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October 27, 2009


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Very informative, Amanda! I have no got the shot, but I am not terribly against it. I am healthy, have no children, and just feel that there are so many others that need it more than I do.


Thank you for this post...Avoid sugar? Like that will happen. LOL


I think it's funny that you post about avoiding sugar ;)! I mean I have read some of your sugar filled posts lately!

We've already had some h1n1 in our house, I don't see getting a new vaccine for this. Perhaps if I had a family member w/a comprised immune system, but we don't.

Amanda Rettke

Your right about the sugar Erica... I am, um, (cough) slightly addicted.  But as far as my kids, whose little bodies are so sensitive to the consumption of sugar(as all children are), we limit that a great deal.  Its a rare day they DO get sugar around here!

I give away lots of food and the cakes and cookies I make.

Have a blessed day!



I've been reading a LOT about vitamin D and the flu... did you know there's a whole Council on Vitamin D? There is a lot of information out there, studies, etc... I starting seriously searching after this last time my girls got sooo sick, and wouldn't you know, there's an asthma link in there with vitamin D deficiency too...
As viruses seem to be the girls' biggest triggers (along with allergy issues) anything that can help the immune system will help overall!


I don't know what we're going to do yet. I won't be getting any vaccines for myself, but I've never gotten the flu shot. My kids have never had a flu shot to date. But my husband has started pushing the issue of getting the kids vaccinated for both flu's this year. He's very trusting of the mainstream sources. I've been able to put it off so far, but I am predicting a debate in the near future.

This information will certainly help! Thank you for posting it.


I don't know what we're going to do yet. I won't be getting any vaccines for myself, but I've never gotten the flu shot. My kids have never had a flu shot to date. But my husband has started pushing the issue of getting the kids vaccinated for both flu's this year. He's very trusting of the mainstream sources. I've been able to put it off so far, but I am predicting a debate in the near future.

This information will certainly help! Thank you for posting it.

Amanda Jo

Wow! Thank you for all of that information. To answer your question: No. We're not getting the H1N1. I often wonder how much of the H1N1 "emergency" (as Obama put it) is just media hype. I many people die from the seasonal flu? Anyway, the main reason we don't vaccinate for H1N1 is because I don't feel there has been enough time to really develop a safe vaccine, not to mention time to test it. I'm always a little reserved when it comes to stuff that our government (especially this White House) promotes so eagerly. Call me a sceptic. We'll take our chances with good hygiene, a heathly diet and vitamins!


For those of you worried about the H1N1 vaccine, it is no different than getting a regular flu shot. Every year the seasonal flu shot is different than the year before because it's based on the previous year's flu strain. Therefore those that argue that the H1N1 shot is new and never tested are just misinformed. Swine flu is just a new strain of Influenza A.
Now I would not get the "live" vaccine which is the nasal spray, but I am not opposed to the shot itself.
My daughter had swine flu last week, so I have been pretty exposed, and so far no symptoms for me. So I most likely won't get the shot.

All of your recommendations for healthy eating & exercise and vitamin D intake are SO great and important and so, so true. A healthy body can fight infection and viruses so much more effectively than a run-down body.
Thanks for sharing!!!


In response to the comment from Amanda Jo:
Every year's flu shot is "untested" and "new" because each year it is based on a new strain. The good news is that the technology is the same, so the H1N1 is made just like every flu shot is every year.
Also, to answer your question on how many people die every year from seasonal flu? The answer for the U.S. is approx. 36,000 every year. (Don't quote me on the accuracy of that number - it's somewhere in the 30's.)

I don't think the White House hyped the Swine Flu, it is much more prevalent, more contagious and therefore more widespread than the other strains of Influenza A or B - because of the fact that it is such a new and different strain. Anyone with flu right now has swine flu, because the "seasonal" flu hasn't even hit yet. I don't think it's blown out of proportion. In our area we have entire schools closing down due to so many home sick with the flu. Some school districts are even extending the grading periods due to absences. So around here, it's no hype, it is very contagious, prevalent, and real.


