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September 18, 2009



Totally agree with you. Sometimes I would get discouraged because I would only have a few comments but hey - I'm okay with that. I blog when I can and the main reason for me to blog is to let friends and family know what is going on and for me to go back when I finally get around to scrapbooking for more information on pictures if needed. :)

God Bless

Kathy D

Good Morning Amanda,
I enjoy your blog very much. Keep on writing and sharing the blessing of being home, being a mom, and loving God. There really is nothing better. Now I am sharing my bias. I love to see how God is at work in other women's lives!
Happy Blogging!

Kami Rude

Oh my sweet, dear friend you couldn't be more wrong. You are a very valuable blogger and I look forward to reading your blogs because it inspires me to do more fun things with my kiddos, it inspires me to want to bake, it inspires me in my faith and it warms my heart to just hear what's going on in your family. You are an amazing woman with a beautiful heart, and that beautiful heart is exactly what shines through in your blog. Just because you don't have 500 comments doesn't mean, by any means, that your blog is less than phenomenal. I love reading, I will continue to read, because I love who you are and what you stand for. You, my friend, are a truly remarkable woman ... and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Amanda Rettke

Thanks for your kind words Kami!!  I should be a lot more clear about it, but I am absolutely certain that my worth has NOTHING to do with my blog and EVERYTHING to do with my relationship with Jesus.  I know that "I am who God says I am," and I love that!!

This post is kind of tongue-in-cheek... but mostly just me sticking out my tongue.

Hope you are back to %100 asap!!

stacy Ness

I love your blog. I am not always comment but I do read every one! At least I don't have a blog for you to follow :)

Amanda Rettke

Hey...thank you Stacy!!  I wish you had a blog for me to follow, I love seeing pictures of your kids and your projects and all the great programs you support!

Love to you!



"Who am I kidding. You know I'm going to post a picture of my kids later. It's what I do."
It's hard to not get caught up in visitor stats and comment numbers. It is.
But I fully agree with you about the relationship thing. And I can't wait to get the date set for my MN trip, because I am just giddy about getting to meet you!
And the following part? Yeah. I do not follow any blogs. If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I visit theirs reciprocally. (Is that even a word??) I started that habit because I found myself spending too much time blog-surfing and I needed to cut back. So now, with rare exceptions, I only go to blogs of people who leave comments on mine. Not because I am not interested in others - it's more a self-discipline thing for me.
(So, keep coming to visit me - that I may keep coming to visit you! *wink*)
And we can keep being "unsuccessful" together. *grin*

BTW, I was with you and read over that "Quality content" statement a couple times before I moved on to the next line and was assured you were in jest. Oh, you funny girl.



I'm changing up the way I do business today.. cause it doesn't feel authentic. I loved your post. I also love your cookies and have drooled over them often. :)_


Great post! I blog because I like it. It blesses me to read the encouraging comments to find out something I shaerd blessed someone else. So that's really my purpose. it's been so fun to make friends through blogs.


Amanda, As you know I have 2 blogs. With my personal blog I feel it is nice to have followers and comments, but I honestly don't pay much attention to the number of comments. Don't get me wrong, I love comments, but I don't write my personal blog for my readers, I write it for me. I enjoy the bloggy friendships I have made and it's fun when you can comment back and forth with a friend in antoher state.
Sometimes my girlfriends at home are just so busy and I have 7 siblings so it's hard to get a word in there, and my hubby is such a quiet guy that sometimes I think my constant babbling is just like a "charlie brown droning" to him. That is why I blog! I can say what I want, ramble on like I want (like right now) and I feel free to just be me and say what I want.
Confession time: I swear like a truck driver (except I never use THAT word), however I try not to swear on my blog cuz my mom reads it, and well that's just weird to drop f-bombs in front of your mother. Other than that, my blog allows me to just be me. I write for me, not for an audience.
Now the other blog (what I have dubbed the "shiny,happy blog", that's a whole different story. Give me followers, give me comments, give me stats!


