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August 20, 2009



First and foremost thank you for your sweet comments, those snarky comments had me on the verge of being ugly.

Lastly OMG those cookies are AMAZING!!!


Sooo adorable! You really need to start selling those cookies! They are truly the best frosted cookies I've ever seen!


I saw these on Laura's blog and I was amazed. For your "first" time holy monkey, girl! Love them. Ty would be so jealous. I sometimes wonder if he'll ever outgrow Curious George. I kinda hope not.

Can't wait to see pictures from the shower. Have fun!

Dea Your talent never fails to leave me with my mouth to the floor. Those look so amazing. Are you really Martha Stewart or something like that? wow. Totally amazing, great work!


Oh my goodness... it is 11 PM at night here and you've totally made me want to go make some sugar cookies. They look so good.... yummy! I love the monkey design and all the writing... YOu've got some amazing talent there. I also love your photos.... you look at one and then want to keep on looking. Great job!


he & me + 3

I saw these on Laura's blog and I loved them. They are so bright and colorful. They turned out awesome. YOu are so creative and that looks just like the napkin. Great job. Again I thought I was your BFF. Good grief. LOL

Kami Rude

I want your talent for cookie art! I'm so impressed with your work, it never ceasaes to amaze me!

I totally understand busy :) It is truly overwhelming sometimes! Praying that your busy can stay under control for you!!


those turned out amazing! the monkeys are so cute!


It reply to your comment: it is a bummer! But i think we are well on our way to getting it fixed, or so i hope. I am going to MVNU and going for early childhood education. As much as i wanted to go for photography, i was worried about it not being a job that will earn me enough to support a family when i get to that point in my life so i went for the "safer" option. I figure I can always build up my photography on the side and maybe even one day it will take over! =]

Kelli Mathias

AMANDA...these were the CUTEST things EVER!!! Everyone just got the biggest kick out of them and asked where Laura had gotten them!! Thank you for all your hard work and time on them...just one more jewel for your crown Lady!!! :O)

Amanda Jo

Those cookies are FANTASTIC!!! You are SO talented!! I love them. Excellent job!


They're great!!! I love them!!


I saw these on Laura's blog and was blown away...Your creativity is boundless, unlike my 17 yard skirt ;-) Did Michelle say she had some snarky comments...MUST head on over to check out the snarkiness even though I have no idea who Michelle is...


well, that kind of snarkiness makes me sad :-( did not realize the circumstances.


Oh. My. Goodness. I am so wishing you lived close by. :-) My little Benjamin thinks he wants those cookies when he turns 1. Who am I kidding? I want those cookies when he turns 1. I'll have to get my cake decorating sister to switch to cookies for the day!


Those are awesome!!! You rock!


These are just so adorable! I'm sure they'll be loved. have a fabulous weekend!


You just don't quit, do you??!!
They're beautiful, Amanda. Just like you. *grin*


i LOVE the cookies....they are so cute!!


So much talent!!!

I am sure they were all delighted with them - a perfect match.

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My. Goodness. I am so wishing you lived close by. :-) My little Benjamin thinks he wants those cookies when he turns


Wondering if you would share how you frosted these cookies? I bought a monkey cookie cutter with the intent to make these for my daughter's first birthday, but the task has overwhelmed me. Don't know where to start and afraid they will come out looking awful. You make it look easy!

Amanda Rettke

Here is a general tutorial... hope it helps!

God bless-

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