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July 02, 2009


Janmary, N Ireland

For me - definitely the first - just so much of carbon I can cope with!

Wishing you a wonderful 4th July weekend from your wee irish friend.


Neither for me....I like to cook them but don't like to eat them...the only time I eat marshmellows are in rice krispies treats....then I can eat a truckload! :)

Have a wonderful 4th. You have a beautiful family!!!



Definitely toasted nice and brown!! Yum...we will for sure be doing this the next couple days too! :)

Have a great holiday weekend with the family!


I hopped over from the Blog Hop....The first pic of marshmallows is best in my opinion; light toasty brown with warm center, nothing black or crispy. Happy 4th of July to you and your family and hop on over to our

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

Hands down, "this" is better - much better - than "or this."
But THIS makes this even better:
Put peanut butter on one graham cracker square and set aside. On another graham cracker square, place a piece of chocolate, and set the cracker/chocolate piece next to the fire while you toast (do not burn!!!) a marshmallow to a golden brown. When perfection has been reached, *grin*, carefully remove the toasted (not burnt!!!) marshmallow from the toasting (not burning!!!) stick by holding the marshmallow between the prepared graham crackers and gently pulling the stick out.
For a moment, savor the aroma and enjoy the view.
Then devour your creation and go back for s'more!
(But only go back once. Mom's rules!)


Ahhh...a deep question. I'd have to go with the former because then there is more "mass" and the marshmallow lasts longer.


yummmmm ;) I will have to go with the first, I am not a fan of the burnt ones lol


Did you have to put up pictures of roasting marshmallows!!?? I have been so hungry for those lately!!! The pictures of the kids eating them are so cute.

I like to eat a couple black ones but mostly I like them like the first picture.

Have a wonderful weekend friend!

God bless,

Amanda Rettke

Oh my goodness, this sounds delightful!!!  We are DEFINATELY going to try it!


I'm one of the ones who like them BLACK. I stick marshmallows straight in the fire until they ignite, then blow out the flame and eat! My family thinks I'm crazy. :-)


By far the first one! Looks delicious:) Have a splendid 4th of July!!

Maria@Conversations with Moms

I so want marshmallows now. Your pictures are amazing quality. Great camera. Mine doesn't take those quality shots.


Hoppin by to say hello! Have a wonderful weekend!


I would pick the toasty ones not the burnt ones :) You have a beautiful family. Happy blog hopping


Out Blog Hoppin today! Nice to meet you!
I'm a homeschool / SAHM to 3 Living in Louisiana -- Hope you come by to visit. What a beautiful moment -- I really love the first picture. Oh I love the burnt ones.
Have a Happy Fourth!


I like both and the burnt ones bonus is that the inside is all gooshy and melted.

I’m Blog Hopping! Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July.

Please stop by Lin's Duck and Wheel With String to vote for me, Lola, in her First Official Dork-Off Contest. Vote for my photo, because my kindergarten photo is THE dorkiest.



Hopping in from the blog hop to say hello. Have a fun and safe Independents Day :)


Hopping by from the blog hop! I am a fan of "on this side of burnt" I little more toasted than your pic, but not burnt either.

Aimee (Journey2Learn)

Stopping by on the blog hop...hope you are having a great weekend. Love the pictures...maybe will have to have a campfire tonight.


Hmm, I like them anyway I can get them. Is that bad?

I love the pictures of your family as alway. They are beautiful and the light you use to capture them always puts your thoughts into perspective. I only dream of being able to use light like that someday. Teach me, great one!


I like Marshmallows any way I can get them, but best of all is homemade and then toasted to a nice light brown. The outside is crispy and the inside all gooey. Yum! What a delightful blog with wonderful pictures and fun stories!!

Anjeanette of the R&W girls

Mama Plays Mozart

mmmm I just LOVE roasted marshmallows..brings back so many great memories as a child. I can't wait until my baby girl gets older so we can roast some together :)

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I so want marshmallows now.

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