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July 19, 2009



Hello! You left a comment on my blog, but I didn't know how to email you - Great blog name, indeed! I totally didn't intend to pinch it off you, but if you'd like me to change it, I will. :-) And I don't mind the cookie photos at all! Yum-o, as they say here!


I loved the Mckcookies and didn't know that you were the culprit! I even took pics of them and they are on my blog! Hehee.

Your Audrey is an absolute sweetie. I'm hoping we can have an opportunity for me to get my hands on her again soon! Were you one of the ones that I discussed camping with at MamaBear's campground? We are camping on Aug 21-23, already made reservations and everything. (That was the only weekend that works with our schedule.) How close are you to her park?


Beautiful again! I imagine everyone loved them. The pictures of Stellan and Audrey make me smile! Have a good week.


wow, thats a lot of cookies! Looks like the picnic was fun!

he & me + 3

How neat that you got to go to the picnic and brunch. I had no idea. How many people attended? Did any come from out of state?
That was alot of cookies my friend. they turned out fabulous and you got some great pictures. So cute.

Tina Fisher

Hi Amanda!
Great to meet you in person at the MckBrunch! I am sorry we didn't get more of a chance to talk! Your little is such a doll! I wanted to hold her but wasn't sure I would be able to give her back. It made me so much more excited for the arrival of our little Sophie. (It's so fun to write her name).

The cookies look awesome! I can't imagine what Christmas looks like around your house! I've just recently learned how to make those kinds of cookies. Usually I am just the choc chip girl.

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I've been behind on blogging since we've been getting the baby room together. I'll post some pics soon!

So good to meet you. I'll be following! Love your style of writing!

Many Blessings,



You, my friend, are a little crazy I think. 100 cookies! Wow. I am seriously impressed with that dedication. It sounds like people enjoyed them. :)

Gardner Momma

Ok. Either A) You need to move to Spokane, WA or B)I need to move closer to you BECAUSE #1 I need to be closer (much much closer) to your fabulous cookies (I have been reading about them for FAR too long now without getting to experience them for myself, do you know the sugar cookie issues that I have... seriously??) and #2 because of your amazing photographic skills. I would sit my kids in front of you and your camera every chance I had. Seriously. Awesome.

In your "free" time (haha) you should open a photography studio/bakery. ;-)

Love ya, love your blog.


OK - NEVER apologise for blogging about COOKIES!

Did you ever start to doubt yourself that picnic was even spelt that way, after the 100th cookie?

Looks amazing, and so glad you were there to represent your irish bloggy buddy - I consider you were my official delegation, so it was like I was ALMOST there!


I didn't realize you were from Chisago County?! Where do you live? I grew up in Scandia/Forest Lake. Any who, love your pics and disappointed I didn't get a chance to chat at the brunch.


consider me impressed!! Brunch with MckMama - and you were in the FRONT ROW for the photo :D BTW I am taking all these blogging tips to heart - although I am guilty of beating a dead horse, I do not make cookies. phew!


I have been a follower of MckMama for over a year now. I have been to the "other" blog and have seen some of the comments they left about you. I can honestly say that those are the cutest cookies. I saw the thread in BF and I don't agree with them speaking about you and making judgements on that other blog. I guess this is kind of all over the place. Bottom line, I didn't know who you were until I read the negative. But I feel that you should be commended for those FABULOUS cookies (you are obviously gifted) and for standing up for yourself. Bravo!


I really, really like cookies. Really.

Amanda Rettke

lol  me too Margaret!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Blessings to you today!


the dead horse i beat is cupcakes... i make them like i pour a bowl of cereal and milk. sad, but true. and i will remain happily unapologetic about it - until my hips start to widen too much for me to fit out of or into my front door, that is :) don't stop posting about your cookies!!! they are so fabulous!


love the photos


I don't think you beat a dead horse at all. I love all the ideas and beautiful cookie pictures. Totally inspires me to bake!

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