Umm, HECK NO! I can't even imagine giving that to my children, but I understand those who have real fears. We were talking about this in Sunday school and many of the other parents have kids who have severe asthma and other health problems.

We try to eat well (lots of whole foods) drink tons of water, and take vitamins, but I need to look into vitamin D more. Do you know if it is safe to take when pregnant?


Thanks for this, Amanda. There is a free H1N1 vaccination clinic happening at my kids' school, um, sometime. Not sure when, because I had no intention of utilizing it.
But I was facing pressure from the family this weekend (parents, sister, grandma) to get everyone vaccinated. Subsequent conversations, and now your post, have helped me get firm in my decision to say no to the shot.


I feel very strongly against the H1N1 vaccine or any flu vaccine, for that matter! And I definitely feel the "emergency" is media hype. Obama claims that 1000 people have died from the swine flu, but how do we know since the CDC stopped testing for the swine flu in the summer? Another thing to ponder, more than 1000 people die from cancer each year and no one has declared a national emergency...could it be that there is no vaccine to promote and earn big bucks from? :-)


We have never gotten any flu vaccine and this year will be no different. Chiropractic combined with proper diet and supplementation (vitamin D, high quality fish oil and probiotics) have kept both of my children and everyone else in our household free of flu and major colds for the past 5 years. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein has a very enlightening and wonderful series of free vaccine webinars on his website at, I would highly encourage listening to some of these, especially the one with Dr. Gary Null.


Nope, no vaccine happening in this house. My husband was even offered it at work for free and declined. I've had the flu shot before and still gotten the flu really bad (hospitalized)-the doctor then says "well this is a different strain". Um...ok. So I get a shot and I still get sick? No thanks!
We will make sure and practice the things you listed, thanks!
*In general we are starting to question the governments vaccinations...we're not anti-vaccine, just really doing research before our kids get them.


We have a split home on this issue. My husband wants the kids to get it and I'm a bit apprehensive. My daughter went ahead and got the nasal one, but they ran out of doses, so my youngest hasn't gotten it yet.


types this while eating sugary, processed food item - gah!

I am interested in the Vit D research. Is started taking extra D in supplemented form earlier this year. Hopefully it will help!

about the colloidal silver, I am just reminded of that guy who turned blue - literally - wasn't he taking some type of silver supplement?? I don't want to wind up talking to Matt Lauer about my blue-ness anytime soon :D


Oh, we get flu shots every year, including my son. Someone was saying that what is so deadly is not the swine flu but the respiratory infection that develops afterward. Since it affects kids so harshly I am considering it for my son, but in all likelihood there will not be any available any time soon. Seems not to be as critical for "old folks" like me and MB.

Amanda Rettke

It absolutely is Bethany!!!  Just make sure your doses are accurate for your needs...

Amanda Rettke

Excellent points Kristin... I agree!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you for that info. Nicole... I ALWAYS appreciate new information regarding natural ways in healing and maintaining health!!!  Blessings!

Janet Nowlin

Great information, thanks for sharing!!!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Very informative post...Thanks for sharing.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

I am nervous about getting the shot for my son so right now we are looking at the flu shot. HOwever, our clinic is out of it. These were some great tips and a good link for us all.

He & Me + 3


That is great information. I didn't know that about vitamin D. Good to know. we are not getting either of the flu shots. No thank you. I try to steer clear of meds unless necessary. Get lots of stuff from the health food store. seems to help. Glad you got this info out there. Makes people think. We have started with Echinecea and probiotics.


Amanda~ Great information!!! We hit a super busy week and I totally slacked in just about every point you had listed and sure enough, we all got super sick with unofficially diagnosed h1n1! It hung around for 10 crummy days! In all seriousness though, I watched my children closely, pushed fluids, treated symptoms, stayed put and relaxed...we made it and I do not regret skipping the vaccination! We now have developed immunity to the virus. Sometimes God gives us down days just to reflect on how blessed we are, to kiss those sweet little heads constantly, and to trust Him in all things!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you for sharing this Londa... great thoughts here and YEAH!  So glad you are well!!


