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October 30, 2009



That gave me the willies!!!

Tina Fisher

Now think of that while you are sleeping! ICK! And where it might go.....ICK ICK ICK.

Now I bet you wish you would have just posted the nice picture of you! Minus the spider!

Have a great Halloween!


Okay, I was totally not expecting to see that. Now that I can't look at my computer screen....

Hope you all have a great weekend.


you are so youthful looking you could blow it way the heck up and still look good IMHO. The spider on the other hand, let's leave it at this size :D

Amanda Jo

You are too funny! That picture of you is great despite the horrible monster of a spider on your cheek! Hope you and yours have a safe Halloween/Reformation Day!!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

LOL, girl you crack me up. I love your posts. I am so afraid of spiders. That kinda freaked me out.

Kristin Smith

I am with you....spiders are creepy and the thought of one crawling on me gives me the shivers!! :)


Yucko! No thanks.


Oh you goofy thing! Your not scary and you shouldnt think that! Your very pretty! But spiders, yeah they are creepy. Have a happy halloween!


Great picture of you! But EWWW to the spider!


No worries, I just don't do spiders OR Holloween :-)
have a great weekend-


I so hope that happened in PHOTOSHOP and not real life!


That's funny! You should check out my blog on the crazy hair day post to see how I did my daughter's hair this year. I think it was actually inspired by your fear of spiders, Ha! Ha!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

The pic of not scary at all. The spider, on the other hand, is a bit creepy.


I hate spiders too and that gave me the creeps!!!!!!!!!

Love the Happy Halloween message! Your blog is great, your baking creativity is amazing! Too pretty to eat! I found you at MckMama's blog and thought I would visit. Come visit me at have a great day!

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