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October 28, 2009


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Those look amazing! You are so creative, Amanda. And you must have the patience of a mother - a patience I do not know yet!

Katie R.

I hope you got a big hug and kiss for those! You are awesome, Amanda! Very cool.


Ok so I think I've figured out the difference in you and me, you're 1. NICER and 2. You obviously have far more patience than I do!
Those cookies look awesome and my dear, quite the example of GODLY submission (in not telling your hubby falls under there)!!

Amanda Rettke

OH Jessica... I have a feeling you have A LOT mor patience then you know... and are going to be the most wonderful mommy ever!!

Amanda Rettke

Ha!  Hubby is out of town and will never see these... I brought them to his work for the auction, but he is missing it cause he is in Bemidji.


How you are sweet Katie??

Amanda Jo

You are CRAZY talented!!! I am excited about the changes coming to your blog!!! I am also excited about this giveaway! I hope some of your cookies are involved...they look so tasty. I may or may not have caught myself trying to lick the icing off of the cookies through my computer screen....



LOOKS SO AWESOME! I don't know what else to say!


Once again, I'm impressed. You are going to be the "cool" mom with all the cookies and fun parties and well everything. It's fun to see how God has blessed you.


WOW! I am always amazed at your persistance! I would get so fed up if it didn't turn out the way I liked it the first the way, the first ones LOOKED AWESOME!
I bet you're hubby is so proud!


Oh those are just perfect! I seriously wouldn't have the patience to do those. You are so awesome!


The coookies look scrumptious! I tried making holloween cookies yesterday and they are a fright to see! But I did take picture's and will post them for you soon!

Are you taking guesses on the changes/dream fulfillment?

Amanda Rettke

lol  if you want you sure can!!  You are one smart girl though... I have a feeling you would guess right away! :)

He & Me + 3

Girl is there anything you can't do? Those turned out fabulous! Your hubs has to be so proud. CUTE!


mmm sugar cookies or shortbread cookies? I think you just tempted me to go bake some shortbread cookies, thanks a lot!


Amazing!!! I would be interested to know how many hundreds of dollars these sold for! :) I love your pictures, too! They make me sooo in the mood for a frosted cookie!


LOL!! I have a guess or two. But I think I'll let you keep us all in suspense. It's way *funner that way!

*yes, I know funner isn't actually a word but I use it a lot mostly to annoy people who like to correct grammatical errors.

-additional side note: I have no idea if you like to correct grammatical errors. If you do, this is in no way meant to annoy you specifically.

Ok, I think I've over defended my use of the word funner. It might have just been easier to use correct grammer to begin with, but this was way funner!

Tina Fisher

I'd take make some guesses...but I think it would be more fun to watch you unveil your changes!

You do have a lot of patience.....and attention to detail!

Does your prizes involve winning some cookies....I'd love to win that...or possibly a birthday cake?

Wanna make one for Henry? Can I pay you to?

Thomas the Train?

Much Love,



What a great wife you are. I always tell Matt to stop and pick up some donuts when he needs to bring something to work. :)


These are great Amanda - WOW! Your cookies are amazing - I can't wait to try out your recipes and make some cookies of my own! I love too that you did this for your hubby over other pressing things - I agree with Christy that that is a great example of Godly submission! You really should start a little business of selling these cookies if you don't already - they are awesome looking and I am sure they taste great too!


yeah, I just love when an "easy" project has to be done two times...just love it. :o)


I bet you could get quite the internet cookies business going. You're quite talented.


I have been popping in occasionally ever since McMama linked to your cake I are so talented!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you Margaret!

Amanda Rettke

Thank so much Joyce!!  How sweet of you to 'pop in'!! :)


They look wonderful! And as for the free food... I am ready for these changes you speak of! lol. =]

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Amazing! You must be a seriously patient person.

I can't wait to see what all the changes are! I love free food and prizes:)


Ok, so now I know why you couldn't come yesterday! LOL They look AMAZING!!!! YOU are AMAZING!!!!


I can't wait to see all the wonderful new things you have cooking up!

The cookies look great!


Amazing AMANDA!! You have so much patience!

I tackled the "spider" cookies that Bakerella had on her site in the past few weeks. All I could muster the energy for was packaged cookie dough and canned frosting! Yours rock!

PS...thanks for the comments on my blog ;) I'm still here (or there depending on how you look at it!). I've had a lot going on and just hadnt' gotten around to blogging ;)

Kristin Smith

I have missed your blog...I can't seem to get it to come up at home. I get the page to open and then immediately I get an error and it closes down. Works at work though so I must have some crazy computer problem at home! :)

I love the nice of you to take care of your man! Can't wait to see what the "surprises" are. Are you having a baking class that those of us that are "close" can come to?? Not sure where you are exactly in but I don't think I am too far away in SD! :) So if that is the surprise I am in!! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


Wow - this is seriously impressive! Well done - they look fantastic!


They look awesome!
Your hubs a lucky man!

Mary C.

The spider picture is true for me also! I would faint if a spider was crawling on my face. As for those cookies -- beyond cool :) Looking forward to reading and seeing what changes are happening on your blog!


I would have assumed your first choice would have been to paint the shield first and then add the letters on top - but then you already know I am a cookie-making genius!!

A dream fulfilled - I have lots of dreams - some of them creepy-- but please tell me more :D



Chad is one lucky husband! As for the dream fulfilled...would this be YOUR dream or are you taking on a new role as the "dream fulfiller"? :D

bridget {bake at 350}

Those are PERFECT!!! I wouldn't have even attempted those letters! LOL!

Joanna B.

WOW! AMAZING work! Your cookies look DELICIOUS! Did you use the same sugar cookie recipe for these as you did for the "Happy Birthday" cookies in another recent post? Do you share your recipes?! I live out in AZ and found you through MckMama's blog! YUMMO! Wish I lived closer!

Amanda Rettke

I did use the same recipe Joanna!!  Thank you so much for your kind words... I wish I did live closer to you... AZ ounds lovely compared to our cold dreary fall! :)

(the recipe should be listed on the i am baker blog)



Amanda Sikes

Awesome looking cookies! I love seeing your work.

Amanda Sikes

Free food and giveaways always peek my interest. I can't wait to see what you have in store.


How do you get such detail with corn syrup icing? I have tried to use is because I prefer it but when I try to do details they just settle and the details do not show up!


why did you write "Da." after the last photo?

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