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October 18, 2009



I STILL gotta find out what brand of food coloring you're using! I can't wait till your little guys share the result of the rainbow food with you later...
I LOVE POOH TOO!!! All three of ours had Pooh Bear's blustery day nurseries. We even have a Kenny Loggins CD with Return to Pooh Corner on it.

Amanda Rettke

I have never even heard of that CD!!  Where have i been???!?!?!?!

I use Ateco food coloring.  And they really eat such small doses of it, I have never seen it...uh... later... when uh... they, uh, use the potty.  Really!!  I put 1-2 dots in a one cup serving which makes 3-4 big pancakes and they ate one of each color... well, colton had 2 orange I think.  We've had it for breakfast for 2 days in a row now and I haven't seen an signs of it!  Maybe its the brand?? :)

Hope you are all well!!



Sarah Robbins

Ahh, my husband always asks if I included my "secret ingredient" when I was cooking dinner. He says the "love" (aka "secret ingredient") is what makes my cooking so good. Corny is definitely a good thing round here!


Wow she did a great job on your pumpkin cake. I tried the rainbow cake for Tim's birthday and it did not turn out so nicely... I showed a picture on my blog yesterday, but only of a slice because it was just well...not that pretty! Probably because I didn't follow all those detail directions.

You also won one of the cleaning supplies sample packs I gave away. If you get me your address before tomorrow afternoon I will send it along tomorrow!


{Drool} I think your obsession with food coloring might be rubbing off on me. I just showed Jay your rainbow pancakes and he might be restricting me from your blog soon enough. He told me today that we will never lose weight if I keep up the sweets. I pleaded with him..."but Nathan has a sweet tooth...What if I give everything away, can I still bake??"

Thanks for the blog love!

Nighty night!


Wheee! YUMM!!! We just had pancakes for lunch (American style with maple syrup and bacon) and it was really good. But now looking at those!! Whee! Awesome idea! :)


Food coloring in pancakes might just be the best idea ever. And I mean that. :)
But I gotta ask--how's the diaper the next day???

Mama M.

See what I'm sayin' girl? I think you've gotta change your blog title to "i am culinary genius" do you get the colors so vibrant?!!!
And I was gonna say, what a steal for that adorable little girl...the bowls great, too...but what's in it is utterly delicious! Love it!


What a great idea...I can't believe I never thought of adding food color to my pancakes!
I LOVE Pooh!! Especially Classic Pooh. I saw the first comment that said her children's nurseries were done in Pooh's blustery cool! I love windy, cold days...I always call them Pooh (not poo..ha) days : )


How wonderful! Those pancakes look awesome! I attempted to make your cookies, but i am not as talented as you =[ they tasted great but looked aweful! haha. I took lots of pictures of them so i couldl blog about them but then was to embarassed lol. Yours of course look amazing. You should have your own tv show! ;)

Tina Fisher

Wow! That's about all I can say! I was wowified at the first picture of the pancakes and it just kept gettnig better and better. Especially the Sweetness in your bowl!

I so love your post!

AND...the cookbooks....well when my Grandmother passed away I (for some odd reason at age 13 with zero cooking skills, and pretty much still today) really wanted a couple of her bookbooks. They are oldies but's all from scratch and what's really neat is that her handwriting is in them from when she would double a batch, or make comments. That was/is really cool!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Tina Fisher

I just checked out your cake instructions by CF Mama....she makes it look so easy! BUT I am sure it really isn't!

stacy Ness

Love those pancakes.

He & Me + 3

Seriously those pancakes were so cool. I love your new bowl too. Great idea for the cookies too.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I don't even have small kiddos anymore, but I so want to make these pancakes! For some reason I have never even thought of making pancakes from a real recipe...I have always used a mix.

BJ Mama

Sounds like my kind of diner! Yeah, I'll have to look for that brand of food coloring next time...the diapers at my house turn out, well, let's just say "she tasted the rainbow"


what an awesome idea for the pancakes! I am going to have to try that. And the cookies for the open house, what another amazing idea!!


Everything in this post is adorable!!! Especially your little lady :) I think Peter would convert from a Daddy's boy back to a Mommy's boy if I made those pancakes.


My kids are really excited about the idea of rainbow pancakes. This is an awesome idea. Even my non-pancake eater is begging me to try this.


