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October 22, 2009


Gardner Momma

Oh my gosh... please STOP! Now I'm drooling! You AMAZE me. I'm almost speechless. Except I can't shut my mouth because I'm drooling.


I like them all! :) BUT I really liked the first one the best! :) Go figure! :)

They look absolutely yummy!!!! :)


Seriously? You must be kidding? These. cookies. are. amazing.
And so are the cakes.
All of them!
I thought you had children? And you can still pull this off?
Have I said this is amazing?

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Ohmigosh!!! Incredible!!

Sarah Robbins

You are too funny, my blogging friend! I love all your cookies AND all your cakes! They are so adorable. . . I know what you mean about trying to make things match your imagination, though. That drives me crazy when I am doing my craft projects!


Tenacity can be a wonderful friend.

Cute...and really amazing...and they look so darn yuummy. I might move to MN in the spring just to be near you and learn. I'll have the winter to mull it over.


You're amazing! You must bake every day... and must spend many an afternoon in the kitchen. If I show my six year old son he will want you to adopt him. LOL. he LOVES to bake... and could do it all day.... unfortunately for him, I haven't been so adventurous with the things we make. LOL. I do plan to surprise him with baking your rainbow cake though... :)

Blessings to you,


Maybe you could do a post on "cookie baking how to's". :) Would love to know some of the secrets of your trade! :)

Amanda Rettke

You said it exactly right Sarah!!  I was trying to get it to match my imagination.  And I still didn't!!  But thanks so much for saying it better then I did... have a blessed night!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Oh my stinkin' heck! You and your cookies are seriously amazing. I would also like to volunteer to be a sweet blogging friend and graciously offer to let you make cookies for me anytime:)

Mama M.

You totally make me giggle "my friend graciously "let" me" make cake" and "I sorta make stuff with a lot of color"...girl you made me snort my milk outta my nose!

Hmmm...those cookies would've come in handy with this milk...


I couldn't wait to open this post...but I thought maybe there was actually going to be a Sybil on the cake.....

I'm weird like that.

I can't believe you made templates for your own cookie cutter font thing-a-ma-jiggy YOU ROCK!


This post is hilarious. You are cracking me up. If I had to pick one of the above cakes it would be the one with the colorful "Happy" and the black and white "Birthday"

Kristin Smith

Seriously...I am going to come and steal away that amazing cake and all those cookies! :) I don't have a birthday but I will make one up to use that beautiful creation to celebrate with!! You are MUCH too hard on yourself my friend! :)


I think your cookies are fabulous looking!!


I like all the cookies. My favorite cake is the one where you used both types of cookies. Keep up the awesome work.


Okay, the perfectionist in you is coming out. I think the cakes look great with the cookies on them. But you may be having a hard time with the visual because the cookies are higher than the cake.
I am definitely not a cake decorator but I work in advertising and have these issues a lot when creating solid visuals for clients.

I think what would really make it pop and more diffcult(?) is to make the cakes taller so that the cookies sit on the side but there is a little icing showing on the top and the bottom. You have Photoshop and it seems that you are pretty good with it. Use your photo and "add" height to the cake to see if you like it before you try it in the kitchen.


Typo in my comment -

Make the cakes taller so there is icing showing above and below the cookies on the side of the cake.


You just amaze me girl with those letters! They look great!

Amanda Rettke

WOW!!  I had never thought of that... what a brilliant suggestion! 

Now... just to figure it out in photoshop....

Have a blessed day!


He & Me + 3

Those turned out so good. I love the letters and I think they look cute on the cake. Keep it up! I think you can combine cookie/cake thing & be the next big thing!


Honestly? I liked the first edition! But you're the artist and you thought it looked "weird" and I imagine there's no changing your mind, eh?

OK. My mom just asked me to make her birthday cake in December. Should I feel guilty for not putting as much thought into it as you do??? *grin*


Oh my gosh! I would so love a piece of that cake with a big ol' cookie. And for the record, I thought all the cakes looked fantastic (great idea by the way) and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I know what it's like to be a perfectionist though. I REALLY liked the double layer with the multi colors. Great work!


Yum.... Your cookies are always so pretty. I made cookies the other night and they turned out AWFUL! Guess I'll stick to baking cakes.

Love the font you traced out on the cookie dough! Such a cute and fun font. Looks beautiful. :)


Oh what I would do to kidnap you have make you live here to create all those yummy things for ME!!

You have an award over at my blog :-)


This whole cookie/cake thing is incredibly complex. My solution would be to take a nap.

But then that is always my solution when having trouble making decisions :D

BTW, love the black and white vibe. Very artsy. That used to be my home decor. I have since mixed in some neutrals.

Hey, I noticed this morning that we are both Aquarians-- Great minds think alike and are equally neurotic I see!!!