very well said. i could totally tell this is how you feel and deal, just from your actions. it's sooooo good to hear someone has this perspective and it encourages me that it's okay to expect or even seek out a blogging "relationship" with people. it's hard read so much personal stuff on people's blogs and comment to them and then get back nothing. it's like talking to someone in a crowd, looking right at them, and having them just walk away. leaving me with my thought and feelings laid bare. :(
but you are SO NOT like that. you are a dear and i so appreciate your sweet comments and messages to me. i sorta don't want your blog to get too popular cause i don't wanna share you! ;)


See... now I feel like I have to comment. ha - I'm just kidding. I did think it funny that the Forbes list didn't include a "Best Family Blog". I've been trying to narrow down my blog-read list and only read ones that are relevant to me (and therefore worth my time to comment on). Maybe I'll categorize the others into a stalker-only list. ha! Whatever! Keep blogging whether you have "followers" or not!

(Now you see why I don't always leave comments... I make no sense.)


I love it!

Very funny! (I don't want to be like the Top 25 blogs....I want to be "set apart".) I write for myself. It is a creative outlet. But I have made some great blog friends, and I enjoy the relationship.

I about died laughing though at the thing you don't give your readers..."quality content". Hilarious!


Oh gosh I love your blog! (more so than most other blogs!) I can't remember how I found yours, but it is every much of an eye candy blog as any of those big name one. Keep on posting pictures!! I love them!

I blog for myself. Plain and simple. I have no followers and only one person that comments regularly and it doesn't bother me one little bit. :)


I sort of agree w/the not following people who don't follow or comment to you. Especially those you comment on regularly and get nothing back, ever, even though they don't have more than 10 comments or so a post. I understand not replying every time, but never...well that's an invitation to leave! There are some blogs I just check up on occasionally though, and sometimes it's hard to keep track =)!

I'm still trying to figure out why all I blog ;)!

He & Me + 3

I follow your blog and love it. Your posts are so interesting and you are funny and I love all the cool crafts and cookies you make. I enjoy reading your posts and finding out more about you and your family. I blog mostly for my mother in law out of state...but sometimes for fun & for my blogging friends.


Amen! What a fabulous post, I couldn't agree more. You have a lot to offer me, personally. First of all I love gaining inspiration in the craft department. I could stare at those cookies any day of the week and love your photographs too.

Thanks for giving us (me) the opportunity to get to know you. I even love your sense of humor (which just so happens to be very similar to mine).

I began blogging to share our story with my close friends and family (to eliminate the need to constantly be explaining and repeating myself). The more I blogged the more I began enjoying it for myself (chronicling the struggles and triumphs of our family).

I occasionally read Pioneer Woman, faithfully read MckMama (photographs!! cute kids!!), This Family of Four (Alphabitty Moments), 4 Little Men and Girly Twins (for the same reasons), and a slew of other CFer's (for support). And yours of course (but I already explained why in the first paragraph) {smile}

Jessica @ How Sweet It IS

Great post! I completely agree with you. When I was thinking about starting a blog I kept wondering how I could get readers. Then I realized I didn't care about getting readers. Blogging was something I wanted to do for a long time, and wanted to do because I ENJOY writing. Thanks for this. :)

Michelle M.

That is the same way that I approach reading other people's blogs. Back in the day, I used to have a "mommy blog" that I worked really, really hard on. But that required me to go out and find people to read it. It ended up taking a lot of time that I just didn't have. So I closed that blog several years ago and started OurLittleMonkeys basically for friends and family, but it has been fun to meet other mommy bloggers, too.
Keep it up. Even if you don't have a million comments, you still have a lot of people who enjoy reading. Have a great day!


Quality Content - bwwwwwaaahhhaaaa...just thinking of my blog. Because it's all about my blog. But it's really not. Or I would have tons of comments and readers too. I think I will just keep on blogging so that you can stop by and leave me witty comments. And then I will hit "reply" and fulfill my unofficial blogger reciprocation contract :D

Have a great weekend!!


