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July 13, 2009


He & Me + 3

So peaceful and precious. Love the dirty face too. I wish we could just curl up like that any old time we wanted...looks so inviting. can't wait til friday. Sorry I have been absent. So busy this summer with vacation and visitors. ugh.

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

Yes, I wish for it, too.
I am presently waking my 9-year-old up every night to go to the bathroom. (TRYING to get him to be dry through the night!) My alarm goes off, I moan and get out of bed and the past few nights have been met with much resistance by him. After several minutes of listening to his whining I go back to bed with my mind racing, and sleep eludes me until I myself can get calmed down again. No wonder I'm so sleepy these days. *sigh*
Yes, I would even give up the adorable, if I could just have the peaceful and content!

OK. Good news Friday. I'll look forward to it!


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He looks so precious! I don't know if I can wait until Friday though... :)

Amanda Jo

Precious!! I'll be praying for you, my friend!!!


Praying. Hope you have lots of moments where they fall asleep. :)

Amanda Rettke

lol  its nothing big... I am just submitting some pictures and cookies to the fair... something I have NEVER done before, and getting ready is a big task.  I just don't usually put myself 'out there' so for me to submit items to be JUDGED by someone else is kinda weird!

I am also trying to plan a bridal shower for the 22nd of August... so keep that afternoon open if you can.  I hope to see you!!!

How are you guys??  When is your walk?  Enjoying your summer so far? 

God bless!



Thanks! What cute pictures. Cant wait to hear the news!


News?? I'm all ears :D


I was so expecting pregnancy news! :) lol

God Bless



Yes, there is something so right about that! Glad you captured that moment with a photo.

Hope you have a beautiful day. Praying for you, Bethany


Hi. I have been thinking about the post you made on blog frog about the Re:Praying for the Unsaved. I am somewhat in agreement with what you said and I wanted to email you about it if that's possible. I'd rather do it that way than out in the open for the free world to see. :-)

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