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July 24, 2009


he & me + 3

I have seen this and yes it is funny.


I JUST saw this today too! It is AWESOME, love it!


I just saw this on my friend's blog. I laughed hard, but I didn't snort. Only thing I've read recently funny enough to make me do that is your review of The Shred. I read it again today because it was that funny. And I obviously don't have enough to fill my days. Or I am skilled at turning a blind eye to my horribly messy house. get the idea. Thanks for the fun.

Tina Fisher

That was great! I pasted it to my facebook page!


I've already watched the video a couple of times today and showed it to my husband tonight. Weddings are usually sooo darn boring. I love what they did. Not sure if you read any of the comments on some of the news sites that posted the video, but I get a kick out of the people saying how disrespectful it is to have this in a church, blah blah blah. People need to chill.

Natali McKee

Hey, I saw you made a comment. I totally loved this post. I'd love the results but I am not sure I have the determination! I personally loved the bra getting stuck and you were frozen for several minutes. That was great. Keep giving us updates on the workout.


Saw it last night - loved it :)


that is too cool! I think that would be something i would want to do! Nobody will forget that wedding!


I watched this last night, I'd gotten emails about it and got to watch it when we got home from my Mom's. Very creative and fun!

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