I agree with everyone else, keep doing what you're doing because we love it! :) Of course it's always great to have lots of comments but then I don't think the blogging would really be for you anymore. Just too much pressure, you know? :) And it can be annoying when people don't comment back, it is kind of a relationship and some people just don't want to put in the effort...but that's okay I guess. :) I love your post, your kids, your pictures and your cookies...YUM! :)


Quality over quantity :) You have followers, GREAT ones. I'd take GREAT ones over large masses any day.

I found you blog looking for Sugar Cookies :) LOVE looking at your creations and have attempted, with so so results, a few times.

I have two blogs...1 "family" blog with all the stuff that realtives love ( and one that I created a few weeks ago for me that I will share with my kids down the line ( I don't care about the comments, or the number of visitors, I just like to put my thoughts down in a place where they are not easily lost but easily shared should I feel like it.

So in a nut shell, I enjoy your blog, and check it on a regular basis :)

Carrie @ MartinManor

everyone blogs for different reasons and some you just connect with and others you don't :) I started my blog so my family would not keep getting endless emails of my pictures! So i said...Go to my blog and you can look at them if you want!'s become so much more, and I've met some really fun, interesting, encouraging and inspirational people! I don't always comment, and don't ever expect lots of comments either...I could never keep up with them all! I say comment if you feel moved to do so...and if not...then don't! :) Love your photos and sense of humor...keep doing what you do best...being yourself!


so do you live in mn like me? does that mean i could really meet you and try your FANTASTIC looking cookies for real and not just wish i could eat them? even if you live in wi or ia. i'm so excited!


LOL! I love the post! I just found your blog through CFMama's blog and found her's through MckMama's BF. I don't have much time to read through previous posts, but will put you on my blogroll to read when I'm not at work!

Tina Fisher

Hi Amanda!
I love this post! I started reading all the comments but didn't get to read them all b/c there are so many! I have to get the baby and wanted to quick get a comment in.

I love your blog...and I love your ideas! I am on the look out for a chalk board! I would love to put something in my entry way or outside on my front door. If I had any ability to draw I would so something like that...but alas, I do not. I looked at another post you did on this subject and saw a pic of your little girl with the chalk board...I think it said "Him" on it? In any case the pic was adorable.

I too feel the way you do about following blogs...and the comment thing. I feel like it's well, I can't even think of the word....but one becomes a waste of my time. I have so little these days. It's been a changing world in our house and I have to pick and choose what I do. For some odd reason this is easier than even talking on the phone.

The reason you ask....well a perfect son just came screaming out of the bathroom. I am going to have to post about this.

I am so glad we met and that we follow "each other's" blog!

Have a great weekend!

Oh, I blog for me and for my family. I blog to make some relationships with other women, have some conversation...get some ideas. I also blog so I can put together a book with all my pictures and memories of what my kids are doing. Otherwise it will all be forgotten...I have a horrible memory!


I certainly and totally agree with you! I love getting a lot of comments but they mean more when your "friends" with the blogger. Plus, I like to comment on everyones posts so they know i care and that would be hard if I had a huge amount of people! I have followed peoples blogs who dont follow back and your right, it is awkward. And just so you know, i love your blog and I try to read all of your posts (hope that doesnt sound stalkerish lol) you are such an amazing and inspiring person. And btw, if those things you listed makes one and unsuccessful blogger, so be it. The definition of success i think is a lot different than a huge blog roll and fifty million followers!


It's so nice to hear I'm not the only one that thinks about these things...I always remind myself that the people that read my blog EVERYDAY..are my family, they aren't "followers"...and the never leave comments :( But I hear back from them every once in awhile that they really enjoy it. That's what keeps me going!

Healthy & Thrifty

I just became a mom about 10 months ago. My life went from corporate america to stay at home mom, as Jesus would have it. I'm glad, but boy has it been an adjustment. You encourage me and I know that's because of the light shining through you. I started a blog a month or so ago and I don't get any visitors. You made my only comment the other day, it was exciting. I'm not really looking to be a famous blogger, I haven't even told the people around me I have a blog. I just got bored and decided to give blogging a whirl. It can be a time robber that's for sure, I ponder throwing in the towel, I very well may? Whether or not I do, I'm glad I found your blog in the process, you represent Jesus well and that's a good thing!