I love the pancakes. Awesome. What a great twist on the rainbow cake. It makes me want to go out and buy food coloring.
Classic Pooh is the best. I didn't know you were a Pooh purist, I sure hope you weren't too offended by my pooh pic last week. teehee


Hooray, I get to leave a comment! I've been reading but hadn't tried to leave one since last week! I guess it is fixed :)

Those bright pancakes look like a fun, yummy way to start the morning.

Have a wonderful week!


I love all things about this post! I've never thought of rainbow pancakes. My kids are older but I bet they'd still love this!

love lives in the kitchen

oh amanda! these pancakes are just amazing! you are so creative! your lovely boy is so lucky!
i had the same old edition of winnie the pooh when i was a child...
have a great week, justyna


Those rainbow pancakes make me smile. *grin*
The next time you make pancakes, make a smaller amount with food coloring so you can "draw." Then put the un-colored batter on the griddle and use the colored batter to make a picture (or a face, or whatever) on the pancake before you flip it.
Very labor-intensive, but I get the feeling you're into that kind of stuff!
And your kids will LOVE IT.

Amanda Rettke

GREAT idea Karen!!!


Loved this, Amanda! The photo of the Pooh book melted my heart. We have a bunch of old Pooh books and I LOVE them. And of course, I love your cookies, as always. You are such a talented woman. Thanks for the cozy visit here!

Mama Plays Mozart

Between the mouthwatering open house cookies and the picture of the baby I've now gone into total sweet overload :)


I love it! We make rainbow pancakes all the time...well mostly pink, requested by you know who! :)
Fun cookbooks, I always buy them but then I never use them! I should start ding that, huh!?


Ohhh I love these pancakes..soooo cute


Love the pancakes. I am seriously amazed that you are organized enough to do so much fun baking and other things while taking care of three little ones. I have one, and can't seem to get much done. I think I need time management lessons from you!


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Sounds like a diner I'd like to frequent!


Those pancakes are awesome. What a great way to get your kids to eat. Looks fantastic!


Im sure my daughter would lOVE those pancakes!! Thanks for the recipe and cute blog!


What a great idea. Super cute.


Those pancakes?? Fun! That's so great that you take the time to make such a fun breakfast for your kids. What a fun memory for them!

Great finds, btw. I love me some good thrift store/Goodwill/garage sale shopping!


Those are some brilliant pancakes! We make pancakes a few times a week (with leftover pancakes on the days in between). Like you, I add ground flaxseed and when I'm up for it, sweet potato puree. Sneaking a little nutrition up in there, right? From the looks of all your photos, you must be having a lot of fun! In fact, now I want to have breakfast at your house. :D

Anyway, I found you through TasteSpotting and am writing to say that if you have any photos that aren’t accepted there, I’d love to publish them. Visit my new site (below), it’s a lot of fun! I hope you will consider it.


Mommy Cracked

Oh my goodness...I'm going to start calling you the Rainbow Food Lady because I seriously think you can make any kind of food fun with your rainbow touch! The cookies are spectacular, too!

Kristin Smith

I was in the store yesterday, saw a box of food coloring...almost bought it, thought of you and your colorful cake, thought I could get it cheaper at Walmart, and now wish I had bought it because I want to make blue pancakes right now!!! Seriously my son is a blue-a-holic and he will go nuts over those!! I can't wait.

I also was going to e-mail you...I have to make something for a bake sale on Friday at work. Need something fairly easy but good that can be made/put into individual servings for an easy "sell". Any ideas?? I have never done roll out sugar cookies so I think those are out..however if you ever want to do a "cookie baking" class for those of us who are not quite so talented I am in!! :)

Oh and Kami is so lucky to have a friend like you!!
Blessings, Kristin

Scary Mommy

Those are amazing!!! My kids would totally flip out-- you are the coolest mom!

I am so glad I discovered your fabulous blog-- it's really wonderful here. :)


Totally going to make those pancakes this weekend! And the pumpkin cake on the 29th, and I would probably make those cookies if I knew how. No, don't tell me, cause then I'll make them and that would be the end of any sort of dieting (or non dieting) that I'm on. Ok, tell me if you want to and if you have the time. And the icing while your at it... Or just a link to where you get all your stuff!

Seriously, my creativeness is copied from the geniouses like yourself. I'm like one of those painters sitting in a museum painting copies of the masterpieces, only with food in the kitchen and fabric in the sewing area.


