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July 06, 2009



Once again your talent amazes me!!! They look positively delicious!!! Will you teach me???? This Christmas I will trek up there and the kids can play and we can cook. :)

Have a blessed week!


Janmary, N Ireland

They look amazing - not heard of sugar cookies - I wonder if we have them here in the disguise of a different name?


YUM, they look delicious!! I love the thicker chewy sugar cookies too, so much better! Wanna make a few dozen next month for Braden's 1st birthday? :)
Have a wonderful week!

Amanda Jo

Ooooh......sugar cookies!!!!! I loooooove sugar cookies. Would you think poorly of me if I wanted some for breakfast?

I'm going to have to print out this post so I can keep it in my recipe box!


If I hadn't just finished a package of rolos for breakfast, I would be starving right now. Do you really have to keep posting pictures of cravable food?

I so wish I had the talent in your pinky finger. You really don't need that one for much do you? Seriously, where did you get the state cookie cutter. That would be so much fun when we're studing American geography. The puzzle is getting a bit mundane. Have fun with all those cookies for the Mckpicnic. If things weren't so crazy I would be really tempted to drive up there and meet you!


I always love the pictures of your cookies. You are so creative and talented, look forward to the upcoming projects you'll be sharing with us too.

Julie in WA

Your cookies are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this DIY process. I know I will be trying this soon.


wow, you did an excellent job! Makes me think i can attempt something like that..ha ha yeah right! ;)


I think that comment you left me has to be the best one ive gotten! It was so sweet, and it made me laugh! And i have actually heard that before, so that could be a possibilty! ;) And thank you thank you thank you for that comment - it truely made my day! You are certainly someone special yourself!


YAY! i love cookie recipes and this is a good one...with icing and all! i might just give em' a try!!! thanks for sharing!

Amy Seavert

I love sugar cookies, but have never made them. I agree about the chewy rather than crispy... But, really, you only bake them 6 minutes??? Raw eggs? At what temp?
Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try it!

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

OK, I have two problems.
1. I am totally jealous of your creativity and skill.
2. I am just on my way to work out and now all I want to do is eat these wonderful looking sugar cookies!
Thanks a lot, Amanda!

*silly grin*
Love you!


I'm sending this link along to my sister who is the creative baker in our family. That used to be me somewhat...but I'm too busy now.


Your cookies really are delicious and beautifully decorated! I'm jealous!


Wow-eeee those are fantastic. I have given up making my own after the "sugar cookie incident" whereby my husband came home to me attempting to roll out the cookies and they were nothing but a sticky mess. I had been working on them for a considerable amt of time and he decided to make a wisecrack at which time I flipped out and practically started beating up the cookie sheet. He and my son still like to bring it up every now and then. Ha ha ha.

Thanks for the tips on making my blog a little more enjoyable. Appreciate it. Your tip was totally on. I was so tired when I posted that. I am surprised there were periods. LOL. I love your cookies. They are so adorable. You are very talented! Are you super mom? You have time to raise kids, write blogs, encourage other blogs and make beautiful cookies. I am amazed. Thank you for you for your support. You inspire me. And Audrey is so beautiful!


I'll teach you how to make your own yummy fondant if you teach me how to decorate beautiful cookies like that! You definitely deserved the grand champion ribbon at the fair. GORGEOUS!


Martha inspired me too, but I took a bit of a different route. I started a nonprofit organization called Drop In & Decorate Cookies for Donation. If you want to see how we do our cookies, check out my Flickr set on the site ( Also, for more help with flooded icing cookies, I always turn to a great blog called Bake at 350.


What size are the tips you are using. The smallest my cake supply store carries is a 3!!

Amanda Rettke

Hi Candace!  I do use a 1.  I get mine a Michaels, but I have gotten 1's at Walmart too!

Have a blessed day!


Thank You!! I found another supply store a bit further away and they had 1s and 2s so I got a few of both! Hoping they turn out as well as yours!

Amanda Rettke

Can't wait to see Candace.... send pictures!! :)


I don't like the way fondant tastes either so I make my own with marshmallows, powder sugar and water.
It comes out pretty good. See recipe and instructions here.

The only other ingredient needed is Crisco and that is for your hands to help on the kneading.

Everyone loved it.



Here is the site:


Wondering how much your recipe makes? I always want mine to be soft and wonderful like Target's cookies, but they end up tasting more like 'grandma's' cookies!