Pineapple Princess

Your blog is truly fabulous. You inspire me and give me GREAT ideas. I'd love to add you to my "Blog Crushes" a.k.a. blog roll. Is that cool with you?
Have a fantastic weekend!!


Hey now... I comment back :) Actually I had the same problem, I just cleaned house on my *following* lists. You and me though...we travel some pretty close paths and may just have to get these kiddos together one day!

I have read a couple of your "Things successful bloggers do..." and really enjoy them! Keep the good stuff coming. It makes me think (and then I decide thinking is too much work and I go eat some cookies or something since your pictures always make me hungry...hmmm...maybe that's why the shred is doing more for my kids than me....)


I just thought I would tell you that I love your blog. Our kids are similiar ages and I find your posts humerous, honest and thoughtful. I read faithfully and don't think I have ever commented. So, anyway, just wanted to say hi.

Queen Mommy

I hear ya. Many times I feel like I'm babbling to myself, but I realize that most of the people who read my blog are personal friends and family members who read just to keep up with our family. None of them really have blogs of their own, neither do they have blogger/google accounts, so they generally don't comment, which is fine. I do get the occasional email from them, or they tell me how much they enjoy the blog the next time I see them in person. So, I guess that works. Anyway.....I would be happy to teach you how to make yummy fondant sometime. It's really not hard, but you must teach me how to decorate such awesome cookies. The holidays are coming up you know..... :-)

Queen Mommy

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that yes, my new stethoscope looks pretty much like the one in the picture on my blog. The only difference is that mine is black instead of brown. And, really, what average mommy doesn't need a really awesome stethoscope, right?! :-)

Megan Dillon

Hi there. I'm Megan, sister to Bethany @ Crazy Days... Sleepless Nights. I'm a working mom (I just started my 11th year of teaching kindergarten) with a 15 month old daughter and a husband with cancer, and I enjoy reading about and living vicariously through both you and my sister as you are able to really enjoy this precious time with your little ones. I was also homeschooled, so I often get a chuckle out of your stories and photos about homeschooling. Your children are absolutely beautiful, and your photography is fantastic! Life is very busy here in our house right now, so I'm not always able to comment, but I read each and every post! It's great to see your love for the Lord and dedication to raising your children to walk with Him. God bless!

Megan in Michigan

Amanda Rettke

Wow!!  Hi Megan!!  You sure do have a great sister... thank you so much for commenting and introducing yourself and sharing.. I am DELIGHTED to meet you!!  And thank you for all the sweet compliments and thoughts!

So... when are YOU going to start a blog??  he he

Blessings to you!


I've enjoyed reading your blog the few times that I've been here "lurking"... I like your photography and your way with words.

It's a whole new world to me... this whole blogging thing. I first started blogging to create a record for my kids and to have an easy way to share with family and friends. Prior to that I had been journaling every few days and keeping the journal entries in notebooks for the kids (two 3 ring binders later, I decided that I ought to just blog)... I had NO CLUE that anyone ever blogged professionally or cared how many comments were left on their site. But... I must say that I have really enjoyed reading other people's blogs and probably spend way too much time doing it... and... yes... it is nice to get a comment back. And, to that end, I say "thank you" for commenting on my blog. :) If I can manage to stay awake, I'm going to post a long overdue blog entry with the bazillion pictures I've taken of the kids in the past couple of weeks!

Take care,


I'm also here because of CFMama's blog; I'm so glad I stopped by (it's been sitting in the dock all day waiting for some attention!).

Your post is certainly applicable to us. We'd like to have more comments, but since we respond to each of them (in our own comments section, which may be the easy way out), I don't know that we could do justice to much more. We appreciate those who do let us know they were there and actually READ the post or said they did :)

At least no one's thrown tomatoes... to our knowledge, anyway.

Will be stopping by again -



oh my goodness...i connected so much with this post and really am so glad you were able to articulate most of why i blog and why i will not be a "successful" blogger but i think society in general is fairly screwed up about what we use to define success anyway...for me it is so in the meaningful relationships and connections with being one of them...i'm not sure how we found one another but i'm so glad to be a part of your world. i want to go back through these comments and check out some of the mommy of these days...will have to put that further down my many "to do" lists...thanks again for your wonderful human and real perspective...


