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October 25, 2009


Kathy D

Cheri Kromrey and I are just going oh my goodness... those are so good! Another WOW for you!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you so much!!!  You are TOO kind!!


absolutely adorable! You do have a knack for cakes! I have heard the marshmallow is better too. Yes, fondant is disgusting. I am a buttercream girl myself.


See, this is why I need you for my bakery!! I know nothing about fondant or petite fours. These are probably something every bakery needs!!


Wow! You did an amazing job! Those are super cute. We don't do Halloween in our house but I love, love, love the pumpkin ones.


They are beautiful. Fondant though = GAG!

By the way I attempted sugar cookies today and I am pretty sure they are garbage, I will post some pics to facebook later. The problem is...CATS, next time I will cut the recipe in half so I can manage them easier and put them away, out of cats reach.


Those are super cute! I do have to admit the spider ones are creepy...I am scared of spiders to begin with, and we have giant (Well, they are giant to me) white ones I had to shudder at your spider ones!


Those are cute! I don't know what fondant is, so I guess I'll continue to just steer clear of it.

Amanda Rettke

You have giant white spiders?????  That is horrifying!!!

Sorry to have scared you! ;)



Carrie @ MartinManor

OOOOh, so FUN! Alex is looking at this with me and he "Those look so delicious!" I said "I know!" He said, "Order some!" So are you starting a we can order a dozen of those! Awesome job! {And, ewww, real white spiders! Someone really has those! Aah! Very creepy! We get the big black ones and I wack them with the nearest shoe...or make Dan get out of bed to kill it!}


So cute! I've never tried petit fours...I've been on a cupcake kick lately. I've never actually had the plain fondant...only made the marshmallow. Which is okay....sort of taffy like, fluffy icing is better. I used the MMF on my youngest cake ( and it turned out nicely. I like your spider webs one best....

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

I am so impressed! These look perfect!

He & Me + 3

Those are so cute. Where do you find the time? I swear you have more hours in the day then I are so productive. Great job! I don't like bats or spiders either:)


Cute. And I agree fondant does taste like poo. And it shouldn't. Pretty things should not taste nasty. I'll have to try and find the marshmallow version. It certainly must be better. I hope.


I love them! You are such the pastry chef. Awesome.


the bible says to think on things which are lovely, so you might as well think to make things beautiful even if the season isn't pretty! beautiful and so fun!


Those look awesome! I hope none of my IRL friends read your blog because then they will NOT want to eat any party food at my house ever again. They will say "hey, that does not look like Martha Stewart Amanda made it!" I will be in shame...utter shame. On the bright side, I also hate fondant. I get a little depressed at weddings when the cake has been covered in it because I know I won't want to eat any. Anyway, those look very fun for Halloween...your kids are lucky to have a creative mommy.


Oh they are soooo cute!! I love the spiderweb ones the best! And yes, oreo cakesters are yummy! (Shame on them for even making them so good!) :)


So I have to ask..what do you DO with all these goodies? I mean you can't eat them all...can you? They are too good to throw away! What about your Happy Birthday cookie cake and the pieces you didn't use?

Spill your secrets.

Tina Fisher

Are you kidding me? You are so a professional baker!

Actually, (that's a funny saying around our house) I was thinking that you should make cakes professionally! We have a local lady that makes cakes...she made all our baptism could totally do stuff like that or like...just all the cakes you do!

Do you have business cards? You are already getting some great advertising in the blog/facebook world.

Make some serious DOUGH (he he he) doing it! I am serious! Get a name and make some money doing this (if you aren't already)!

Just my two cents because I think you're worth it!


STA-INK-IN CUTE!!!! I am not a fondant fan either, but they are dang cute! :) lo

Amanda Rettke

lol  I give away lots!!!  There is no way we can eat all that, and I dont like to give my kids any sugar!!!  So mostly I find someone who wouldn't mind taking them off my hands!!  Great question Heidi!