Jill Tracy

I totally agree with making the cake taller-that was my initial thought too. Love, love, love the colorful Happy Birthday cookies! Oh, and btw, I found your cookie recipe on here and made them with my girls and they ate them all up! Yummy--of course they looked nothing like yours--haha!

Amanda Rettke

lol  I'm ranking this up there on your "Best Comments'... you make me laugh!!  Take a nap.. LOVE it!


How do you get that frosting so neat - these are highline bakery quality!


I'm not kidding when I say this: are you planning on opening a business or bakery or something? Because, if not, you should. Seriously. You have talent. This is the kind of stuff you see on the Food Network channel. Loved this!

Amanda Rettke

Oh my gosh Kim... that is the sweetest thing!!  Not sure I can believe you... but I would sure like to!!

You have a BLESSED day!!



you are INSANE! (a good insane) EVERY single option/combo works awesome! And i know color. I may not be artistic in anyway, but the the colors are awesome!
Hey, can I commission you to make cookies for us when my baby is born in march? maybe? I am dying (did i say dying? i mean DYING!) to try even just one! I can't believe all the work you went through to make your own letter design!

Amanda Rettke

Of course you can gianna!!  I am at your disposal! :)


Your posts are too funny! Those cookies look so good... to eat and just to look at! I dont think you could make anything look bad. seriously.


I think what you have made is lovely. I prefer the cookies with the colored icing but both sets are great. The font is great for a birthday celebration. I had never thought to transfer a font to a cookie and then outline. What a GREAT idea. Thanks for a great post.!!


I love you girl! It's like you're letting me/us watch your creativity working in motion! I can't wait to see the final project because it'll be awesome! :)

Carrie @ MartinManor

Beautiful, delicious, I so wish I can reach through my screen and grab one of those cookies! They are fabulous! I know you are your worst critic...but I'm the same way about myself. It's so hard for me to do something for someone else, I get so nervous! They are perfect...can't wait to see what you finally will be amazing :)


gee, I haven't seen such perfect cookies in my household ever! Your piping and flooding is immaculate!


There you go, bein' all bad witchya self again! ;) you are SO talented! If you lived near me we'd so be buddies IRL so I might have a chance of some talent rub off!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain

Oh my goodness! That is just amazing! Every single picture looked awesome! That is talent:)

Oh...Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

stacy Ness

Well I totally loved the colored letters on the two layed cake the best. Kenny walked into the and saw them and goes "Those are Beautiful" then when we get done to the one you took a bite out of, he says "Boy I wish I could have a bite of the beautiful" Very cute.


PS Kenny wants to write you something so here it goes.....

kkkkkkkkkkkk eeeeeeeeee n n y

Cate O'Malley

Love the cookies! At least all the, ahem, research is fun. ;)


Well, I love it and feel like creating something myself!


i think you and my mom would get along great. she is creative with paper and you with food. she does all the drawing designs like you do. and hey, i have to say that i had a dream about you. it was weird especially since the night before i told chris something about your cookies. i don't know.


I love all the cookies, I can't decide what ones I would pick though...they are both too cute!


Your cookies look fabulous. I really like the colored ones.
Whenever I am stumped on an idea, I go there and look at the pictures to get ideas :)


I'm am soooo totally jealous of your mad cookie making skills!


i actually loved every combo! and enjoyed the photo walk have an awesome combo of eye for angles, color, and such clear it! if you want to take a san diego trip this summer i'd hire you to make cookies, cake or any combo of those for sea's 5th bday near the end of july? what do you think?! i love the font, too, by the way...wouldn't expect you to go to that much trouble if you did make it out our way...thanks for letting me live vicariously through your art...would love to eat some it someday!


I think you could convince me to make my kids' birthday cakes come Jan & Feb.... :D

Amanda Rettke

I think I could be persuaded! ;)

Tina Fisher

Hey Amanda....

I was going to suggest making the cakes in color and the cookies in b & w...then I see you did...but only one about two? And I do also think the cakes should be taller than the letters...seems right.

How does the orange look?

When you had the b & w cookies against a flat background was it red? If it was red it looked good against red.

Just some thoughts....

Can't wait to see what you finally come up with!


I LIKE that the cookies are taller than the cake! I especially love the shot of the one with the "candle", too. That is fabulous. You are my new favorite person! =-D


sooooo cute! was it hard getting the cookies to adhere without sliding??? any tips?


LOVE THOSE!!! LOVE THOSE!!! starting to hate walmart cake LOL. My baby's first b-day is coming up so having theme of 1st polka d0t party Love your polka dota cake, now love this letter cake!!!

how can I do this???? can you help me???


Can I ask how you made the templates for the cookies? I am a total novice at this! My friend's birthday is this month and I would LOVE to make her these!


I really like the first one with the rainbow cookies, it looks so cute with the candle on top! I would love to know what font you used. :) Thanks a bunch.

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