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September 26, 2009



This post cracked. me. up. As a fellow child of the 80s, I was laughing and imagining you laughing as your typed, too!

Kami Rude

Yummy! Can I tell you how fabulous this looks? I wish I had been there - but I will hopefully see you at Mudd Lake! Missing you much, feeling a little envious about your baking abilities ..

stacy Ness

I love that you made that cake again and that you shared it that first time. I just made 5 of those cakes for our church's Fall Festival. Can't wait to see what people think tomorrow :)

I did figure out how to get 4 cakes out of 6 mixes. 1 box for each color, then I baked them as directed in 9 in round pans. Once cool I would cut them in half horizontally. (I got a neat little tool for that at Walmart) Than make like you did before.

Also if you use the 9 in square pans you can get 8 cakes out of 6 mixes. Do everything as above but with the square pan. But also cut them in half and you can get 8 brick like cakes. I will post pictures to my facebook soon so you can see. :)

I really hope that all made sense :)


Quing Obillos

The kids are so cute!

The cake's a brilliant idea! Looks so cool and yummy!


Love that first photo of audrey and her friend crawling in the background...gorgeous cake looks delicious...wish I could have you, family and cake over for playdates!

katie r.

Amazing skillz, Amanda. (sorry I jumped ahead to the 90s but you took all the cool 80s phrases)

He & Me + 3

YOu are totally crazy dude! I love this post & that cake looks like totally awesome! At first I was like how did she squeeze all those letters on a cookie and then I like read a little further only to find out it was a cake and then I was like YUM!
PS-so glad no one like ate Stellan. :) 80's were the best of times!

Sunshine Mama

Those are great picts. I love how your daughter is eating Stellan. Stellan totally looks like his dad in the one pict of him staring at the camera.

Man, you are a cook extrordinarre (sp)!

I love your "team sunshine" idea. I actually used it in a story I wrote in my diet blog and mentioned your name if you want to read it. My diet blog is
My friend Jo even mentioned making t-shirts. :)

Tina Fisher

You should read some of the comments on MckMama's post. ALL the readers totally, yes totally! loved your cake. They all want the recipe!

It was a fun playdate! So glad to see you I mentioned earlier.

I love your you just know how to take these great pics or what?



That's so fun that Audrey is in a similar rainbow dress! I love the picture of MckMama taking photos. We know she looks like that quite often but rarely get to see it!

Looks like a fun playdate!


When I saw that cake on MckMama's website {with the cute writing on top} I knew you HAD to have made it. Kinda sad that I recognized your dessert handwriting. LOL. Anyway, I would definitely LOVE to have that recipe.


Still sad I missed it, but hoping to see you again soon! I don't suppose they make a gluten free variety of that cake....

(Oh and I totally would have been peeking in the pantry!)

Carrie @ MartinManor

That cake is beautiful! And it looks delicious! What a fun day! So glad everyone had a great time and great food, yum! Love the pictures...and your inner 80's! I don't think we ever have enough times to channel that...LOL!

maria cain

So it was YOU who made the cake!
Random.... I just found (and started following) your blog after looking for more info on the Teddy Bear park (thank for your post on that, by the way), and that very same day I got mckmama's cake envy, now to find out it was from you as well. It looks as though you might fill a little hole in my blog life ;)


Beautiful job on the cake! The colors are so bright.

Amanda Sikes

That cake is so cute. It sounds like a fun day. Wish I lived closer so I could hang out too.


Wow! You and MckMama and the bloggy world stars. Fun Times. Now am I famous by association? Oh,well.

So anywho... I'm glad you had a great time. So neat you could hang out with all those wonderful blogging mamas and got to play with the babies. I so have baby fever, but I don't think another is on the way. That would be a bad place for me to hang out it looks like. :)

You crack me up with all your 80s stuff. I was a child of the 80s, but since I was so isolated (HA!) I never got to into it. Actually, it's more like I lived in a rural town where the 80s actually came in the early 90s. The joy of living in the middle of fields. Or in a house in the middle of a field. You know what I meant. I hope.

Can't wait to hear how your out of town trip went. Thanks for the giggles.


the cake is gorgeous!! i didn't realize that you made it when i read MckMama's post! Awesome!! I hope it tasted as wonderful as it was beautiful! :)


You are, like, so totally taking me back to the 80's, girl!
It's totally awesome!
And that cake? Wow. That's all I can say.
Well, that and, How much patience do you need to have to take on a project like that? I think that's where I would fall down!
Oh, and it reminds me of one other thing. But I don't know if it's comment-appropriate. But here I am. So, well, here goes!
The cake also reminds me of the rainbow ice cream I bought once for my kids. I don't know how much food coloring was in it, but the stuff gave my children the prettiest poop I have ever seen! Yes, this was back when I was still changing diapers.
And I have never bought that ice cream again. Hopefully most of it came out! LOL


I am so making this cake next weekend.