Be Blessed,


Amanda Rettke

Here some to tide you over... he he


Those pancakes totally reminded me of the Rainbow Cake on MckMama's Blog. Did you see that?

I bought a whole set of 1932 Encyclopedia Britannica's for 8 bucks a year ago and they are still in the box they were shipped in! :) lol

also... You are a cookie GENIUS!

Amanda Rettke

Did you know that I made that Rainbow cake and that I am the one who brought it to Mckmama's house?? :)

Blessings! :)



I CANT WAIT to try the colored pancakes this weekend! My little girl is gonna LOVE them. I'll keep you posted

Michelle M.

Love love love the pancakes!! I don't know how you are able to keep up with everything you do. Dare I say, super Mom :)

Kim @ A Fist Full Of Dandelions

I am sooo going too show this to my dad, who use to make pancakes for us every Saturday while we were growing up.


When I saw those pancakes, I could have drooled!

That's all.

Richele are a woman after my own heart...from rainbow pancakes to classic pooh! My kids LOVE it when we play with pancakes. lol.

pam kennedy

This is sooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! I'm going to share it!!!!!!



I think I got a cavity just from reading this post :D


Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award. find it here:

veggie wedgie

Crazy looking pancakes! I bet ALL kids will fall in love with these pancakes!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you!!  I think you are right!


I also LOVE the original Winne the Poohs!! I love the book you found!

Anne Coleman

Seven kids - yes, SEVEN and I never once thought of coloring our pancakes! Beautiful and brilliant!


Those pancakes look like so much fun! I love how kids will scarf something down if its simply colored! :)


I love your pancakes. Fantastic! I too love classic Pooh, nothing sweeter. I also love thrift stores. I always am looking for the "church" cookbooks. Awesome!

Janmary, N Ireland

The pancakes are amazing - not sure I could eat them, but I know my kids could easily!

Love Classic Pooh too - what a wonderful find.

Amazing cookies - as always!


1. I am Cheryl, Kristin's mom...and you visited my blog today. (I responded to your comment in my comment section.)
2. I visited your blog this evening.
3. I found out that you are THE Cookie Lady who is admired by my teenage daughter. :-)

Small world, isn't it?
And by the way, I love Pooh too.
Nice to meet you, Amanda!

Heather F

I love the pancakes! Thinking about getting off my lazy bum and making some butterscotch sauce...

Gardner Momma

I bet you have very, very happy kids! Every now and then I think about making the Mickey Mouse pancakes - but then scrap the idea because it sounds like too much work! My kids would adore youe!


Ok so I'm going to search for this food coloring, if I can't get it can I paypal you and have you send me some????

I'm so going to do this pancake recipe w/food coloring, I think my kids would LOVE it!!

I love that book you found (the Pooh one) I LOVE classic books.


Love the bowl! (okay, especially with the baby in it!)
And, well, that's just way too much food coloring for my tastes- but I bet just about any kid would go nuts for those cool looking pancakes!


Those pancakes look so good!!! I really like Karen's idea! :)

meaghan (chic cookies)

Thanks for sending the suggestion to craftgossip! Funny thing is, I had already seen these pancakes and was planning on featuring them :) You have a beautiful blog, feel free to send suggested links any time. I posted on edible crafts today (

Amanda Rettke

Thanks so much Meaghan!!  I appreicate the link!




Jus love this beautiful creation !!! Truly adorable ...
Will surely make it for my daughter.

Do sneak a peek at my edible art creations when time permits .


I am loving those pancakes. I'll have to try these out on my 3 year old. I'm sure he'll love it. who wouldn't?

the baby in the bowl is so cute. I have a 6 week old. Can't wait for her to be able to hold up her own head.


I love the pancakes! I love putting food coloring in cakes, i never thought about pancakes though... maybe because we don't eat them that often, its one of those breakfasts that I can see myself OD-ing on and don't make it for that reason.


I just shared the link to this post on here
i loved this recipe

The Little Teochew

I would never have thought of making rainbow pancakes. How clever!


My husband is going to think I am totally nuts and have lost my mind in the morning when I make colored pancakes!!!! How fun!! I don't know if I'll be as adventurous and do that many colors, maybe just the fav of each of the kids to start off with!

Mrs. L

Amazing pancakes! Sent to my cousin hoping she will make them for her kids.


I'm just shocked at these..