First of all, love your cookies! They are great, and have inspired me to give it a try! :) I have tried making sugar cookies in the past, and just can't get them thick enough. About how thick do you roll out your dough. And about how many cookies does your recipe yield. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Rettke

The recipe yields about 24 cookies (2 dozen) depending on the size and shape of your cookie cutters.  I prefer a thicker cookie, so I roll mine out anywhere between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick!

If you do try to recipe, be sure to take pictures and then submit them to the flickr group... there are going to be some fun and different prizes in store for that!

God bless!


I understand the 'line' concept, but what is the 'spill' method? that just using really runny icing?

Amanda Rettke

Yes... it is a thinner, easier to pour icing! :)


Thank you so much for the quick reply. I've got a cookie exchange next week and your decorating has inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing both cookie and icing, as well as the rest of your blog! :)


Amanda - can the dough stay in the fridge overnight?! And for the frosting, if I am going to store it overnight, do I just make it the thicker way first and then I can thin it down when ready to use it if I need?

My email is [email protected] if you have a second to email me! I am hoping to make the stuff today yet and then frost them tomorrow and bring to a party! I LOVE your Santa cookie post - too cute!


These looks so buttery, crispy, and oh so delicious! I think this will be our all time favorite sugar cookie dough...thanks so much for sharing!


wow, it looks like you have perfected the art of baking sugar cookies! i am throwing a letter "I" birthday party for my 6 year old & found your site just in time. thanks for the sugar cookie 101 tutorial.
do you mind sharing any tips on cutting out your own shapes as well as what type of cookie sheet you use? with or without a silpat? one or 2 sheets in the oven at a time? i can do cupcakes, but sugar cookies (if they are not the break and bake variety) always end up too crispy or burnt around the edges! thank you!

Kristin Kunoff

I'm going to use this recipe this weekend! I can't wait! Thanks for sharing it Amanda!


I can't wait to use this recipe tomorrow! Thank you for sharing :) Do you bake them at 350?


I'm going to try your recipe this week and I'm very excited. Can you tell me how long the cookies will keep for?

Thanks in advance!



I have a question: do I have to use a cream of tartar in that recipe?
I'm from Poland and I have no idea what that is and where to get it in my coutry... :)
I've tried to do those cookies, but sth went wrong, they were very hard...
I'll try again, but maybe this is a problem, that I have no cream of tartar...

Pozdrawiam :))

Dana-from chaos to Grace

Oh I am SO glad I found this!! I am having a baking night with the youth girls tomorrow night and I NOT a baker! But I can do these! Thanks for the recipe and the "how to"! Man, I needed that!


Your cookies are inspiring :)

I just now got to this page, so I don't know if you've found a better recipe for fondant already. I use a recipe from Marshmallow Fluff website- Marshmallow Fluff, powdered sugar, and a bit of vanilla extract (optional- it came out well even without). That's it. Mix it well and you have a good (mighty sugary) fondant, and I believe is the fastest to make.
Store-bought fondant is... well, let's say I"m still not sure how is it, or why it would be, edible...


so, your cookies are pretty much amazing. i cannot believe how good you are at decorating... quick question though- the recipe you provide on this post is different than the 'perfect sugar cookie' recipe you just posted for cutout cookies. which recipe do you recommend/prefer? what are the differences in taste/texture? thanks for all the tips!

Kristin Kunoff

How exactly do you "fill and spill" the cookies? The way I am doing it is creating too many air bubbles. Thanks Amanda=)


Hey there! Just wanted to let you know you put a TSP of milk for the icing in this recipe...but in your other you put a TBSP. I just thought you might want to know!

Thanks for the recipes! I'm making them as I type this to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!

Jillian Smith

Hi there. I tried your recipe for the first time today and after I mixed it in my KA, I realized it turned out very soft and not so much dough like. I measured everything exactly so I know that is not the problem. Do you have any idea as to what may have gone wrong and how to remedy the problem?



Do you ever still use this recipe? your new recipe "amandas amazing sugar cookies" is so similar to this one, but i guess 1 less egg (and yolks instead).. do you like the new recipe way more. because this recipe (the 1 above) is really similar to baking dom. which tons of people like, and you obviously really like(d). just trying to figure out if your new one is even better


Oh your right, your recipe was posted before hers (not that it matters). i'm making sugar cookies tonight, so i was trying to figure out which recipe to use, i'll take your word and try your newer recipe. thanks for not keeping your recipes a secret like so many other bloggers out there (who even sell their cookies online) and wont share their recipe when they're probably just using yours or the one from bakeat350 or whatever. I have always thought egg yolks make for a richer-type cookie so that's why i was really intriqued by yours, (i noticed another difference, your new recipe has 1 c less flour and less leavening agent.. so its a lot more different than i thought

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