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July 27, 2009



Congratulations, Amanda! That's great. :) I'll have to pop by there....I could use some dinner inspiration!


I loved seeing your recipes there! I wish I could think of another name if it would win me some cookies!


Very cool. I love that you get out there. I am don't know if I'd have the guts. So anywho, I may just try those cookies. They look really yummy, but I'd feel like I was cheating on my Mamaw's cookies or something. Yes, I have a way over developed sense of loyalty. Why do you ask?

he & me + 3

I will be checking that out after I leave you this comment. How cool that you are featured on another blog...that is so neat.


Don't beat yourself up about the name - Amazing Amanda sounds good to me :)


But that DOES look like Amazing frosting! Seriously - those cookies are beautiful! I wouldn't turn them away if they showed up at my door :)


I'm actually working on a post with a billion uses for zucchini :) We had french toast made with zucchini bread this morning!


But I bet your frosting IS awesome and the cookies ARE amazing. Nothing wrong with saying it like it is! *grin*
Besides, who would want to try a recipe called "Uh, kinda average frosting"?

I have used zucchini in peanut butter cookies before. DEEE-licious! And I had the thought - Hey, if you eat enough cookies, it's like getting a serving of vegetables! LOL


Took a minute out of scratching my chigger bites to visit. You are on Pioneer Woman's food blog. I bow down....even if it is automatically generated, you rock. How about Amanda's Sugarlicious Sugar Cookies or Splendiferous Sugar Cookie Goodness? And who is this Leezanne and why does she send in so many recipes?????


That's pretty cool! However I have no creative names....
Have a great week! :)


Hey Amanda,
I just got your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for writing me and offering your help! Do you have an email address I could contact you at? You can email me at
Thanks for your prayers and means a lot.


How about

A-Okay Sugar Cookies (Get it? A for Amanda!)


Amanda's Cookie Delight


The Worth-Cheating-on-My-Diet Sugar Cookie



I'm no good at naming things!!!

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