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October 12, 2009



I love them! Purple is my fave! Bekah and I baked dozens of oatmeal cookies today, chocolate chip, raisin, chocolate chip raisin, chocolate chip walnut.... SO CHEWY... yummy, but not as pretty as yours.


Beautiful as usual...are you still willing to do lizzie's on the 14th? :)

What's Friday look like for you this week or next Tuesday?


Domestically Disabled Girl

Your cookies are amazingly beautiful!


you can make purple cookies for me anytime!!


Id have ten more babies, if you would make me blue ones, yellow ones, red ones, pink ones....Love them!


CUUUTE! When I have another baby will you make me some? Just kidding. But I really have to try hard not to envy those who live close enough to eat your delish snacks.

When I get my oven fixed I'm going to look up your recipe on PW and make some. Can't wait.

Mama M.

Seriously,'s amazing. I dubbed you a "culinary genius" once upon a Blog Frog thread...but it's true. You are an artist with food, and I am amazed!!!
Oh, and I did my 15 things about my hubs, that YOU inspired me to do!!


seriously, those are adorable. something so precious about it. great color choices. i get to be around newborns in just 3 days. so excited! they are in His image, aren't they? nothing more perfect, fragile, yet strong.

another great job done!


Well that's just great, now I pretty much have to have another baby if this is what you get. My hubby is not going to be very happy with you. :)

Sarah Robbins

Oh so fun! Those turned out wonderfully!


those are amazing. really.
mommy to 7.
9 and under.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Impressive! They look amazing and yummy too.


Ok friend, here's the deal. I need you to send me your recipe's. All of them. Cookies, cakes, frostings, sandwiches. It will make it much easier then typing the recipe's each time you make something, because I will ask for them and I will atttempt to make them.

I managed to get into your blog through facebook this morning. Grrr, still getting error messages.

Have a blessed day!


Kami Rude

I nominated you - check it out:

Tina Fisher

I am in! Love the cookies and what a nice thing for you to bring cookies!!! :) They are all so pretty...almost a shame to eat them but I KNOW how good they are!


I really like you, Amanda. You are so sweet and talented and I just love looking at your blog and seeing all the crafty/yummy things you make. You inspire me.

I really sound like a freaky stalker so I'll shut up now.


Carrie @ MartinManor

Those are beautiful! You write neater than I can even write on paper :) Congrats to Hilary, I know she absolutely loved receiving these cookies to help celebrate!


I love purple! My daughter's 11th birthday party was a "pretty purple party". We had so much fun.
Gilly! I saw that on Saturday - so funny!


Ok- I would skip the photography interest and open a cookie boutique! They look so tastey!!!


*Beautiful cookies!!! Now I'm going to be craving frosted sugar cookies :)


I love it! Just beautiful! I do something similar to that..but it's for Christmas. I will be writing a post about it closer to Christmas. I make Scripture cookies for the neighbors. I am really enjoying your happy to have found it!

Quing Obillos

I love the "In His Image" cookie!

He & Me + 3

Just beautiful. I love the color purple too So majestic. What a sweet treat for her and you to see the beautiful baby too.

Pineapple Princess

You talent is unequaled. You really have a gift!
I would seriously like to order some cookies from you for a baby shower. Can you ship them? I'm serious!

sdewitt777 at verizon dot net


love the wonderful messages on these shade of purple, name...raven...

Gardner Momma

YUM. Seriously, YUM!!
Have you every shipped your cookies? I'm thinking ahead to Sloane's birthday in February. I adore sugar cookies. It would be fitting to have them for her birthday too, because it was during her pregnancy that I completely lost all control of my diet and would eat a dozen sugar cookies in about a day and a half.
Let me know, I really would be interested in paying you to make some, if you'd be interested and think they'd ship well that is.


Hi, Amanda,

I don't dislike you or anything, you just don't talk about that much on your site that really applies to me, so I didn't read it any more, so I took it off my blog roll... Sorry, I just don't really read blogs that frequently any more and I just kept the ones that I really keep up with.

And I just don't get online really any more, so I never respond to anyone's comments... not just you.



Ah! I am just now reading this post :)
I'm a little late...but better late than never, right?
Thank you soo much for the cookies you brought to celebrate our daughter's birth. It was so, so sweet of you to come to the hospital to give them to us.
And they were beautiful and oh so tasty!
I am loving your 'I Am Baker' blog. I have been checking it out tonight. You do great work!!!
I hope we can meet again someday!
And I do remember the day you asked to rub my belly...hehe you are so cute :)

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