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October 14, 2009


Pineapple Princess

I just wanted to say that this post is HILARIOUS! You really bring it! :)


This post cracked me up. I would have screamed if I found that in my garage. The picture even gives me chills. and yes I am wondering where fall went too! But there is still time for it to turn around right? you never know what the weather is going to do here in the midwest. it might change??? right???? right??? :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Those hanging waders would have done me in!

I wish someone would have whispered, or rather screamed, don't waste your years comparing yourself to the YOU that God created you to be.


Great post!
-I wish someone would have whispered to me to witness harder to an unsave friend that won't talk to me anymore because we reconcilled with John's family, and that I would have talked more to her about bitterness/anger (her heart is so full of those things).

-I wish someone would have whispered to me to not wear my crocs on my slippery deck this week, my back still hurts.
Have a great day!


Jamie, I love this!


Someone should have whispered to you "It doesn't matter what you eat, because you were still made in HIS image and are beautiful no matter what the scale says. So eat the bananas AND the pancake and sausage!"

I wish someone had whispered to me "Michelle, quit eating those cookies because you know you're going to get sick if you don't stop." or "Be a stay at home mom so you can raise your own kids."

Be blessed today,


Tina Fisher

Love it! I would have almost dropped the baby too....that's a frightening sight for sure! Yes, what ever happened to Fall?

I wish somebody would have told me there wasn't enough time in the day....wait they was me and everybody I know!

Hope you have a great day!

You're the best! The best BFF!

God Bless!


He & Me + 3

YOu are too funny. Yes, that would have scared me too. Yikes. Also, we have not had a fall either. Such a bummer. Trying to find a non-rainy day to head to the pumpkin patch.



I wish someone had whispered to me "Go get your son." The day he sat on my grandparent (in-laws) front porch and told my husbands aunt (who really doesn't like me) that while I was pregnant with Hope he did all the house work, fixed all the food, took care of Becca and only got a break when Daddy came home from work. And it was because I was too tired and laying in bed all day. Maybe I shouldn't have prayed for a humble hearat that day. :)


i wish someone would have whispered to me when i got into nursing school "be prepared to be humbled." i was not prepared.


Laughed so hard when I read about your husband's waders. So funny!
Thanks for the good laugh!
I can't think of an I wish moment...
I will get back. I'm sure there's lots, had a long night!


If I had seen what you saw (without a whisper!), I would have barfed up the bananas and whatever else was around!!! Yikes.

I won't even get started with the scales. We do NOT have a working relationship.



Oh my goodness!! That is hilarious!!


Seriously? The waders would have done me in. Hilarious NOW...but I'd have screamed so loud the neighbors would call 911.

GREAT post!


I wish someone had whispered "get a MAID" about 2 years ago. :)

Amanda Rettke

Well said Jamie!!!  I second that emotion! ;)


Oh my goodness, that photo of the waders... wow.

I love how you write and ask questions or start sentences and let the photo answer/finish them. That's such a fantasic style!!


Oh me oh my! Those waders are too funny!

My hubby used to own a motorbike (long before we were married). In the winter he had a full piece onesie type thing (I don't know how to explain this in American terms, forgive me if it sounds too weird!) that was heavily padded. It was full length, long arms, all the way up to a hoodie. He got home from work one evening and quickly hung it up on the back of his door in his bedroom. TOTALLY forgot about it. When he went to bed that night, he said his legs buckled underneath him as he closed the door.

Wish I had been a fly on the wall.

Jill Tracy

Oh my goodness--totally laughing at that post! I would have freaked if I had walked into the garage and saw that-crazy! You are a hoot!
I wish someone had whispered in my ear the other day that my little one was going to fall and bust her chin--so I could have caught her of course. Poor thing and all of that happened right after she had just missed a week of school from being sick.
I wish someone would whisper calming words in my ears every time I am flustered with the wee ones, as to not lose my temper with them.
I wish...oh this could go on and on.


This is totally, hilariously funny. My wish? That I had come across your blog sooner! What a great spot to visit.. will be back!!


I wish that someone had told me years ago not to listen to naysayers. Because I still find myself doing it!!!!!


I need to rephrase that make the "told" "whispered"


the waders are priceless! i love it! that is so funny! and amanda, you are such an encouragement to me. thank you! i rarely feel like a warrior, but i so want to be one. thanks!

Carrie @ MartinManor

Aaaaaa! Those waders are hilarious! I can feel my heart skipping a beat! The weather here has been nothing but rainy too...but we may seem some sun in a few days! {I wish someone would've reminded me that my meeting on Monday was at 8:15 and not wonder I got some funny looks for being about 20 minutes late...oops! as if Monday's aren't bad enough!} Have a great weekend!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Really wish someone would whisper to me...'you can quit that job you hate!'


are you speaking to your husband yet??? Too funny, Amanda. And if you find autumn, can ya send it a bit more up north, too?


I loved these--so funny!!! I have one, but I'm not sure we really *know* each other well enough to share this personal bit of I'm delving in, hoping you laugh!
*I wish someone would have whispered to me that if you happen to be given a night at a nice hotel for your anniversary and you happen to (ah-hem) might end up with twins! Twin boys that is...wouldn't trade them for the world!
Was that too personal??? ;)

Amanda Rettke

lol  That is too funny!!!  lol  Thanks for sharing! :)

Michelle M.

That is hysterical!


Love this post!! I wish someone had whispered (or SCREAMED) into my ear as an older teenager that I needed Jesus more than any boy or man and that only HE could fill my heart (and body) and maybe I wouldn't have made the mistakes and stupid choices I made.

Gardner Momma

Loving the waders!! I am wishing that someone would (everyday) remind me to keep my patience with my kids because they're only little for such a short time.

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