Seriously wonderful pancakes. Thank you for sharing!
Now I'm thinking heart shaped pink tones for Valentine's Day!


I LOVE those pancakes!! I've seen rainbow layer cakes, but those seem too daunting. Pancakes, I can do! Thanks! I'll be linking.


Gre-e-e-a-a-at. Trick the little tykes into consuming as much of this worthless nonfood as possible. Bunches of sugar and other empty carbs, cholesterol, etc. Gotta get a jump start on that diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke.

Gee - you oughta be nominated as be Mother of the Year.


Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Cookin' Canuck

Those pancakes are amazing! My kids' eyes would be as wide as saucers if I presented those at breakfast. Adorable baby in the bowl!


I NEED to know the kind and quantity of food coloring. Mine have never been this beautiful!


Ooooooh those pancakes look crazy-delicious! I'm making those as soon as I can get my hands on some food colouring like that in the UK :D A bit of food colouring and yummy food never did me any harm...add that to a load of Winnie the Pooh, I bet your kids think you're an awesome mummy!

Casey MIles

It isn't a new trend for people to be passionate and judgmental. When you open yourself up on open forum, you should expect a lot of people with causes and issues to respond in a number of different ways. In a lot of cases, people are simply compelled to respond. It may not be their opinion but it is more of a need to have a sense of importance. I am sure no one thinks you're a bad mommy and I bet you are a great one! It takes an interest in one's kids to do this kind of thing and you are already well ahead of the pack. Don't let people's comments get you down, everyone is trying to convince someone else of something in order to feel that they made a difference. For better or for worse, people simply feel a need to respond. Best of luck and if you can't laugh it off, there is always wine =)

Kimberly Smith

Love these! They are sooo cute! Thank you for sharing such a colorful and fun food!


Love the pancakes! I'm linking it from my preschool blog, I for one, think the food coloring brouhaha was a bit silly. People should remember to disagree without being disagreeable! Keep up the great work!


omg - loving the pancakes!

Jan Gay

I remember, when my mom was trying to get her grandchildren to eat oatmeal, back in the 60s!! Mom got the idea to put green and blue into the cooked oatmeal,, the kids lapped it up.
Mom, long gone now,was way ahead of her time in many ways.
Her daughter, Jan Gay of CA.


I use to do just this many years ago. My kids now have kids and do it also. Glad to see and hear there are still 'real' Mommy's out there. Your kids never forget the simple times you spend with them. Fun is always in the kitchen....


I remember making pancakes with my grandmother, and she let me put food coloring in the batter, too...that was a million years ago, and my pancakes were never as cool as yours. (Saw them on


I saw your rainbow pancakes on Slashfood today. I'm a thirty year old single woman with no kids, and I thought they were absolutely MADE OF WIN. If I had kids, I would make these pancakes for them. If I knew a kid, I would make these for him/her.

Your kids will NEVER forget these pancakes, or any of the other awesome things you've made for them. They are lucky to have a mother as creative and caring as you. Don't let a couple of nasty commenters make you forget that.

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so cute! do you know my car license plate is POOBEAR..?? ha...I had quite the obsession with pooh back a while not so much but i still love that bear!!!



What a cool, Mom! These pancakes rock - what a great idea. I'm sorry I never thought of it when my son was young.


Lovely looking pancakes! YUM!
Absolutely love both of your blogs!
By the way, dont listen to any negative comments! You know your a good mother and so do most of us out here who read your blog so thats all that should matter :)


So glad I found this! My three young girls are going to think I'm the coolest mom on the planet tomorrow morning! I put a two or three drops of food coloring in the bathwater everynight (green always does the best) and my kids LOVE it! It doesn't stain the tub, towels, or their skin at all- I promise! On extra special nights, we add bath bubbles to the colored water and that is a big hit as well! Thanks for the great post!

Jen @ Little Bit This n That

I'm stopping over via your interview with Mom Logic. I think these pancakes are just fabulous!! And, I think I have that BHG Casserole cookbook too:)


Them haters are crazy! Those pancakes look fantastic and yes...I am "inspired" to make them. My kids would LOVE them! :) Good job. You know the saying, "You're not a big deal until you have haters" er sumpin like that lol. Do you still get a large amount of traffic for this? Has it grown your reader count too? Interesting story (momlogic newsletter)


ADORABLE! And what a great way to teach kids how a rainbow symbolizes God's promise! LOVE your blog!

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