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July 20, 2009



That looks like a great time, Amanda. Always fun to get together with new (or old!) friends like that!


A bunch of awesome ladies sitting around eating and chatting, FUN!

The Shred? Pretty rough, huh!?! But it sure is awesome! (You know, AFTER you get past the first week when you feel like you're going to throw up, can't walk up the stairs without crying and just pretty much feel like you are going to die!) :) That MUST mean it's doing something!


I so wish I could have made it. It sounds like the brunch was the best part of the weekend. Maybe some year....

The Shred? Well, I didn't think it was to awfully bad. But I haven't kept it up. I only did the first level and never got very sore, just a little in my arms. The worst part for me was the jumping. Three kids and jumping. Um, yeah...'nough said. If you don't have strong arms, pick pansy girl weights. :)


What a GREAT post - just as much fun to read as it was to sit by you at the brunch!

I've heard about The Shred, but don't know much about it. I use a stepper I got off an infomercial to keep in shape - the video is SO cheesy that I keep the volume WAY down and listen to music instead. I told my husband that I want to tape a paper plate on the TV screen to cover the lady's face - The over exaggeration of her movements and facial expressions make me want to rip her throat out!


I totally agree I hope this was the first annual. That would be way crazy cool!

I am in the green and white striped shirt with the adorable baby (Kylee) showing off her back. (Which is better than the gymnastics nursing skills she was showing off about 30 seconds before the photo was snapped!)

Although we didn't get a chance to meet everyone, I kind of feel like we did in a way. We can read each other's blogs and at least know that we have some sort of a connection!

Thanks for sharing!


I am not kidding when I say this: Just five minutes ago I was talking with my daughter about computers, why they're good and why they're bad. One of the reasons I love my computer is because of the wonderful friends I have made through blogging. And I considered again how much I would LOVE to meet these women IRL. I WOULD LOVE IT!!!
And here you are, telling us about your wonderful opportunity.
I am so jealous!!!
Oh, and very happy for you, of course!

Kami Rude

I absolutely LOVED meeting you :) Your cookies were phenomenal, by the way!

You are a sweet and dear to my heart woman and I just loved the time we got to chat! We'll have to get together again soon :)

Tina Fisher

It was graet to meet all the women at the MckBrunch! It sure would be nice to do it again next year! Oh and the food was yummy too! :)


Looks like you all had a blast!!

I have done the shred!! Can't wait to hear your review! I did 7 days on level 1, seven on level 2, and I have been doing level 3 for over a month-haven't missed a day yet. I am definitely a lot more tone (not a huge weight loss, though). I'm glad I have kept going.


I was WONDERING who made those amazing cookies!!!! What a great post! It was so much fun meeting you and everyone else!

Blessedw5mom (Heather)

Great Post, Amanda!!!!
And great pictures too, sorry I missed you at the picnic.
The cookies were delicious! And I posted pictures of them on my site with a link to you. Thanks so much for making them!

Tressa Elvehjem

Hey Amanda! I didn't get a chance to meet you, but adored your daughter from across the room. I am in the un-named pictures, right next to Heidi, (the eyes and black hair are mine!) and my name is Tressa! This was fun to be a part of, a super day, and hopefully an annual event! :)
~Tressa Elvehjem

Lori Nusbaum

You are so sweet! I think I have blushed well over 45 times now, but seriously, will you be my best friend? My mother was always known for "lighting up the room with her smile", so for you to comment to me, and then also write it in your blog - well it just touches my little ol heart! I lost her almost 8 years ago, and to know that something of her still lives on - well without getting all gushy - it was just so sweet!

Audrey - amazingly adorable! I just wanted to gobble her up!

So I have to ask... I didn't take pictures of the bracelets, could I get a copy of yours?

Thanks again, and I hope to see you BEFORE the 2nd annual MckBrunch!


I pretty much think your cookies are fabulous. And would love a lesson! You are very very talented.

Gardner Momma

Hey - you're cookies are famous! Did you see that nice, pretty pic of them on MckMama's blog? Beautiful!


Great pictures and recap of the weekend! It was so nice to meet you at the brunch - thanks for coming up to me and saying "hi" and making me feel like a pretty pregnant lady! You are so sweet.
And you made the cookies?? Awesome job. I wish I could have tasted one :)
Have a great week!


So cool that you got to go! I'm really enjoying reading everyone's accounts on the event- looks like so much fun!!


As soon as I saw the cookies on My Charming Kids I knew you had been there. They looked great and it looks like everyone had an amazing time.


I am sorry I missed the weekend events. I was in town, but couldn't make it. I am thrilled to see that Stellan was wearing the bib I gave him though! My friend made it - her Etsy shop is here - incase anyone was wanting a similar one.

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