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October 13, 2009



I'd be doing REALLY good to make it without the candle inside, too cute!


I LOVE IT, again and again and again you are the best baker ever! I would love the recipe! Of course my cake will be a fiasco but I can try.


That's beautiful! I love cake decorating too. What did you use in the center? Just normal icing or a different filling?


So cool! That would be awesome to make for Thanksgiving too! without the face of course...
Send me the recipe please!

Amanda Jo

WOW!!!! You are SO talented!!!!! Love it!


You always have a surprise inside. Your kids are so blessed.

Tina Fisher

uh ya...I want it....not like i'll be able to do it...but i could try....

you rock!!!

Sarah Robbins

That is soo adorable! I can't believe how creative you are. I like to cook; not so much the baking. . .


Does this count as an email? I can't access my gmail account from work and I can't wait until I get home!

You are so creative. How 'bout if I put YOU in MY pocket? But that might now work if I'm riding around in your pocket... hmmmm... guess we could take turns! :) Ooo, that gives me an idea. Better email myself so I don't forget!!


Would love the secret of how to do it! :) Looks super yummy!!! :)

Amanda Rettke

lol  Michelle  you are too funny.  Yes, I can email you the soon as I finish it!  I started writing it and it got so long and then I didnt think anyone would actually want it... but apparently they do!  I should have it done today!



Kami Rude

Can you come to my house and bake a lot of things and just happen to leave them there?! These look fabulous :)

I'm having an open house at our home on Saturday (as in a realtor open house in hopes that someone will come and purchase our home eventually!) .. what would be the likeliness of convincing you to make a small batch of cookies for me? I'll pay you for them! If it's too short of notice, don't worry about it - I just think that your cookies will be much better than mine!

Let me know :)


he & me + 3

super cute cake. On friday I am posting a story to go along with the pumpkin i am sure you have heard it before...but it reminded me of this post. It will be on the five moms blog.


Oh now that is just too cute! I have been craving cake lately.... and I mean REALLY craving it. This cake just made me crave it MORE!

It looks AWESOME! You are soooo creative.

I so want that recipe. :)

Carrie @ MartinManor

wow! I think I've gained at least 10 pounds with all these super yummy treats! that is awesome! What a creative cake! I love to bake too...but I don't get much past chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes :) I'm not sure I could make that...but I'd be so happy to try a piece! it looks SCRUMPTIOUS!


Whoa, I was NOT expecting THAT inside there!! :) Super cute cake, someday I will have to come over and you can teach me to bake...k!? Seriously, I just don't do it, I even messed up rice krispie bars once, true story...and are those even considered baking anyway? UGH :) Although maybe it's a good thing I don't know how to bake, my belly couldn't handle having all those yummy things around!

I LOVE it!! I would love the recipe, my mom will want to make it as well. Well done. And thanks for sharing!


That is so cute! Did you take regular circles and round the edges into the pumpkin shape? It looks fantastic!

Amanda Rettke

ok Jonna...I just need an email address to send it to! :)

Amanda Rettke

Yes I did Lucy... you have a great eye!


I was already blown away by the outside of the cake and then you outdid it even more with the light inside the cake...Do you think someone with such pathetic cooking skills as me could pull it off?

I'm just mystified how you could get the candle to not blend in with the rest of the batter. Or am I missing something? Like the mush that is under my skeleton where the brain area should be...


Oh, I would LOVE this recipe. This is awesome. You are so very talented. What a great cake.

Kristin Smith

That along with the cookies you made are AMAZING. Seriously I am so jealous of your talent! I am not positive that I have the skills to do it but I am willing to try! Please e-mail me the info once you get it all written out! :)
Thanks so much!


Oh my goodness...that is CUUUUTE! You are so creative! That looks delicious!!!!
By the way--I'm going to have a fun post for you tomorrow! ;)


So! I can't really remember how I landed on your blog. But i have spent the past 3 hours reading all the way back to April 09. Ok, maybe not 3, I skimmed a bit. And had to rush my little guy to the toilet a few times. And make him a snack. And..and...and. I have really enjoyed getting to know you! I look forward to reading more. You definitely speak my language! Jesus, church, cake, cookies, cameras, photoshop.... :) Lovely to meet you!


CrAzY! You are a Cake DIVA!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

OHmigosh what a wonderful cake! It is huge! I love it!


OK. Seriously? Where was I the day God gave out creativity and talent? I must have been sleeping and He gave you my share and then some! That cake is AWESOME! At first I was like "I might be able to do something sort of close to soemthing like that if I have some very detailed instructions" but then the candle just took it to a whole 'nother level. You truly are gifted!


Very cute cake. Well done.

chocolate shavings

What a great idea, beautiful cake!


that's awesome! i love love pumpkin also and we don't really do halloween


This is absolutely adorable - go girl! Go on with your bad self! :)


Awesome cake Amanda! I would have you e-mail me the recipe, but since I have never (nope... not ever) baked a cake, I don't suppose this would be a good one to start with. Maybe you could come up with a cake baking workshop. I am also in LOVE with your gorgeous decorated cookies. I don't even LIKE cookies, but I would buy some of those to arrange on a cake plate under a glass dome and just look at them. I'm so weird.


So are you GOING to bring it to church then tomorrow??? For us women in your Bible Study that you love so much??? :O)


The leaves are falling. Can I use your rake?
But what if under them I find a snake?
I'll get so scared and want some cake.
So glad for my friend who knows how to bake!

Oh. You said stop the rhyming, for goodness sake!

I couldn't help myself. *sheepish grin*


That cake is sooo cute! I don't think I could ever pull it off though. However, sometimes I like an adventure, could you send me the recipe? My e-mail address is


i agree with you on all the halloween things i don't like, either...too cute pumpkin cake and i can't how clever/difficult it must have been to make that candle! wow! you are inspirational...

Kathy - Panini Happy

That's an incredible cake - you did a great job with it. So cute!!


This looks just beautiful! You are very talented! Please email me the recipe:
Thank you!


How cute is this!!!!! Job well done!

Erica R

I would love the recipe - this is adorable!!!

Erica R

Forgot to add:



I'm not a big fan of Jack-O-Lanterns, but that is a very cute & clever cake! I'd eat some...


Oh my gosh, that's so cute!! You're way more creative than I am :)

Mama M.

Seriously...seriously. Girl you are SERIOUSLY talented! Amazing! Culinary genius, yes you are!!! I love it...I totally love it and you could make millions sellin' you stuff...I mean your baked goods. Gosh, that came out all wrong!!

Gifts Philippines

Oh! this Candle Lit Jack-o-Lantern Cake was so cool. I like it. Wish I can also learn how to make like that. I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.



I'm waiting for the cake to be ready to be frosted :) Can't wait to take it to our life group tonight!!


Oh please, send the recipe to me too! This is such a great cake!

I love your blog, it really makes me smile.


Oh my goodness! I am so surprised that you would bake the world's best looking pumpkin cake and then not post the recipe! I would love to know what went into this bad boy!


wow this is just gorgeous!!! I love the inside as well!! That is truly a work of art :)


Adorable!! I love the candle inside - its too cute!!

Diane {}

I saw this a week ago or so on flickr and it's great to see your site :) wonder why I didn't connect the two?

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At our company we went a whole year without an accident...?
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...and we got an ice cream sandwich and leftover halloween cake. Does your company treat you this good?

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