Dang girl, I'm your 40th comment on this entry, I think you're becoming more and more successful! LOL Hehe!

I'm by and far not a successful blogger in the world of commenters, etc. But I'm ok with that. I share what's on my heart, I share my love for Jesus, my family, and at times our travels here in Europe.

Love ya girl


I meant every single word. =)


I absolutely agree! Love this post. I blog for myself really, but of course I enjoy getting comments. I try to reply to them but I don't really follow people who don't read my blog for the most part. Too much effort :)

Julie in WA

This post inspires more thoughts of starting my own blog. But I know this season of my life must remain blogless (it's a Holy Spirit guided thing). I love your philosophy of getting to know others through blogs. I never thought of blog-following as a one-way relationship, probably because most blogs I follow are quilting blogs, where I learn more about the creative process instead of personal encouragement or challenge. Your blog is one of two I follow for personal reasons...because I like you and your blog fills some need in me. (Hmmm, I will have to ponder that a while, what need you are filling.) Hope you don't mind...I will keep visiting your blog on a daily basis!


*Found you from CF Mama*
Thanks for this post. I quit blogging awhile back because my in-laws thought my blog was insulting to them and they were reading it without my knowing. It was heartbreaking. It totally ruined blogging for me. I quit for awhile, then came back with no I am truly trying to get back into it for ME. Whether they are reading or not, I don't know and I don't want to know. I started blogging as a creative outlet and a way to record my children's fleeting childhood. Whether or not people like what I write or ever read it should be irrelevant. THANK YOU!

Amanda Rettke

Thanks so much for sharing that Jenney... I can't even imagine going through something like that.  I do hope you relationship with your in-laws has improved... if not, its such a heavy burden. :(

I have seen your blog many times and always thought it was unique and creative and fun!!

You do great work!!

God bless!


I comment on EVERY blog I read. And I reply to every comment I get. I think it is common courtesy. I also think it is common courtesy to go visit the blog of the person that has visited you and read and leave a comment. It's apparently not how everyone thinks though. I usually don't read too long if they blow me off. And sometimes there is that rare one that is really bad that you just soooo don't want to read. But I read them too. Cause it's the nice thing to do. Thats how I roll. :D

PS I am still trying to understand the whole "following" gig. I just add people to google reader and sometimes click follow on their blogs. not really sure what that does but I do it. Google reader is my sanity though :D


You're so funny! When I first started reading Mckmama's blog, I began to have blog envy and wished for more readers. After a few brushes with fame via her blog I realized there was no way I intended to have a blog with any sort of content that would hold readers. Nope, just "boring" updates for my family who loves me and Amanda's family who loves her.

I follow a few blogs even though they rarely or never have left a comment on my blog. I like their story and know that leaving them a comment is a blessing so that makes me happy.

I read your blog often, just haven't taken time to comment. Sorry. I write my blog for me and my family to see what we are up to. I also have made a few new friends from it, and that's a bonus. Mostly, I'm selfish and I do it for ME. LOL

Love ya girl and hope to see you at a get together soon! ;)

A person who knows nothing about the blog world!

I do not have a blog ,and so I guess I am a little confused--and just came to yours to look at your beautiful cookies! But I have a few questions--

Why would you ONLY read blogs if they are going to read yours? I read blogs to be inspired, entertained, learn more about people etc.--and since I don't have a blog I expect NOTHING in return. If you enjoy a blog why would you stop reading it because those people did not follow your blog or comment on your comments? And the example about writing a whole comment about also losing your pet--that would be very disheartening--but isn't the cathartic part just reading about a similar experience and remembering yours? Not necessarily needing to get validation about your comment?

Also, if you started your own blog for friends/family (which it seems many do) then isn't it enough that they read it, not also the people whose blogs you visit? Are you just saying that you don't want to give them more readers if they aren't adding to your numbers? I think your blog is a success even if NO ONE read it, and you just wrote it for yourself!

