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August 19, 2009



What a fun little trip to a shoe store! I like the Cinderella quote on the wall. Have a good day!


Wow! Now I'm in awe of your grandma too. What an amazing card. It made me smile just to look and it and I'm not a big shoe girl. As always, this post made me laugh. I can just see innoccent little Audrey wearing stiletto out of that store. Or not.

I look at your posts and photos and think that I would love to visit where you have been because I would love to capture those little details with my camera. But the truth is, I don't think I would even see them a photographic material. That is one of the many reasons I love to look at your pictures. You have an eye for the details that makes pure magic.

BTW, did you celebrate your birthday recently?

Amanda Rettke

Your kindness is SO appreciated...although I am not sure totally deserved!  One thing I have been saying to myself lately, as I take pictures, "Is this my perspective?  Is there anything unique about my perspective?"  I am trying to so hard to get better... its taking forever!!  I just want pretty pictures already! lol

My birthday is Feb. 1st.  Coltons is Feb. 7th.

How about you?  What your families birthday list? :)


OK, I am a midwest girl, but I do not know what Cub Foods is. I have Meijer, and Sam's Club once in a while, and they keep me happy. *grin*
Regarding the shoes? I like the LOOK of the fancy heels, but give me tennis shoes any day. I am so much more attracted to comfort. (And my husband has stopped having pity on me when I wear shoes that hurt - just because they're cute. *sigh*)

he & me + 3

What a fun and great post and such a neat shoe store. How cool. I want to go there. Loving the cinderella quote. My mom lives by that one. LOL Your grandma has an amazing talent.


cool article on the red shoe. the fargo moorhead downtown is full of amazing shops like that. love the blog...will have to watch for it more often! Best of luck to your grandma and her cards too! Cheers!


Amazing card and I WANT THOSE SHOES LOL!


thanks for the offer! milk would be great! where do you live?

Tina Fisher

Great place! Great photos! And great shoes! I too wish I might be able to wear shoes like this....but ah ya....I'd be like 8' tall!


I love reading your blog! You are an amazing woman! Did you make the Stellan cookies, too?


LOVE LOVE LOVE the red wedges and the one your adorable daughter is holding. I must say she has good taste;)
Beware you and I will have to start saving now for our little girls! Just kidding...I hope:)


I see your talent is genetic. Your grandma rocks!! What a quaint little shop. I would love to be a high heel chick (errr or should I say MB would prefer that :D, but I gravitate to comfortable sneakers - so NOT hot..besides those heels always look so much cuter in the tiny model size...


Hey - you have two Fargo readers!! I love The Red Shoe and have salivated over those red Stuart Weitzman heels for a loooong time. If only my wallet liked them as much as my mind and heart!

Beautiful pic of the Frye boots as well! I am a high heel gal, but also have cowboy boots for those days when I just need some kickers. :)


Thanks for checking out my blog. It is so nice to meet you! I love the card that your grandma made. It looks beautiful! Shoes are a thing for me. I love them! I have all different kinds but funny that I find a favorite pair and wear those the most!!


I see where you get your talent!! I wish I was artistic, but I'm not, but I know God's blessed me with other talents (even if I'm still searching for them! LOL). I really loved those shoes too, but I'm too much of a comfort shoe kind of girl too! Give me my crocs or my new German sandles that are oh so comfy!!! The quote was great too!


you forget your sister loves i need another pair :)

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