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May 13, 2009



Pride and Prejudice, am I right??
Love the cakes, adorable Audrey as always and that Amelia is a little doll...those eyes!
I hope you can repair everything too! ;)
Have a great night!


Those cakes are great! I loved your post full of pictures. :) Have a good Thursday, friend!



you are far too kind sis but i appreciate the forget all the years i wore braces :)


The cakes look scrumptious!! And wow, what a tornado! Lol.

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

LOL! I hope you can buy new stuff, I mean repair everything, too!
My sister got the brains, too. *pout*
But I know God still loves me. And you!

lorrie @ my spot on the shore

Those cakes look so yummy...and that is so funny....with the cross think like I do...

Julie in WA

I love the four generation picture. I did not notice "this background seems a tad blown out" - - - I don't even know what that means!---but I did notice very happy smiley faces that seemed to be glowing in the blessing of family!

Amanda Rettke

Thanks Julie!!  You are so thoughtful and sweet!


Yes, it IS Pride and Prejudice... I guess I'm too late. :-)

Mrs. Bee

Awesome photo's! I wish I could learn more at a college, have to wait on that I guess. What camera do you have?

JanMary, N Ireland

I too was going to say Pride and Prejudice - honest!

Love those cakes - all three :)

Looks like a lovely family occasion.


Hey!!! I'm totally honored!! Thanks for the nomination and nod:) Cute blog!!!!!


Love those pictures and the cakes look yummo!
I love Pride and Pejudice!!! One of my favorite movies. I love the 5 hour one but it takes me 3 days to watch it! LOL.


Amanda, glad I could be of assistance. The images look great, look forward to seeing you in class. peace -The Professor/Rich or just Richard. Have a great w/e.


You're photos are great as always - especially the gorgeous one of Audrey - very riveting!

I totally agree with your assessment of Amelia! Okay, I have to confess I am her doting grandmother... Love spending time with all of you!!

Amanda Rettke

I think both of my beautiful, smart, talented daughters need to remember how wonderful, beautiful, funny and loved they both are ... and what great mom's they are. :)

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