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August 17, 2009


Amanda Jo

OOooooh!!! I think it looks GREAT!!!! Good work! Now, I've got some stuff that needs to be rehabbed...can you come help me??!


Wow! You did a fantastic job! nice idea!


You did a great job on it! I have never done anything like that before.


WOW! Nice work!


What a beauty!


You go! What a beautiful chair. I have two in need of desperate refinishing. Maybe I can send them to you??!?! Please?
Unfortunately the shipping would kill me. Oh, well. Hope you all are feeling better.

he & me + 3

Awesome. I love the transformation. Beautiful!


OK, you re-do chairs. You make amazing cookies. You take beautiful pictures.
Girl, is there anything you DON'T do???

Sorry, this is just me - feeling jealous of, er, admiring your creative abilities! *grin*


Amanda - that is so pretty! It would go perfectly in my daugther's room. How great that you are able to redo furniture like that. You've inspired me. :)

Julie in WA

Hi Amanda, You are sooo creative! And energetic. How DO you do it all with three kiddos around! I love creative projects like these. (Have you ever checked out I love their "before and after" feature!) I have but one daughter who is 13 and does not need me like she did when she was younger, and I still get nothing accomplished! Let me guess, you get quiet time in the Word of God each day, too? I think I need some renewing of my own mind, resetting priorities, etc. It is a challenge.

Janmary, N Ireland

Love the makeover, but still cracking up over the title of this post!

Heaven knows what sort of Google searchers are going to find you!!!


This is one of the best sex changes I have seen...not that I have seen tons of sex changes or anything, but it would still be the best! :)


God has given you the gift of creativity - I can't wait to see your next project!


I love it!!! I've always wanted to refurbish a chair and you make it look so easy!! I bet it's like golf, though, and not remotely easy. :)


LOL that is funny that you came up with the sex change thing, good job though seriously!


Where did you end up putting this lovely chair in your home?

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