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August 18, 2009



What a blessed little girl. That gift has to be in my top three most unique gift ideas I try and get permission to steal. And directions on how to make it. Any chance?

I hope you're having a wonderful trip. And I can't wait to hear the rest of the chair story. It's gotta be good. Blessings, sweet lady.

Amanda Sikes

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am choosing to step away from the thread at this point. I am not going to allow it to eat up any more of my time. I know how blessed my family has been by living with these standards and I am fine with what people think about me. I am living for my Savior and that is all that matters. I hope you find time to "stop by" more often.

Kami Rude

You are so creative - I envy your creativity! Your gifts to sweet Inga were beautiful :) I bet she just loves having an auntie like you!


inga loved having you all with her this last weekend. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts. She definitely loves her aunt amanda.


Love this! I love that she will forever have something tangible that shows your love for her.
I hope your doing great! It looks like you are:)


I just stumbled upon your blog after seeing your icing recipe on Tasty Kitchen. Lovely cookies and lovely pictures, and lovely idea for the book gift! Thank you for sharing!


What a special little girl! You are so thoughtful to make such a sweet gift (I meant the book but the cookie fits too I suppose as sweet! lol) I'm sure it will be a treasure for her. The picture of the cake with the finger impressions is so cute. Caleb wanted me to have a princess cake, my Mom made me one like that with a doll in the middle two years ago and got me a princess crown. That picture made me think of that cake!


What a great gift, something that can be cherished forever! What a cute little that pose too!


She is so well loved - what a great family you have - and you are the most awesomest aunt ever!!


Amanda, that's incredible! Again, fantastic photos. Wow!

he & me + 3

She is absolutely stunning. I love the gifts you made for her. I am sure she loved them too. Great cookie YUM!


What a fantastic idea! I love it!! I really was wondering where you were going with that BBQ cookbook. I was thinking that maybe she was a hipster that just got an easy bake oven...


What a beautiful, life-long gift you made for her!! It's a treasure! I wish I was as talented as you:) Hope you enjoyed your time with your family.



What an utterly PERFECT gift! I am going to copy your idea:)

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