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July 17, 2009



CONGRATS!!!! That is so exciting! I am so very proud of you!


SO awesome!!!! Those are beautiful cookies! I can't wait to see where God will lead you with this talent!
Love in Christ,


Oh congratulations!!!!

They look SO GOOD - a well deserved win.

I am sure you will gets lots of inquiries now for orders - a whole new cookie chapter of your life perhaps?


Congratulations! They look wonderful as always!
Have fun at the MckPicnic!


You are the AWESOMEST!! I am not surprised you won AT ALL. Everything I've seen of your artistic talent speaks for itself. Way to go on using the talents God has given you and having the courage to step out and do it. I'm really looking forward to your take on the Mckpicnic.


Amazing!!! Congrats! The plaids are my favorite! :)

Hope you have a good weekend - did you go to the picnic?



Congratulations! Where do you find the time?!! Those cookies look so great. Did you take any pictures of the big ribbon? Which pictures did you enter?

he & me + 3

OMGosh...Amanda, that is so awesome! See you are super talented and this validates it all! Great job!


OMG! you did not make that blue squiggly cookie! no way! perfectionist much?! those are about the most adorablecookies i've ever seen. seriously, how could you not place first? how could someone do any better than what you've done?? did you win any $$ ?? i mean, a purple ribbon is nice but it don't buy icing! ;)
those look like they would be lovely christmas tree ornaments.
i can't wait to see your pics from the mcpicnik!

stacy Ness

Congrats! I can't believe you remembered what I put in my Christmas letter last year. I am very honored. I am just starting to get mine ready for this year. Just framed some really cute pictures of the boys and am still trying to figure out what baked goods I am going to bring. I will let you know who everything goes :) You will have to post the pictures that you entered so that we all can see :) Congrats again and keep your fingers crossed for me at the fair in 2 weeks.


When I read "Chisago" I became concerned that you would never become a sucessful blogger! Thankfully I quickly realized it was intentional. Congratulations on your big win. You kick butt :D You met someone bloggy famous???? At the fair? You and Dooce on the teacup ride together?


Those cookies are too pretty to eat...although I bet I would manage to get past their "beautiful-ness" and chow down if they were in front of me. :-) Can't wait to hear about your bloggy meet-up.


I am so proud of you!!! Your cookies are always just so beautiful. Congratulations!


What a wonderful opportunity to get recognized for your talents! Congratulations!


That is awesome Amanda. Way to go. Not only are your cookies beautiful but they are tasty too. Congratulations Smanda you totally deserve it!!


You are super talented!
They are so beautiful!


You put our annual Christmas cookies to shame! Nice work!

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