So glad you had a good day!


Oh I am very glad you had a good day...those are always worth being happy about!


OMG! That last bit has me in stitches because I CAN SO RELATE. It's a good day when I can have a BIG laugh and know. Pregnancy and childbirth were worth it though!

Kristin Smith

So was the project the cake or is that stillin the works?! Can't wait to see!!

Thanks for the chuckle in regards to sneezing...I too..sadly can relate! :)



Sweetness to sleeping in!!! It's always a wonderful, sweet gift when the kids sleep in and that first time the baby sleeps in is actually pretty scary! I'm like Mimi, checking on them constantly until "I" wake them up!

ROFL on the sneezing and not wetting yourself, that my friend is quite an achievement. I have a confession to make...I have an EXTREMELY weak bladder and don't even need sneezing to have an accident, but when sneezes come...oh watch out I need clean pants everytime!

That's great that your inlaws came and helped you out and played with the kiddo's! That's an awesome blessing!


Oh I can so relate to the sneeze one!! Keep having a good day!


yay for good days =] Glad it was a great one for ya!


Hello! from Japan!

I read your blog every time.

I enjoyed it.

Tina Fisher

What a nice day! It's nice to have a little help!


So much good news!! (and cool that you have a regular reader from Japan)


You had me cracking up over the sneezing and not peeing...even a little. Funny how as we get older, we rejoice over such simple things.

Pineapple Princess

You bet it's a good day!
You were featured on Pioneer Woman's cooking site!
You are my hero!
But that's nothing new.

BJ Mama

Yay for sneezing without peeing! You are my hero for that!



seriously tho... email me the secret to the leak free sneeze! :D Help a sista out!


Oh my, I DO leak with every sneeze just a little...and when I was pregnant with Nathan those little leaks turned into Niagra Falls. =) Thanks for the feedback on the new layout, I am working on navigation tabs too but I want to finish editing a video first. Have another good day!

Amanda Jo

Ok! It's official! You're my favorite and you crack me up! Congratulations on the sneezing without peeing. ;)


simple pleasures. got to love it. my day is good so far too...i cleaned out my freezer and wiped down both bathrooms by 6:30am. of course, i haven't moved from my laptop for the last hour and a half. but it was a good start!!
cheers to good days!


Oh, I am totally laughing at all these pee comments. So good to know I'm not alone! *grin*

My biggest problem comes with jumping - and in the past my trainers have seemed to think some form of jumping is good exercise. (I need to educate these young men about what happens to a woman after she gives birth!)
I've had the conversation with my current guy, and now he asks, "Is this exercise OK for your, um, well, having had a baby..." He's so cute!

Janmary, N Ireland

Loved that last one!

Having some good days here too - all on holidays at the cottage.


you konw that whole peeing thing. i never thought it would be a problem with me but with each successive child, it's gotten worse! I am SO happy for you :)


Absolutely hilarious. Can totally relate the the not peeing thing.
That is a good day:)

tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

You made me laugh. It's going to be a good day. On a side note about the peeing...when I had my first child that would happen a lot then I began doing Kegel exercises and scheduling a date night once a week with my DH. Orgasms are great for tightening those muscles down there. :) Now, I don't have any more peeing problems, even when I sneeze. And I am on my 4th pregnancy. :)

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