We pretty much do all these things (ok ok obviously I don't get enough sleep but that's a whole other story!) and we still got the flu at our house! Although I also do and will continue (if I am so blessed to have another baby) :) vacainate my children (on a delayed/alternate schedule) They are normally very healthy kids but everyone catches something sometimes. This is all good info though, it's always nice for people to hear ALL sides. Oh and we will NOT be getting the shot! :)


Awesome!! Great info! Thanks :)


Nope, no flu shots here of any kind. I just don't really see the point in the pain. AND it seems like whenever I know a kids who has recently gotten the flu shot they end up sick a few weeks later. Now just how did that help?

Thanks for the info! This was a great post.


Great post, thanks! I am left wondering if I up my vitamin D to oh...1,000,000,000 a day can I eat all the sugar I want? LOL. Geesh...a reason to give up hot cocoa,huh? Nah. I didn't know that about sugar. I try to limit it anyway but I can't say I am wildly successful.

My mother in law is a pharmacist and she told us NOT to get the H1N1 vaccine. She is normally the one pushing vaccines nad drugs so I think I'll listen to her. I wasn't planning on it anyway. However, I find myself torn when I hear of how bad the swine flu can be. As of right now, it doesn't matter because where I live we are out of H1N1 vaccine and many places are out of the regular flu vaccine.


i love that you are so diverse on your blog...personal things about your life, issues in your home and community and tips we all can benefit from...thank you! i knew about most of this but it is always a good reminder. i'm very skeptical of vaccines/medication in general and err on natural remedies first whenever i no flu shots for me or my family...i have had a lot of pressure over the swine flu from my mom but my children are in great health, eat well overall and i'm still nursing both of them so i'm hoping that plus vitamins, lots of time in the sun, echinecea (sp?), probiotics...etc. with your tips...thanks again for bringing up this issue plus all the specifics!


Well...this is obviously not the popular choice around here, but we did get our daughter vaccinated with BOTH flu shots this year. She is 11 years old and has asthma, which puts her into the high risk category, and after MUCH deliberation and MUCH research we made our decision. However, I think it is very much an individual family decision. No judgment from me either way. :)


wow... Lots of interesting opinions. I have always taken extra vitamin D to help with my mood, little did I know it helps with the flu. My opinion of the vaccine drastically changed when my best friend's 27yr old niece died last week of H1N1. We burried her today. She had was a very healthy, happy mother of a 9 month old baby.


In New Zealand we were one of the first to have to live through the winter epidemic of swine flu. It affected young people and not the usual target of babies and the elderly making it very unusual. BTW, this is a pandemic because of its spread not its virulence which tends to confuse the media!I had a flu vaccine for the first time this year (not for H1N1 though) and found I was much healthier that season and avoided the swine flu which affected a lot of people. Dying isn't the only reason to avoid these flus as the experience can takes weeks to get over, make working or running a business impossible and taking care of children nightmarish (when you feel rotten).It's disappointing to hear some of the negative, ill-informed views on vaccines. We are blessed to have this sophisticated and safe protection in comparison to the alternative of the actual diseaeses they protect against.


Avoiding breeding grounds is also a preventive measure.Of course, most of us must go out into public places. We work, grocery shop, exercise- we live; but there are places you can avoid that will greatly reduce your chances of getting the virus. For example, if you typically use a gym, opt to jog outside instead. If you take the train to work, bicycle, drive or walk.


Wow, we really are kindred spirits, we use vitamin D to keep everyone healthy as well as lots of veggies and limited sugar. Sugar is tough because I also love to bake. I make cupcakes for our church every Sunday so that is our weekly sugar treat. We have 4 kids and they go years without getting sick! Well, baby is only 9 months but hopefully he will avoid illness as well!

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