Like I said I don't know what is PC in the blog world!! I write comments or read just for myself and never expect a reply!


You make me laugh, sweet lady. I love to read your blog, see your pics, drool over your perfect canning (somethings wrong with my pressure canner. huge bummer.), and of course lust for some of those cookies. I'm sure there's more, but my brain is on the fried to a crisp setting. Anywho, just wanted you to know I love you, and your blog. One day there's gonna be a party up in heaven when we all get to meet. Hugs to you!


Wow! Could this post be your ticket in? :-) That's a hefty load of comments.

I've been dealing with the blog issue for awhile now and finally feel as though I don't care about the number of comments and what people think. Don't get me wrong. I love to hear from others and their comments mean so much, but I figure if I am writing from my life and glorifying God with my words, it's not all about the feedback I receive. Tough balance, though!

Mandy @ Mommy Cracked

Good for you. I can promise you I have tried it all as far as trying to be a successful blogger, but I always come back to the place where I know deep in my heart that yes, recognition and tons of readers would be fantastic, but that's not why I blog. It's just not.

I found you through Nathan's Fight and I am so glad I did. I'll be reading along from now on!


OK - everyone else has already said it, but I agree too!

It is not about the numbers of the "status" of the commentors, but I confess I did get a slight thrill when once someone I consider "mega" blogger commented! (Not that it has happened more than once!)

I LOVE the friendships and relationships I have built up through my blog - a totally unexpected bonus of this blogging journey I have never even anticipated.

PS I LOVE it when you visit my blog, but you do make me blush with your compliments! - I need to learn to accept them better.

Kimberly @ Raising Olives

I have to say that 53 comments to me indicates a "successful" blog. I also suppose that the definition of successful will vary from blogger to blogger.

The goal of my blog is not to build relationships with other bloggers (although I love it when I have that opportunity). My is to offer practical help to others. I used to get so many questions on a regular basis, I figured I would write out my answers and that ultimately it would save me time. With homeschooling and running a household of 12, being hospitable and organizing a mother's support group, I don't have much time to read or comment on other blogs. I try to fit it in when I can but it is sadly sporadic.

So for me success is not a huge readership it is to offer help and encouragement to those who do spend the time to read.

Again, thanks for your perspective and I wish that I had time to make more blogging friends and really admire those who are better at it than I.


I blog for myself. My family doesn't even know my blog. I have two readers; my husband and a friend of mine. Frankly, from what I've witnessed recently, I'm not sure I want to pay the price for having a popular blog. I couldn't keep up anyway.
You are humorous, talented, and creative and I enjoy reading your blog.


Hello there.. I'm coming over from Nathan's fight. I have to agree with you on this post. Social networking has gotten to be about how many followers you've gotten whether it's on a blog, facebook or twitter. I've started following more people than I can ever get to these days but I only follow those that truly held an interest for me at one time or another.

I really enjoyed reading your blog.

Kristin Smith

This was hillarious!! Sometimes I feel like a blog loser b/c I don't have any "followers"....but really who then am I writing for? I write so that hopefully some day my kiddos have something that shows where my heart was...maybe they will find God in the pages and be drawn to Him too...but I agree...I want to develop relationship with others who desire the same. When it is one sided it just isn't much fun!

By the way your colorful layer cake was AMAZING. How did you do it?

Blessings to you!


I agree! I don't really know how to respond to comments but I do try to read other people's blogs and leave comments. Because I love them!

Since I haven't been by in a while - I wanted to tell you a couple of things: I LOVE the cake you made for MckMama's get together! And the playdough thing... I have NEVER made it for my kids. So you are not the slowest snail on the sidewalk :) I should make it because my daughter eats it whenever she gets the chance, so I have stopped buying it. Making my own would be the perfect solution... Maybe tomorrow...


Oh I also wanted to tell you - I tried the first workout of the 30-Day shred. Hated it and almost died. But I will do it again. In a week or so when my chest arms torso and legs stop crying out every time I think about moving. Ugh.

