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July 16, 2009



Beautiful! I love them all. I'm certainly no photographer, but I think it looks artistic for you to stand far away and have them look small next to the huge sign.


totally cute idea! i love the board. and i have to tell you that as i scrolled down to view the pictures, my mouth dropped open when i saw the cutest picture ever....Audrey & "precious in His sight". OMG! seriously, too cute for words. chunky cuteness! and since i live in the desert, it's especially enjoyable to see the greenery in your photos. :)


You have something to do besides comment on our blogs? I'm so hurt. I mean are your kids and husband important to you or something?

Seriously, I've been praying for you. It sounds like you've been crazy busy. And I think those were good ideas. I so wish I could do the artistic stuff you do. I've never quite managed to be good at anything beyond stick figures. And my kids laugh at those.

The "I am loved" board. LOVE IT!!!!! It spoke of God's love for each individual to me. I am loved. Not we...I. What an incredible message to send to your beautiful children.

Good luck on your entries tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how it all went.


I think all the pictures turned out great! What a creative idea!


I agree, that is just so creative. I'd never have thought of such! It would make a cute calendar if you could get 12 different fun positive sayings.

Have a blessed day!


Love the photos and the painted board.

Of course you could add the text with photoshop - but maybe that would be cheating?!


FUN pictures! I LOVE the one of Audrey, that is just too cute for words! I agree that it would be cute to do a calendar with the different sayings. As for advice to get that last picture to work....I have none, sorry! My kids don't sit still for a second! Maybe you could strap them to the rocks? :) (Just kidding of course!)


that is the best use of plywood that I've seen in a long, long time! Cute pics. I am going to be following along in this series of things successful bloggers do so that I can move up from the D list eventually


I love that sign! Such a great idea.


i think you should set up a tripod and pose yourself in front of the "I am loved" board because i think we adults need that reminder sometimes, too. we may not be nearly as CUTE as the kiddos but i'm pretty sure that God is quite smitten with love for us, despite our percieved unworthiness.

He & Me + 3

I love your ideas. I think those pictures are so cute. I still have to get over to the pioneer womans blog. Yikes. I hear it is great.
I have been out of the blogging loop too. Vacations and visitors.

Amanda Rettke

AMEN!!!  Great idea Olivia!!!  Now, just to get a tripod....


I love the huge sign concept - I need to take more photos of my children!


I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I've enjoyed visiting you today!


I love the last picture in your post because that is so often how my pictures turn out. I have grand ideas, unfortunately my kids don't so much have the same ones. LOL

Oh, and you don't have to live in MN to not leave your house for three days. We do it here in Indiana too, life stops when there's a flurry. :)

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