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September 22, 2009


Kim @ A Fist Full Of Dandelions

I'm going to have to go and check out these four blogs that you recommend!

Tina Fisher

YOU are super sweet! Thanks for doing this! I am going to check out your other blog friends!

Hey...I actually did my hair today...just for you!

Did you know that I was/am a hairstylist?

Can't wait to see you this morning!


Kami Rude

You will also be seeing ME today! :) Can't wait to see all of you wonderful ladies!!


have a great time today! :) And a great mini-vacay! :) Let me know when you get back and we can set something up! :)


Jessica @ How Sweet It IS

This is such a sweet post. I'm gonna check these ladies' blogs out!

He & Me + 3

Those ladies sound amazing. i follow Laura and think she is if you see her today feel free to talk about me. Nice things of course. LOL
Have fun & be safe going out of town.


Man I wish I was coming today..its just too darn far if we're not already in the cities since we're out-state in the opposite direction.

Thanks for posting this. I hadn't checked out all the Mckbrunch blogs and now I have some new good reading!


Coming back....

Guess what? I have met Karen Hosink. She spoke at our MOPS group two years ago. If you go on my blog and read about the MOPS speaker who helped me adjust my attitude and the whole silversmith thing (click on Kenna's story if you haven't read it, that's where it is..not sure which part) and yup...that was her!

Hmmm...ok for some reason that totally made my day. Guess I'm pretty easy to please!


Fun...I'll check out those blogs! :-)


Oh no! Don't give me more great blogs to read or else I will have no life of my own. I haven't even blogged in FOREVER myself :o)


what cool idea. you're a pretty cool blogger, yourself!


You so totally rock!!!! Glad you enjoyed that lenghthy post :D


How am I ever gonna be a successful blogger-- I just messed up on your Cardinal Rule No. 1 - spelling correctly - GAH!!!


Amanda, you totally bless my socks off.
And to post this on my birthday??? Did you plan that? *grin*
I love you and cannot wait until I come to MN and get to meet you!!!!!!!!!


Oh I love "meeting" new bloggers! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading up on the blogs you mentioned.

Hope you had a great playdate today and have a safe trip too!


I don't think I have been to any of these blogs before. I'll have to check them out.


Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check out these other blogs. Hope you had a fun time!



Amanda, you are such a community builder. I love that you share so many wonderful things with the world through your honest writing, beautiful pictures and sincere heart. Thanks doing what you do and encouraging us all to be a little more Christ like in the process. Love ya!


Amanda you are SUCH a sweetheart!!
You have totally impacted my life too, you're such an awesome BFF! :) Your blog is amazing and so are YOU!
It was great seeing you and the kids today and I hope you have a great time on your getaway!
I am going to go check out the other blogs now! :)


You are so lucky to be able to get together with blogging buddies in real life! Enjoy.

Sunshine Mama

I, too, will have to check out these blog buddies of yours. What a neat idea to highlight one of your favorite posts that they've written.


I only know Carma, will check out the rest! Nice shout out blog!


Thanks for the recommendations!!! Any blogger friend of yours is a blogger friend of mine!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words. Let me know what you think of the burritos. :) I really enjoyed your blog. Will be stopping by again.

Hi Amanda! I found your blog from MckMama's and I love it. :) I had to say that cake you made (the rainbow one) is totally awesome!! I had to even call in my 5 year old daughter because she loves the rainbow song "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple... God made the rainbows BRIGHT!" and your cake was perfectly modeled for that song. ;) If you could share the recipe I would love it! It was so beautiful!

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