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October 10, 2009



That does it, no matter what else today brings: I AM GOING TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH. I need some gourds in my life!

Sunshine Mama

Those picts were so cute. And that frosting oh, man. I love frosting.

But the snow covered pumpkins say it all. It was suppose to snow here this morning, but it hasn't, (you must have got it all). So, we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday.

I'm with you. I love pumpkins!

Have a great weekend.


Holy Cupcake Batman!

I cannot believe you guys got snow. None here and I would like to keep it that way please!

Kami Rude

Your pictures are super cute! Looks like you guys had a great time at the pumpkin patch :) We have yet to do that - tomorrow is our scheduled visit! We'll see if that happens or not, pending entirely on the SNOW that we received! I love it as well - I'm totally a winter girl (fall is my favorite, though we seem to have missed it this year) .. though I do wonder at the fact that we have GREEN LEAVES covered in snow! Hmmm ...

Cute post! The pumpkin cupcakes look cute, though I must admit that I probably couldn't eat them - they're just too cute!


Very cute cupcakes! Frosting lovers out there would adore them!(me included...)

The sandwiches are cute too....although they gave me a craving for apple turnovers before I read what they were...

Kim @ A Fist Full Of Dandelions

It is snowing here too. My Autumn Blaze Maple tree is bright red and cover with snow!

Fabulous pictures, Amanda!


oh, i think i'd just die if i woke up to snow this early in the season. For all of my complaining about Ohio weather, I guess you have it worse. sorry!


Beautiful cupcake and scrumptious looking sandwiches. I have to tell you I made a {not rainbow} cake yesterday and whipped up my own frosting and it was bad enough to gag me. The icing was horrendous, so horrendous that the entire cake made it to the garbage. I am no Amanda. =(

He & Me + 3

I hear ya girl. When snow comes to early I get depressed...It really needs to wait it's turn. That cupcake looks super yummy! i love pumpkin pictures & you did a fantastic job capturing some fun in the corn! CUTE!

Michelle M.

What a cute post. I love those little pumpkins, too. And your cupcakes are adorable. :) I'll have to make those for my kids.


Great pictures!! I am so jealous of your cool weather!! It's 91 degrees here!!


That sandwich looks yummy. How did you make those?
You are right. Nothing else says fall like pumpkins. I can't believe you have snow already! Although, it is so beautiful, but somehow not right on pumpkins. LOL


Oooh, will you share your recipe for the sandwiches? I will so make them for my boys this afternoon!

I love the pictures of the kids! And the frosting cupcake!! WOW! I think you might be right about the most frosted cupcake in the world. Now I'm going to have research that! :) Those cupcakes might just kill my husband. (He's type 1 diabetic) Then again, I thought the rainbow cake might have killed him too!

Amanda Rettke

Those sandwiches are super easy...

1 package pie crusts (theres 2)

unroll and cut into 12 individual pumpkin shapes with cookie cutter

take a smaller round cookie cutter and cut out 24 pieces of ham and 24 pieces of cheese

lay 6 piece of pumpkin pie pieces onto prepared baking sheet

put 2 pieces ham and 2 pieces of cheese on each

have a slightly beaten egg... brush edges of sandwich (for glue) then add top piece of pumpkin

brush over entire sandwich with egg wash

bak at 375 for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown



I am so going to make those... soon. Since I only have Easter and Christmas cookie cutters, I'll have to buy some new cookie cutters first!! :)

BTW, I checked out the Gueness book of world records for the most heavily frosted cupcakes, and the only thing I could find was the largest cupcake ever made. So, I wrote to them and asked if they had such a record. If not, you should enter yours! :)

Julie in WA

Noooo! I can't believe it snowed in MN!!! My mom wrote and said it might, but I thought, you know, with global warming and all, (tongue in cheek) that it was too early to snow. Out here it is warm and sunny, and the leaves have FINALLY started to turn color. Anyways, that first picture of your little girl caught my heart as soon as it popped up. She is so adorable! Thanks for sharing pictures of your adorable kids!

Carrie @ MartinManor

Oh, why do you always have to make my mouth water with your delicious baked goods! What fun cupcakes!

Your pictures are darling! I can't believe you had such a beautiful sunny day and then woke up to snow! It's much too early for that! brrrrr! But I'm sure the kids were excited to see it on the ground! Stay warm and cozy!


I dont care what you say...YOU ARE THE MOST TALENTED PERSON I KNOW!!!! Seriously, your children and husband are so lucky to have you take care of them day after day. You truly are amazing Amanda in more ways than one. I wish i had the talent/patience you have.


I loved your post! I get pumpkin crazy I may have a similar post coming up Well, maybe not..your stuff is just way too cute. I once made a pumpkin spice cake in two bundt pans...then put them together..obviously the flat now you have huge pumpkin shaped cake. Then decorate to finish it off. Great for Thanksgiving. I just go make one of those now! LOL.


i am writting about the rainbow cake


Hey I'd eat that cupcake, even though it's so cute! That toss up picture is so cute! I love all the pumpkiny pics I'm seeing around blogland lately! Wish we had an old fashioned pumpkin patch near here, will have to settle for one at the church! Hey & yes that snow is great around here the pumpkins rot because it's so darn hot!

WOW, girl you are talented! Your children and hubby are lucky to have you!


I would love to know how you made
that frosting - it looks like the kind
that the bakeries use and that I love.
Any chance you could let me in on how
you make it??

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

WOW that is a TON of frosting! Looks yummy, tho. :)


Can you believe it snowed already!? UGH! That cupcakes is cute!


I. Do. Not. Like. Snow. Thankfully I live here in the place where we get *maybe* 3 inches a year. But I have to agree with you on fall. It is the best!

Amanda Sikes

OH My! Snow already! I am not really ready for that. I am still enjoying fall. I also love fall and would have to say that it is probably my favorite season.

The cupcakes and the sandwiches are super cute. I might try those this week for a ladies lunch I am preparing. Thanks for the idea!


Yummy...Yummy...need to get those sammys in my tummy!


I couldn't help but gasp when I saw the frozen pumpkins. I am sorry. But I must agree those little bitty white pumpkins are the cutest! I hope you get fall this year!
Shoot I'm hoping I get fall this year! Its so hot down here!

Stay warm!!

Tina Fisher

If you ever look for a job outside the should be a pastry chef!


thanks for sharing that sandwhich recipe! Ok, add the cupcakes to your cookie boutique and you will for sure be in business! Seriously, you've got something here.

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