Oh, and Tina, I already ditto'd your statement in an email last week when a STATE FREAKING SENATOR asked for her information! I think she will make a name for herself, we just have to nudge a little! I told her to make cookie business cards!!! GO TINA!!!!!

Sarah Robbins

You could totally be a professional baker if you wanted to be! Actually, I thought you were, until five minutes ago when you said you weren't!

PS I love your little petit fours! They are adorable! I am also going to try to your rainbow cake recipe for a friend's birthday this week. I'm scared. But I will let you know how it goes!


Sarah -

It's totally not hard at all, just really time consuming.


You are SOOOO awesome! I can't believe how awesome you are! Those are WAY better than the little squares on the link!!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I feel like I leave the same comment every time, but here it goes again...

I am so impressed! These look absolutely amazing!


I was going to suggest the Marshmallow fondant too....but someone beat me to it I see....

Jen @ MaplenCornbread

Your petit fours are stunning! So perfect! I love your choice of decor for Halloween!


PS... There is a little something something for you here


These are very cute. You did a great job! As for fondant, I too think it looks beautiful but tastes disgusting. Sad, isn't it?

I wonder if you could get the same clean look from using a royal icing that is a little runnier than usual. The icing you use on your sugar cookies (which are just darling and are inspiring me to take a stab at them) would work, no? Then they would be yummy to look at and eat.

Here are some funny and adorable cakes you should take a look at Just for the record, you would be in with the adorable ones in the second post as you scroll.

Did making the cakes taller work for the Happy Birthday cookies? If it does, I am so copying you for my son's birthday in December. I promise I will give you all the credit!

Amanda Rettke

lol, oh you are full of great ideas and sweetness!!! 

Thank you for even THINKING of me with that Cake wrecks post!! (Never thought I'd say that!)lol 

And making the cake taller/cookies shorter does make a difference... I totally think you should tackle it and make one for your son!!!  I would LOVE to see pictures!!  And I love to see creativity in others, so you would be inspiring ME!!

Have a blessed day my dear!


Erica B.

Came across you from Amy Atlas and love your petit fours, very cute.

Erica B.

Thanks for the email...

You can view my blog at


I love the little pumpkins. They remind me of Cinderella actually!

And I commend you for making spiders and other not-so-delicious things look yummy!


Tastes like poo!! LOLOL I love how you mix in your honest opinion along with the delicacies.

I'm all for rabid bat petit fours though. You could make some sugary foam to put at the mouths!!!!


Those are amazing! You are so talented! Yum...


I agree girl if you don't have business cards and aren't at least making things as a nice little side business, you need to! You're so talented and no doubt people would love to buy a special cake or cookies from you for their special occasion.

Cate O'Malley

omg, too adorable for words!


wow che meraviglia!!! complimenti!

Amanda Rettke



These are awesome!

And I know what you mean about the taste of fondant.



So cute! And look Delish!


Those are too cute! The kids and I watch the Food Network show called Challenge and the show is always showing fondant for cakes. I've never used it at home and this post really made me want to. Fun, Amanda!


these are fantastic! they really do look professional. i'm finishing up the wilton fondant course and my thoughts on fondant are: it's fun to work with, but you are right the taste is not so great - i have a MMF (marshmallow fondant) recipe i want to try out sometime too. keep up the great work - you are very inspirational!


These are adorable. Of course!
What I want to know is, how do you have TIME to make all these cool things? You're amazing.


amanda you are so, so, make "scary" beautiful...i love your visions, creativity, attention to detail, follow through, photos, day to taste these treats, too...


I thought you did a fantastic job! so pretty!


ohhhhh those are sooo cute!
what a great job
very creative,
and the result is just adorable!


wow! so cool! I like how your hallowe'en treats look so pretty instead of ghoulish! yum!

Michelle M.

Those are incredible! It was definitely time for you to start a blog that focuses just on your creations. :)

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