Amanda Rettke

Way to Go Shannon!!!  Thats AWESOME!!!  You go girl  Keep at it.  You will see results soon!  And be sure to keep me updated! :)


I'm just starting out in the blogging world and already it feels hopeless. I think to myself about what would "appeal" to readers to write sometimes and then decide it's just not worth it to change what -I- want to write about to get readers. If a few someones want to read what I want to write I feel more validated than if 1,000 someone would want to read what I don't want to write about. Great post! :)

Scrappy Girl

Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest! I sign up to follow a new blog...I add it to my blogroll if I want to read it daily...I have made some great friends! If it loses my attention I delete it from my blogroll.

Janet L. Nowlin

Hi, just stopped by from SITS. Happy Sharefest Saturday! I've only just recently gotten into blogging and I agree, there are certain things that I just can't give people: free stuff, dirt on famous people, and technical information. What's a girl to do? Well, just keep on writing what's in her heart, following blogs and keeping up with the (few) comments that come her way. I hope you do the same!


Anybody who can take a suck a rockin picture of RAINBOW PANCAKES is compeletely successful by my standards. This is a great post.


oops. typo. bad typo. that's supposed to read "..take suck a rockin picture..". I guess that's one of the hazards of commenting while parenting.


such! why can i not type??

Amanda Rettke

lol  You made me giggle Cindy!!lol


Interesting series of posts.

I know I have a few readers that don't comment, but I don't need comments. I blog because I can get my thoughts down and maybe help someone else along the way. It's not that I don't do it for others at all, or that I'm not pleased when I read comments, I just feel that the moment you base what you do on the actions of other people, you'll get disappointed time and again. So another blogger got an opportunity you didn't? Instead of being hurt and upset, I never had it to begin with anyway. Do what you feel you should do for yourself, as long as it's the right choice, and never base it off someone else's choice.

Amanda Rettke

Great thoughts Cat!!  I appreciate the honest and heartfelt feedback!


Excellent post Amanda (I'm reading back through some of your old post randomly, as I've mentioned before in other comments, I just found your blog a few weeks ago or so via Tasty Kitchen).

I totally agree with your sentiments here, I am not looking for a thousand followers, etc. I just write about what's going on in my life, to put it all into context for, to mark the moments that make up life as they occur. If people want to read then great. And as far as comments, I value them, but truly I want them from people who have read a bit and are invested in what I'm saying - whether they know me in real life or not! If wanted a million people I don't know to comment I could do a giveaway. I write on my blog because I want to and want to hear from people who are interested in what I'm writing about.

So glad I stumbled across your blog. And thanks for following me!

Karin Katherine

Everyone says they blog for themselves, but there come a moment when you feel like, "is anyone even reading this?" Or depressed when you go to another blog you like and there are 50+ comments you have to scroll past to leave your own and you are lucky if you get 5 on your own blog. It's hard.

I don't know how some blogs BLOW UP--I mean they blog less than a year and have 500 followers. I'm going on my 2nd year and I'm pretty psyched I finally got 100 followers! LOL

Its hard to figure out this blogging thing. I'm hoping to improve my writing. And punctuation. LOL

I'm going to Blissdom '10 and I hope I live to blog about it. I'm super intimidated, but curious.


This post made me really like you. :)

I couldn't even agree more, in fact I just wrote a similar post, which, I believe is the post that you stopped by and read on my blog the other day.

I get so confused why people dump out these long comments on blogs with hundreds of comments on them, it's so impersonal to be giving people you don't know, and who probably don't have time to care (although maybe they do and I'm totally wrong) personal information.

Just sayin...


I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I am reading through, Things Successful Bloggers Do That I Do Not Do, and I am totally relating. I think I have become caught up in wanting comments because I feel as though nobody reads what I write. But at the end of the day, I am not really writing for anyone but ME. I tend to over think this whole process. However, I have to laugh, because you seem pretty successful to me.
I don't plan on ever trying to compete with the's just not me. (though, tell that to the competitive perfectionist living inside of me - this drives her crazy)
I am glad I wound up here, though I can't for the life of me remember how (mommy-brain, old age, ugh), your blog is very down-to-earth and those are the best ones in my opinion.

Happy Blogging!

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