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September 16, 2009



Love your pictures, doodles and mini books.

I could follow it all totally - in fact it did not even appear that random - I am worried about what that might say about ME!

Very cute books, and perfect to record those moments.


Love the books, I have a notebook I carry around for the exact same reason...because kids are way too funny and it needs to be recorded!

Holy tomatoes! You are going to have salsa for the rest of your life girl! :)


I don't know how to spell exagger-whatever. So cursive, or not, I'll just gloss over it. *grin*

Love your creative apporach in this post, Amanda. (As usual!)

Kami Rude

We have a quote book that we keep with the random things that the kids say. I do keep paper and a pen in my purse always, because it's always when we're out and about that they say something great (like the time that Colin asked me if John Wayne was the president!).

Love your creativity :)


What a neat blog!!! Love how you were writing your ideas down and photographing them. VERY CHIC! Those matchbooks are adorable! I can't wait to try that!

He & Me + 3

YOu amaze me with your creativity and your drive. My goodness you see something you like and you just do it. I have wanted to do so many things...but am so unmotivated. sheesh...can't you live closer?


Once again you make me hang my head in shame. Where or where have my creative ideas gone? I have to agree with JanMary. This did not appear to random. Just a regular day in mommyhood. I'm glad to see someone else is swamped with tomatoes too. Not 'cause I want you swamped, it's just nice not to feel alone in it. :)

Love, love LOVE the matchbook idea. I'm so bad about baby books, maybe doing something like that would help.

Love the grandma picture. So cute.

Tina Fisher

Cool idea....where's the time? I try and at least get a post it note started....I can't even manage that very well!


I am relieved to know that now you won't be able to forget you have a vagina :D

It's been 13 years now that I have been writing down quotes my son says. I typed them up and have over 70 typewritten pages. Every now and then we break out the quote book and have a good laugh together. It is kinda cool that a big teenager still likes that mom take the time to write these things down.

Your kids will love it too!


Okay, Amanda, it's your fault I just caused a scene. I'm in the library and just cracked up very OUT LOUD at this post. Oh my goodness...that embarassing mommy-moment is hilarious.



I love this post! Great idea and very fun!

I envy your canability. I do not have a canning bone in my body. That I've found, anyway.

Love the matchbox idea! I have a stack of index cards for the same thing, but this is MUCH cuter. I might borrow the idea... :)


love the handwriting, randomness, personalness, photos supporting your idea and best of all the matches! i always think "i could never forget THIS comment" and it is gone before i find something to write it on...wonderful idea...


Girl I love you and am always inspired by you. I keep thinking if I paid you enough if you'd make creative things for my children and then let me take credit! ROFL!! j/k!! I LOVE the matchbook idea, that's awesome!


This post is such a cute idea! I love how it's written out. If I could write as nice as you I would do it too. And the matchbook thing is a great idea too. You are so creative to find ways to make it your own.


Do you have an email address? I mean, of course you do but would you be willing to give it to me? If so, you can email me at I just have a teensie little question for you. :)

Trench Mommy

Totally cool idea...but I doubt you'll forget what he said to you in the grocery store!


I just found your blog...I love it! And that matchbook idea is A-dorable. I'm going to for sure use it for one of our MOPS groups-thanks!

Oh, and your children are beautiful!


Really neat idea!


hahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only mother whose children have spoken quite loudly about her body parts in public (and theirs....but at least they use the proper names!)


I love the doodle phrases, and the matchbook idea. I admire you also for seeing something, and then doing it. You never seem to get stuck at the big "BUT" that trips me up, every single time.

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