Amanda Rettke

LOLĀ  I haven't thought to look... but I just might now!!! :)


You are a STAR now with that cake! I knew it was you when I read MckMama's post! And I totally, like, love the 80's!


Trying to think of an excuse to make that's beautiful! Totally reminds me of my Rainbow Bright days.


okay, so you are totally my baking--well, i would say idol, but after all my posts about being sold out for jesus, i can't--mentor. i tried mking a cake like that for maya's birthday and it was HORRIBLE! (the colors were fanTAStic, but the cake made you want to throw up, luckily the none of the kids did) now, i am so so jealous and really REALLY want to meet you. can i have a pregnancy craving for your baked goods if i've never even had them?


I LOVE the 80s...LOVE!! :)

Okay, I am so glad you brought this up...I had to check out the pantry too.

And the cake was a HIT! You're awesome! I don't think it looks very easy to make but I do think I might just have to make it for everywhere I go just to see people's reactions...they were great! :)

The kids and I had such a great time too, so glad we could go! And thanks for the pictures!


How totally rad is that cake????? It is kinda like you, always full of surprises :D

Glad you had a fun time.


I already emailed ya girl, but loved your whole 80's talk hehe!


I KNEW that cake was from dear Amanda the second I saw it on MckMama's blog. You are so amazingly talented! I kinda want to stay home from work and make one today. But that would be cake overload as I made cupcakes yesterday and my son devoured about 5 of them (most when we weren't looking).

Have a tubular day!


Gorgeous! And friends ARE blessings! :) Sounds like a fun time, Amanda!

Mandy @ Mommy Cracked

I've been seeing pictures of that famous cake all over the blogosphere this weekend! It's incredible!

Thanks for the comment :) i cannot wait to make this cake and surprise my 7 year old son on his 8th birthday. Thank you!!thank you!!! i was actually dreaming of it today!! but his b-day isn't for another couple weeks and i'll def take pics. Thanks again for the great recipe.


Great post, from another child of the 80's. Too funny. Love the post, pictures and the cake. How cool that you got to spend the day with McMama. WOW. Have a great day, your daughter is adorable.


Awesome cake! I love that you got to meet Jennifer and the kiddos! What a fun day!

Heather F

I love the cake! Thanks for sharing!


A-Mazing Cake, girl! Can't wait to try it out. Loving your blog--i think you and I have similar thoughts/trepidations about blogging. ::ahem:: Blogher nonsense. ;)
Anyway, got you in my reader now!

Michelle M.

That looks like a lot of fun. And I followed the link for the cake, and yours looks much better :) Good job!


your cake is so much prettier than the other websites! Fantastic job and I can't wait to try this out! I would love this recipe. I know MckMama posted it but I can't copy and paste from her site and I am way too lazy to write it all down!! If I can't find it on the other site I will be emailing you. :) Thanks


Your cake was TOTALLY better looking than the original! I wouldnt know how it tasted however because I had to slave over a Board Meeting that day! :(

Meg Duerksen

thank you for linking me amanda. :)

i haven't been here for a long's looking FABULOUS! i love it all.


Did you know that Pioneer Woman tweeted your cake recipe that's on tasty kitchen on Thursday? You're famous! I actually saw it there first and then when it appeared on MCK I had to find the crazy, ahem, amazing woman who created it! Well done!


So, I made this cake today. It was beautiful and soooooooo delicious. I will post pics on my blog tomorrow!


Okay...I am making this cake, and two small smash cakes (red-orange-yellow, blue-green-purple) and a dozen cupcakes for a 1st birthday on Saturday...wish me luck.


I love this cake! I saw it on MckMama's blog a while back and knew I had to try it. I figured my daughter's 1st birthday would be great with a rainbow theme. Well, today I practiced making it, and have some questions. First, what size cake pans did you use? 7" or 9"? My frosting didn't seem quite right. It's not pure white--has sort of a yellow tinge, and is really sticky and gooey. Any ideas why? I'm glad I practiced! It's definitely not as beautiful as yours. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing!


I love this cake!!!

AND OMG, NKOTB?!? Are you a Blockhead too?!?!? I think I love you!!!

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