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April 25, 2009



I don't want anything for mothers day. Except to sleep in. LOL And not have people bothering me to wake up.


This is a great list. Even I, who am like marrying a man ;-) can appreciate some of these!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment..

carma :-)


thanks also for your second comment-- there is no limit to comments on my blog - please comment often!! And, ain't Florida grand? Glad you liked the signs :D

lorren havens

Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Loved your list. I would go for any (and all) of them!


nice list! is it bad that i want all those things for mother's day but i'm not even a mom? thank God for birthdays! you could so totally go get a mani-pedi. what's stopping you? i love looking at great pedicures on other ladies. what a treat! go for it.


I haven't really taken the time to think of my own dream list. Why should I when I can just copy yours-- especially the first 2! Oh my goodness! A mani-pedi sounds like Heaven! I can't imagine leaving my nursing and now VERY clingy baby long enough to have it done, though. Maybe next year. And cleaning service? I constantly feel guilty that I haven't taken the time to vacuum and wipe up as often as I think I should. Don't get me wrong. My house is clean, but not the CLEAN clean that I want!

he & me +3

Material things are fun, but for a you know. so I, like you would much rather have the hugs and love, and maybe I will buy the pedicure for myself. LOL

Gardner Momma

Oh my goodness, well I had almost forgotten that Mother's Day was around the corner, but you're right, it is! Hmmm... A perfect gift for me would be to not have to cook or clean that day. Verryyyyy wishful thinking. Cute list! I've never heard of those pans before, and now I want them too!


I love, love, love pedis. Manis...not so much. I feel like I can't do anything with my hands or I will ruin my nails. Confession...I get that color (I'm not really a waitress") on my toenails alot. The name just cracks me up!!
I have mixed feelings about Photoshop. I like some of the features...but I think some photographers rely on it way too much. Just my opinion, of course.

My mom passed away in 2005. Ever since then Mother's Day is just a day I would rather forget. I know I am a mom and should be happy to get special things on that day...but for me, it will always be MY mom's day.

Good can never go wrong with kitchen stuff : )


that's an awesome list!

truly, hold on to that and maybe over time, you can cross each one off as it becomes a reality in your life--I hope they do!!!


Love your list!! I too would love a maid service!!! Ahh one can dream.....

Tarah@ Eyeglasses & Endzones

Hi. I just came over to your blog from Debra @ Clothed with Scarlett. She nominated my blog for an award on your other blog and I just wanted to stop over and say Hi. I think I have seen your blog before but I don't comment regularly. I have to put you on my reader!

Great ideas for Moms day! I'll take CS2 if you have it laying around LOL!


Ahhhh, I'm so excited...I get some time away to go get a mani-pedi for Mother's Day. And boy would I LOVE a maid serive too, how great would that be!?! But then of course I would feel bad for wasting money when I'm home and can be cleaning myself...why do us women feel like that? Not fair! :) But of course the hugs and love and MAYBE a little relaxing time while the kids play with dad is the best gifts!

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

Oooo! If you get the mani-pedi, can I come with??? I have only had two pedicures in my life, and they were wonderful! No manicures yet, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it.
As for the bathroom cleaning thing, my husband cleans ours most of the time. And I don't feel guilty. He likes me to, uh, "sleep in" with him on Saturday mornings. Since I used to be in the habit of rising early so I could get to things like cleaning the bathroom, hubby said he would clean the bathroom if I would sleep in. *wink* Works for me!!!


I'd sure like some of those gifts!!! i'm guessing i'll get a card though! :)
thanks for the visit! going to check out your blog a bit more!

extreme magic sing

I am not expecting anything for mother's day.I just wish my family will stay healthy and bless.


Kyle E

I have been lucky enough to have experienced the Pedicure Massage Chair at my wife's salon. She gave the service to me as a three part fathers day gift. Unfortunately fathers day is all booked up. But I still have a bunch more to go.

mom philippines

Mother's day is intended to celebrate the efforts of our mothers and all of the mother figures in our lives, and I'm wishing all mothers and children a joyous day. Wish I saw this earlier! Keep posting.


Stock Pots

My mom would definitely love to receive flowers and cookwares on mothers day! Last year I gave her a set of flatware, she really loves it. She's always onto kitchen stuffs.

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